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Destiny Cards

What Means Your Destiny Card

Hearts – The Creative Fire and Principle of Love

Diamonds – Abundance with Domination Over it and Treasures in Heaven


Aces – Progress and Aspiration

Twos – Union, and Cooperation

Threes – Divided Paths

  • Three of Cups –  A vessel of Passionate Creativity
  • Three of Pentacles – Igniting aspirations and creative expressions, “living in the Shadow of Almighty”
  • Three of Clubs – Intuitive Understanding. Brilliant and Creative Ideas.
  • Three of Spades – Collective Humanity in Words and Deeds

Fours – Foundation and Support

  • Four of Cups – Protection in Relations. Emotional Intelligence.
  • Four of Diamonds – Financial Protection through Hard Work
  • Four of Clubs – Concentrated Calm Mind. Good Judgement. 
  • Four of Spades – Desire for Conscious Clarity

Fives – Mystical Number that Unites Happiness and Misfortune

Fives and love


Sevens – Trust or Mistrust

  • Seven of Hearts – Magic in Love
  • Seven of Diamonds – Peculiar Genius who Makes a World a Better Place. Millionaire Card.
  • Seven of Clubs – Spiritual Powers in Revelations. Mental prodigy.
  • Seven of Spades – Find Peace in a Higher Self



  • Nine of Cups
  • Nine of Pentacles – Generosity or Selfishness
  • Night of Clubs
  • Nine of Spades

Tens – Success and Achievements




Joker – Hidden Mystery