10 of Pentacles – Masters of Matters – Material Leadership – Birthdays: January 17, February 15, March 13, April 11, May 9, June 7, July 5, August 3, September 1

Jupiter Card in Jupiter Line displaces Queen of Clubs in a Natural Spread.

This is the most important money card. It is in the exact center of the spread. A 10 of Diamonds person can choose any filed and financially successful. It is a card of guaranteed success, and you just need to make little efforts.

In some cases, I met a few individuals who were very stubborn and did not want to make money, so instead, they borrowed them and surprisingly, they immediately were finding people who would support them without even expecting money in return.

Most of 10 of Diamonds are money conscious, as well as values conscious. As we already know, Diamonds are values and blues could fluctuate and change a number of times. So it means, that they can follow stupid dogmas and be lost in their spiritual delusions. Conflicting values can lead to losing their true spirituality. There can be a danger of becoming mercenary.

Blessed with a good fortunate at least several times in life. Some are born with the silver spoon in the mouth and if money at childhood were given freely, those people can lack true spirituality.

They all have captivating charisma and can impress people being such sweethearts.
If they care about their health, they are physically fit, and especially they are good at sea sports and swimming.

The purpose of 10 of Diamonds to live in a spotlight. You need to make people feel good about yourself.
You love the attention, even if you pretend you do not.

If you decide that people do not pay enough attention, you will sabotage things just to be noticed. You may use push-pull dynamics in relations. When you feel alone and nobody watching you shine, you may feel hollow and empty inside. It leads to anxiety.

You need to learn to appreciate yourself and love yourself, then you will shine as an expensive diamond. You complete your purpose when you become happy, redirecting your focus from superficial to the profound. When you shine, good luck and good fortune come your way.

I met so many 10 of Pentacles who are money-fortunate, and lonely if they do not find a love match.

If circumstances go astray, and there is no comfort zone, self-esteem goes down. People can delve into obsessive drama with no way out. They become neuritic and develop prima donna narcissist complex – especially men. Sometimes they can be distracted by attention and compliments. They constantly could need an approval and suddenly if you do more than two compliments a day, they also will start complaining.

This is a better card for a man than for a woman. Men can avoid a bad influence of a Queen of Diamonds and unfortunate circumstances.

Both sexes can get money via inheritance. These people can be on the edge of bankruptcy or losing their last dollar, and suddenly circumstances will change to their advantage. They can take a failure business and make it into success because they will use their mastery of the mind and manipulation.

Men are likely to benefit from successful and rich women, and women will benefit from their own efforts in business ventures and getting a key management position.

All 10 of Diamonds associate themselves with people of value. It does not need to be money, but it could be crafty people, famous people, professionals. They prefer to have friends of a good stand and form good families because they feel they can attract money like a magnet if they have a good environment of proper friends. They have a great respect for knowledge and for those who studied hard.

They easily can commercialize any ability either it will be their own talent or anybody they come in contact. They see the business and they can imagine how to extend it. The bigger, the better, – they know how to organize and how to handle people and money.

The true place is Mercury card in the Uranus line. They have great minds and sharp wits. They are constantly learning because they want to be valuable for any business they join in.

People with money born as 10 of Diamonds are usually philanthropists for the greater causes. They have a desire to put money for a constructive use to make a world a better place.

Of course, everything is personal for them, yet there will be some people whom they will help tremendously financially.

The karma is testing them by their senses of values.

Planetary Sequence for the 10 of Diamonds

Mercury Card – 8 of Spades

They can overcome any difficulties connected with work and studies. They can succeed even the conditions are not so great. If they make a start, they see it through, and they never give up. They never pay attention if people or circumstances are trying to hold them. They just do the right thing.
They may use their relations for their own end and often get into calculating marriages.

Venus Card – Ace of Cups

They love to be popular both with outsiders and family members. They are helpful to their friends and family whom they consider worthy. They think long and hard usually for the first marriage. The first Marriage often arranged, and they consider as many candidates as possible for a better selection.
There is also a desire for a love match, yet it should be the most advantageous in all other matters. They can have illusions when making a judgment. They just love a person to be proper and with a nice disposition.

Mars Card – Ace of Diamonds

Usually, they have plenty of physical energy, even the health often is weak. They are very opinionated and argumentative. They want always to outsmart the opposition, and they want their last word in the dispute. They can be very good as trial attorneys because they are screwed and rustless. They may have trouble being ethical because they are very opinionated and may have different sets of values. They love to bargain when buying things. It not necessarily mean they always win the bargain – but in most cases, they try to buy cheaper than the market price.

Jupiter card is Queen of Diamonds

It is nice if they make a business associate, a woman with connections: and they will be always protected.
Most women born as 10 of Diamonds card can create a good business on their own, and then they do not need anybody’s help. Women usually do business well and thoughtful and lose only via natural disasters or divorce, but their financial activity is always well thought and cared.

Both men and women surround people with good brains around them.

Saturn Card – 5 of Cups

May do sacrifices for a loved one, and for those with health problems.
Only poor health can interfere with money-making objectives and delay success.
They travel for health reason, even if the reason to calm them down from anxiety and panic attacks.

They somehow are very negative about motives of others. It seems the past life they had too many betrayals and misfortunate, so they have a hard time to trust anybody, themselves included. When they become skeptical and negative, bad karma hits their health and their money fortunate. So best is to think of other people more positively, and do not create drama.

Uranus Card – 3 of Clubs

They will seek to develop physic abilities, but somehow they do not believe what they see. They are so skeptical, so they would rather say no. They never sure what to believe. They may pretend to be orthodox, and they even doubt any religion.
They unable to take orders and cannot stay long in a subordinate position. They should have great writing talents – stories and poetry. If they choose to write a book, it will be well read.
They often create business for themselves, and most of the times they may have two or three businesses simultaneously.
They ask advice, and carefully investigate it, – yet they seldom take advice because they usually know better. Other opinions stimulate them to think.
The only face they have in their opinions how to do buskers and how to manage people and give advise to their family because they know better.

Neptune Card – 3 of Spades

They are not interested in doing business at a distance, – even they do, – this won’t be their primary income.
In most cases, they have to stay home and care for the business and they may not have time and desire to travel a lot.

They usually study a lot of religion and philosophies – but they are not sure in the foundation of their beliefs.
They usually skeptical about a lot of things, and they need to study different cultures and people and became more tolerant of stupidity and people’s believes.

Challenge for 10 of Diamonds – expediency in associations.

Birthdays Ruled by the 10 of Pentacles

January 17. Capricorn: Ruler: Saturn
Very patriotic. Excellent government officials, attaches, and diplomats. Interested in sociology.
Good entrepreneurs. Self-confident in everything related to business, but vulnerable in personal relations. They never gamble. They want to be associated with large, well-established enterprises. Have a talent for writing.

You are to experience love on a very personal level and may have a lot of experience. You seem to avoid commitment on an emotional level. Even if you are married, you love to have the personal freedom to meet new people and to travel. You care for the money and always have money at your disposal. You will unlikely depend upon anybody else and be independent.

February 15. Aquarius: Ruler: Uranus
Famous actors, writers, and educators. They have a large following. Their personal life is disturbed by worries and insecurities. They are good at sales, good attorneys, and real estate agents. They also can resolve labor problems. They can be very secretive. They are most of all 10 of diamonds have interest in metaphysics.
You have an endless stream of good ideas, but it is hard to make up your mind and you become worried and distracted. You need a friend or a group of people to discuss ideas and share experiences.

March 13: Pisces: Ruling Planet: Neptune

They are less self-confident than others. They full of fears, worries and doubts. They can be very manipulating with telling their victim stories. They need to establish good relations with their fathers, or if they have a conflict with the father, they will live in poverty not able to make money. They need to have respect for men.

They need to have big ambitions and goals, then they can achieve and make money while being very young. The port of dreams will work for them only if they stay out of worries and feel that nothing is impossible.

If they are less fortunate, they avoid responsibility and do their small business with people they know, preferably a small village with a small cycle of people.
They give a willing service, and in most cases it is personal.

They can succeed in traveling business or any business related to journeys, but seldom they are satisfied.

Their personal life is usually lonely and they feel much insecurity – they tend to fall for people who are not interested in them. They tend to be bully because of their own insecurities since high school, but it gets worse since they age.

They need meditation or some activities to reinforce their self-worth and self-esteem.
They are good at organizing, good at acting and being on stage, they can be very persuasive and can sell anything. They are also good dancers and boxers.

Their parents need to make them independent and responsible, do not let complain in general and focus on health development, and development of leadership values. They need to watch out if 10 of Diamonds becomes angry or moody or complain about his or her peers.

The career of nursing can be well suited. If they are not pushed or motivated, their lives become lazy, unproductive, and narrow. They tend to be loners, having plenty of friends, yet avoiding close personal interactions.

The good idea for them to drive a boat and go to the water journeys. Water calms them down and helps to keep health intact.

Success is achieved only through hard work. If a person takes things for granted, the creative energy is wasted on worry, depression, indecision, uncertainty and health problems. Unexpected health problems can occupy you time to time, and again it is mostly because you waste your energy on worries and anxieties.

Your work brings you calm and peace, and you even can have two jobs at the same time. – It is very important to have enough sleep and visit the ocean side and look at the water for the relaxation.

April 11. Aries: Ruler: Mars

Square-dealing, and honest if doing business together.
They are nervous and emotional and take everything personally. They are ambitious and they want to look well for the people. They are concern what others are thinking of them.
They are willing to work hard, but they secure payments first. Money is very important. They need plenty activities around to be happy. They will never work for small or slow business. They can be successful at law, but better if they do not become judges because of their emotionally biased nature. They are hunted by their opinions and fixed ideas. They think they are very moral, yet they have a hard time to accept anybody’s opinions, but their own. They are intolerant.
Women are good at doing their own business. Often change careers twice, first doing something their family requested them to do, and then follow their dreams.
Both sexes tend to blame their significant others for complications in marriage and divorce.
Women are men like, and men are very feminine inside.
If they select to be in the service business, they can do what best for the client, yet leaving a client not satisfied because they hardly follow directions and have no patience to listen to other needs. They also expect high payments for their services.
You need to learn about love and personal integrity.

May 9. Taurus: Venus

Run or ruin mentality. They want to combine business with social activities. They are less talented than other 10 of Diamonds, so studies are hard and they can select a right field yet not develop themselves professionally enough. They have good luck and in most times stubbornness is a restriction to success. They are ruled by emotions and ambitions, and this also makes them lose even financial deals.

The best professions for them to be doctors, nurses, real estate agents, architecture, home decoration and food services.

You like to have plenty of time at your disposal and do self-search for the higher purpose of life. Even you have plenty of friends, you are a loner who seeks love too. Somehow you are looking for an ideal partner who will be good looking and you seek somebody who will help you with your business. You have a tendency to expect too much of other people and not adequately pay for their services even not knowing it.

June 7. Gemini: Ruler: Mercury

Work only if the job is interesting. They like temporary projects with high commissions.
The can lecture, teach and make plenty of money doing it. They have a tendency to act superficially and create the impression of unstable people. They have a variety of skills and can be serious. They need to watch out the consumption of alcohol. They make plenty experiments with changing their profession until they settle down. They are uncertain what to do and what to choose. They often become depressed. They need to get a mental occupation to succeed. They can be good sales if they believe in the product.

The other extreme is that you could be workaholic – but only if you really love what you do. You lose yourself in work. You also make people work for you very hard abusing your power and requesting fast results. In the area of relations, you could be very demanding and be controlling.

You have more energy than regular people, and this energy could be used for healing powers.

July 5. Cancer: Ruler: The Moon

They seek and surround themselves with successful people. They do not like to work hard and apply lots of efforts while studying. They go with the flow and take the pass less resistant. They ask and expect help from other people. They can be publicly oriented and philanthropic if they make easy money. They enjoy a social type of business with short hours. They can be bankers, art managers, merchants, writers, and philosophers.

You have success with friends and groups and social activities.

August 3. Leo. Ruler: The Sun

They have warm hearts and care for other people, The exception of the rest of 10 of Diamonds who mostly focused on themselves and narcissistically self-observed.

They are very ambitious and want to achieve a lot to be respected, famous and recognized in their field. They usually well suited for respect and provide the best service to the people.

They are loved and popular. They make good leaders and directors; they are also good actors and writers of a drama. They can commercialize drama and always make a profit. They are effective drama writers. They have entertaining personalities.

10 of Diamonds are very self-centered in the relationships and this area is their challenge.

September 1. Virgo: Ruler: Mercury

They are great scientists and researchers. They can commercialize and create a business around cult, religion, philosophy; they can make money on promoting healthy food and dieting, and beauty culture or create a fashion empire.

They always expect good returns on their efforts. They usually negotiate their salaries to the top figures selling their careful and thorough work. They usually like to dress well and care about the way they look. They are willing to work very hard for the results and the money.

They can be selfish and narrow-minded and inclined to be critical. They judge by the cover and usually, their motives are very personal.

You are workaholic, and you also make people work for you very hard and very demanding of meeting deadlines. In the area of relations, you could be very demanding and be controlling.

You have more energy than regular people, and this energy could be used for healing powers.

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