6 of Swords – Elegant Solution of a Problem

Perhaps the keyword of Sixes of Swords is a way out. It brings a way out of a complicated, confusing or even dangerous situation. This is an expedient behavior for overcoming difficulties (what is called coping). 6 of Swords describes distancing from what is happening (from the serious complications that symbolically describe Five of Swords), the restoration of calm and self-control, the opportunity to “take off” from where everything is too confused. 6 of swords symbolizes new life prospects, new goals and new means.

6 of swords indicates the willingness to leave behind sadness; and head toward new life’s shores. Everything that appeared to be lost at 5 of swords stage, now is returning in Six of Swords.

Suit of the Swords is responsible for safety and peace. Equilibrium can be achieved by finding a secluded cove, a quiet backwater, a reliable refuge.

In the most positive sense Swords of the Swords in the spread reports that the period of stress in the past; and now everything will gradually begin to improve. 6 of swords presence says that now everything is beginning to change, there is some kind of dynamics, or alignment is taking place.

We must concentrate on the positive prospects of such a decision, mobilize all mental forces, externally and internally calm down like the water in the picture, and open up to new life lessons.

Six of Swords is a sign of a successful solution of the conceived situation; the achievement of the desired changes. It displays a relatively harmonious stage of life, an atmosphere of relative peace and rest after the storms and vanities, relaxation after a stressful period. The traditional meaning is “success after excitement”, “finding a quiet harbor”.

New shore “does not necessarily mean a road or a trip. It could be a discovery of something new in oneself, assimilation of new rules of the game, new norms of life, new values, or acquaintance with other cultures and religions. Six of Swords are closely tied to education.

Six of Swords is a search for truth. This is the work of the mind, penetration into secrets, accumulation of information, realization of further prospects, an understanding of what is fair. Creative thinking activity, objective analysis, a new plan for a future.

In old interpretations, the meaning of Six of Swords is an assignment, a task, a destination – a person has a goal which shall be accomplished. A carrier on a card is interpreted as a specialist, an expert, an instructor who helps with change. An important aspect of this is communication, negotiation and exchange of information.

6 of Swords – Personality State

Six of Swords indicates a change, by which we can reach new shores and new horizons.

In ancient times, Sixes of Swords was considered a bride’s card – apparently, it perfectly describes a psychological state of a girl on the eve of the wedding: with suitcases with a dowry. She saw a future spouse three times, and what will happen next, in this married life, is absolutely unclear mystery, although she is quite curious. Hence comes a mood of Six of Swords.

Six of Swords has to do with the adaptation and perception of new ideas. In her conduct – mental flexibility, scientific and innovative thinking, objective and reasonable perception of reality. Studies, discoveries, enlightenment, expansion of horizons go on with Six of Swords.

Key words of 6 of Swords are:
Reasoning, logical evaluation, freedom of thought, philosophical scientific perception, finding a new, positive outlook on the world. A person is striving for a better life.

For a brave person who accustomed to rely on his or her own strengths, Six of Swords literally means a chance to get lucky. For a person who is timid, indecisive, and weak Six of Swords could rather be unfavorable.

6 of Swords on a deeper level is a journey along a river of time

“Journey on the water” carries a lot of semantic layers. The very words “road”, “path”, “transition” already include the change, transformation and the appearance of a different world on a horizon.

The wanderings described by Sixes of Swords can also take place in an inner reality, like return and healing of a soul, a vision of the past and future lives, figuratively related to traveling along the river of time.

6 of Swords calls to accurately calculate correct actions; to find a new, a successful and well-deserved place in life, a change the internal image. Six of Swords is a way out of a complicated, confused situation – due to a new vision, a new perception from a different point of view. So a new changes for a better, perhaps for a more peaceful future are to come.

Six of Swords is a card of evolution and self-improvement.

In the book I Ching (as well as in mythology) a passage through water always means a step from multiplicity to singularity. The six-pointed star, which is often formed by Six of Swords, is a symbol of interpenetration of spiritual and earthly worlds. Six of Swords in interpretations shows a strong inner desire of a person for integrity and creation of a union. Six of Swords is associated with holistic thinking and spiritual worldview.

Astrological association of Six of Swords is a second decade of Aquarius which symbolizes consistent aspirations, science and unexpected intuitive insights into the unknown. And if the first decade of Aquarius creates a freedom of thought, a second decade carries out the transition from subjective thinking to objective. This decade is ruled by Mercury and the asteroid Ceres.

Advice of 6 of Swords

Learning is light! It’s time to be enlightened. Any step in a direction of intellectual, self and spiritual development will be beneficial, – a lecture, a cultural event, a search for information. Acquired knowledge will open excellent prospects.

6 of Swords and Love

Traditionally it is believed that any Six speaks of happiness and harmony, because 6 is a number of balance and beauty.

In this case, Six of swords is a somewhat chilly beauty and not a particularly cozy balance, because two people may have serious differences in approaching live goals.

The more positive the partners perceive their relationship, the better they will be in reality – this card emphasizes the importance of thoughts and words that are spoken about the relationship (“as a ship: you name it, and this way it will float”).

Six of Swords opens up communication where the more people open, the faster they understand each other and find a solution to their misunderstandings. Resolution of old conflicts, clarification of ambiguities, overcoming differences, finding compromise solutions.

An ancient interpretation of Six of Swords is a “declaration of love” (probability, in writing), a proposal of sincere devotion, sometimes – marriage proposal. In fact, Six of Swords often shows up in a spread in connection with renewed balance in marriage (or relations) after difficulties.

Six of Swords esoterically can be interpreted as a star of David, a mutual penetration of of masculine and feminine, the earthly and the spiritual worlds, the inner desire for integrity and perception of an alliance.

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