4th House – Home Sanctuary

4th house of a horoscope represents home sanctuary where you rest, dream, soul-travel, create, and give and receive mothering.

Keywords of 4th House

  • microcosm – experience of being in a heart of life as well as in divine source of all that is meaningful;
  • personal safety – house and a family; “an establishment” in regard to a place on the earth;
  • emotional cliches – surroundings in early childhood (as reflected at the end of life);
  • a parent “internally connected” – a parent who connected with person’s emotions, most often a mother;
  • an intuition – non-rational knowledge about oneself

The fourth house is the last of four private houses, so here ego reaches its peak. But it is also the first house, located in the western hemisphere, the quality – focus on other people.4th house is associated with moon and is a sign of emotional area related to education and the fulfillment of human needs.

What kind of life experience simultaneously combine self-centeredness and focus on other people’s needs? In what cases do we have an emotional interest in others aimed at a fulfillment of our own desires? Ideally, relationships are experiences of common consent.

Family is this case, which satisfies all the conditions listed above. Fourth house emphasizes everything that concerns our personal security, our needs to nurture and to be educated. It is our feeling of home as a physical place on earth as well as emotionally safe haven which is even more important to us.

Fourth house reveals intrinsic stamps, formed in early childhood. Properties of the 4th house is hard to change, since they were formed in the early, unconscious age; and besides, they have a tremendous influence on decisions we take, becoming adults, because these properties form an important part of our “emotional set.”

A careful study of the 4th house can be a source of insight into how to adjust the destructive paradoxes and how to change the cliches and find alternative ways to become better integrated into the universe.

It is natural sign of Cancer and its natural ruler is the Moon. Moon, Jupiter and Neptune is in elevation in 4th house.

Saturn and Uranus are in exile. The deepest point of the horoscope. This is a realm of emotional landscape, moods, and imagination. It shows you how you retreat. Home renovations fall in this house. It shows what a good home really means to you.

The roots of memory are here: your family history, genealogy and past lives.

Planets reveal what was your home environment when you were a child. It determines what emotional security and family relations you need.

Transits to the 4th house can bring a move, home purchases or investments in real estate; changes in the family like death or births.

It is the hideout of family skeletons, secrets, and patterns that binds us to family. It enters the realm of dreams and shadows.

Here reigns the integrity and inseparability. Most of the processes governed by 4th house remains unconscious to us. It is birthplace of our desires, which are implemented in the 5th house.

Traditions and laws of our families, our deep spiritual or religious feelings, our attitudes toward the home and homeland are determined by the exaltation of Jupiter.

Moon indicates a person’s connection to a childhood, which he preserves for life. This link is a foundation of his attitudes, his emotional memory, childhood experiences and complexes, his adaptability, and a sense of self-preservation.

For women 4th house is associated with an appearance of her first child.

Exile of Uranus speaks of the need to maintain the established order of the house.

If the 4th house is malefic planet, you can expect success in emigration.


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