2 of Hearts – Soulmate Card – Integrity in Relations – Union of Love

This card gives plenty of creative gifts and vivid imagination. The person can feel happy yet he may feel alienated by calculating contemporary people because their world expression and how they see the colors of a rainbow are different.

These people may feel they came from another planet to visit.

They usually feel a need for a union in friendship. They create better if they feel the loving heart or loving spirit. Their foundation for happiness is the trust they can build.

They may have a hard time to realize themselves if they feel lonely and misunderstood unable to share their visions of a lost universe they feel they come from.

Their ideas and values are different from many people they meet. They target very high for spiritual goals so have a hard time to find people with similar goals or even like minds.

You have very high ideals and that creates very hard to find a match.

Love is very important subject for 2 of hearts. Love in a high sense of its value

They also love to study and discover. They have plenty of energy for studying and discovering new things. They also like to work on their self-development

They love to learn about other cultures and countries and travel if they have a chance. They have a big imagination and always fantasize about their partners enhancing their qualities. So this helps them to create a very happy family life – especially for women because of most of the men like happy and not needy wife.

Love is the main power in their life. When their hearts filled with love to themselves and to the universe, they have all the blessings and most of the dreams come true.

They often have a happy life very harmonious and somewhat monotonous.

They attract money easily and helpful people who can help them to grow in their career. They have of talents so they can be writers,

Благодаря любви и поддержке других они могут стать знаменитыми

They often leave far away from a place of birth but they have always connections with their family and childhood friends

They are patient,
Conscious and responsible and dependable

They do not like changes and they do not like to take a risk but this is not stopping them to be very successful in business. Their clients and coworkers like them and admire their patience and talents.

They can succeed in communications field did to their numerous connections and friends
Working god the government also can be a very good idea for them,

The best career is in secret service and in diplomatic negotiations

They also have talents in math and engineering.

They shall never worry about money because they have extraordinary gifts for people seeing their right attitude and the talents

When people see you are valuable, this creates a perfect foundation for success and you can realize all your potential

They are givers and they are given

They love connections where you can feel another person without words. Like swimming in warm waves easy and effortlessly

They are sure in that they are doing and do ask others for directions. They have brilliant minds and hungry curiosity which further develops their intellectual and spiritual growth.

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