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Meet Lisa

In her private practice, Lisa Smirnova, specializes in transformational work for the healing of soul and spirit. Her unique psycho-spiritual approach includes tarot readings, dream analysis, spiritual practices, and meditation.

Lisa uses Tarot in a form of counseling. It is an antique form of divination that predates popular psychology. Tarot has rich shades of psychological meaning…the notion of a causality.

Her mission is to inspire, illumine, nurture, and empower clients to claim they’re true identity and to aspire to psychological wholeness, spiritual integration, and the fulfillment of their divine purpose in life.

Whether you are seeking one on one readings, want to learn tarot or hire Lisa to be an entertainer for your party, Lisa got an offering for everybody.

Why Tarot

The most favorable times for introducing Tarot comes when ordinary attempts to resolve or understand a problem have been unsatisfactory. Indeed, the Tarot is a great tool that helps to find the new approaches to old problems.

Tarot is a tool for confident decision-making, clear communications, and timely actions.With each Tarot readings, you can explore pros and cons of different choices you have and you can create a best possible scenario for your actions and plan the dream future you want. All is about clarity and reality and you can improve quality of your life and relations with people around you.


The journal will be a focus on the following topics where Lisa will share her personal discoveries with you.



Astrology and Horoscopes


Life Coaching


Feng Shui



“I will always and forever now recommend Lisa to all my friends and family. She is kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and a great understanding of the situation. It’s like having a conversation with a good friend who knows you well and has the words you need to hear. Lisa is always tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable. Hands down, one of the best Tarot readings I have ever had! Thank you, Lisa!” Nadine Curias, PhD

Lisa Smirnova has found that meditation is an important technique to heal a deep pain that we might feel in our soul at various times in our life. And the pain is intensified by hurtful experiences in this and past lives. Through meditation, we begin to unravel the mystery why we are unhappy and the story of how it all began. Through spiritual understanding not only can we become happy and find peace within, but also achieve a new outlook on life.