Destiny Cards – Seven of Hearts – Magic in Love – Birthdays – September 30, October 28, November 26, December 24

Seven of Heart person thinks of love a lot due to their Venus/Mercury influence in a life spread position. This position also gives them gifted minds, especially in the area of finance. (7 of diamonds is their Mercury card).

They always readily share their knowledge with others.

Karma in love is a bit heavy, and their karma cards show that they may continue to abuse their power in personal relations.

Look for Pluto/Venus combination in natal charts of 7 of heart person. Seven of hearts usually attract powerful partners and they like to argue with them. The battle in relations is about who is more in control.

Also look for houses in Scorpio or the 8th house, you will find that seven of heart person has poorly aspected planets there. This is a position of power and control. The mission of seven of hearts person to let go of this control.

Seven of hearts feels that everybody wants to control them. This is more obvious in personal relations than in business.

They want unconditional love, yet they build boundaries of their mistrust to have it to the fullest.

Seven of Hearts will put a lot of efforts to maintain the control in their personal relations.

The 9 of Spades in Saturn is another card that shows on the abuse of power. 9 of Spades promises great loses if seven of heart person continues to abuse their power to dominate others. In current lifetime they will get instant payback for their mistakes.

If you keep the right distance, 7 of hearts people are very sweet and easy going. They can be good friends and consolers to their friends. They could be a light house for problems of their friends, always finding the right words.

They have a great emotional power. They get used to have everything their own way. They express their sexuality unusually, or just their personality.

Their karma card Ace of Spades is a spiritual gift. It gives therm great intuition, interest in metaphysics. They may start to want experience life in a spiritual sense.

2 of Hearts in combination with King of Heart in Uranus gives them complexity in love relations. They need to learn to love unconditionally.

They must learn to let go of personal attachments, and give to others without expectations.

On the lower side, Seven of hearts can be jealous, and suspicious and be very insecure about themselves and their choices.

On the higher side, Seven of hearts make great personal sacrifices for others and to the world.They may have some health related challenges. They need to change lifestyle. For example, to quit the job that is too stressful. They need to break all unhealthy patterns in their lives.

They enjoy traveling with the person they love, yet they are restlessly emotional.

Like Ace of Spades and 10 of Hearts, these people find best companions in someone they have just “a friend first” relations.

The biggest challenge in love is that they have sudden, strong attraction, unfortunately their attractions short-lived.

Seven of hearts needs to find the beauty in allowing everybody just to be themselves.



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