6th House – the Quest for Balance, Healing and Productivity

6th house just like 2nd and 10th is a “work house.”  It often refers what we do to get by. It points the work environment we seek and our communication with colleagues. If your job happens to be your career, pay or not pay, you work happily as a volunteer.  Its natural sign is Virgo and rulers are Mercury (as well as Chiron in a new astrology). It is wholeness, self-containment and perfection.

the 5th house shows how universe loves a person, while in the 6th, a person expresses his love the universe through his personal service. In more prosaic terms, 6th house is a house of daily work, which fills life with a meaning. A person asks himself “What should I do in this situation?” and rolls up his sleeves and starts to perform. Some people think that an ideal life is a continuous celebration, while others, on the contrary, are bored to entertain, and their only interest in life is work and they see rest as a change the activity of work.

Planets in the 5th house near the 6th house cusp, draw us healthy habits that could be also fun habits.

Planets in 7th house near the 6th house cusp, mean we share our route with having a gym partner.

The Virgin aspect to this house requires solitude to maintain inner unity.

It tells you what you do to purify yourself.

Planets in 6th house show your attitude to paid or unpaid work. Planets here also show how you sacrifice to the common good, by being helpful or through a life commitment.

It shows how you take orders or deal with tedious tasks.

6th house shows how you integrate mind, body and your spirit and reveals what kind of your daily activities bring them together.

A prominent 6th house with lots of planets shows holistic thinking being integrated into a person’s life path. A person will have a capacity of knowing how to heal oneself and others. The activities on this house are hands on.

Keywords of 6th house

  • sickness and treatment – physical or neurosis illness, and recovery methods
  • unequal relations – relations such as a master & a slave; other relations based on unequal status;
  • responsibility and service –  purification through humility, conscious service to another person;
  • technical thinking – insight, organization, analysis; a way of thinking that serves the development of the personality;
  • discipline and templates – efficient patterns that serve higher productivity and lifestyle.

A healer of the 6th house uses holistic fields, homeopathy, massage and nutrition. Daily care of finals falls for 6th house.

An analytical mind applied to tangible processes, a person with a strong 6th house has an eye for practical solutions to fix broken systems.

6th house and planets there help to draw conclusions about an attitude to labor and services a person has, and his ability to benefit from practical thinking.

Like Edison said: “The invention – is 5% inspiration and 95% – the sweat.” 6th house house teaches us humility and service to others. The key to a knowledge of the universe is to understand a structure of atoms in detail. To understand the interaction of the microcosm forces that occur under the influence of external conditions. A discipline of a mind is necessary for the understanding of life. Mercury requires diligence and concentration that has to be reinforced by labor, practical services (Virgin), and responsibility. 6th House is also important for learning process. Achievements depend on a type of formal or practical training received to prepare for work.

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