7 of Pentacles – Test for Patience

An ancient meaning of Seven of Pentacles is “a small retribution for a fair amount of work.” In this sense, we spend a lot of mental energy on something that is not so important.

You need to wait for a continuation of some process that is not over yet. It will require further efforts and investments form you (and a nature of the result will be told by the surrounding cards). You will be rewarded for your labor, and this could apply to any area where you have worked long and hard. This is a continuous gradual growth, satisfying for both a process and a result. This card is a confirmation that you did everything right in your garden of life. Now you just have to wait until the fruits are ripe. ”

Seven of Pentacles is like Four of Swords and Hanged Man – that tells that one should be patient to receive a gift, but if a person is rushing with expectations for an early result – there will be an annoying delay.

Together with the Hanged Man and Four of Swords, the Seven of Pentacles is a triad, indicating a need for waiting. However, unlike Four of Swords and Hanged Man, Seven of Pentacles does not mean stopping, but continuous growth. A possibility of constant development – this is what Seven of Swords means. This is a card is of long-term projects, where quick results can not be achieved and the development of events will not be accelerated. In any case, the circumstances described by the Seven of Pentacles require patience and endurance.

In short, Seven of Pentacles can be an indicator of “unrequited success”, if a person was very much focused on a result and tied to it. The card says that everything is in progress. The process (as opposed to a “result”) goes. Results require time, the same process, to rip off unripe fruit does not make sense.

When you ask about a situation, Seven of Pentacles predicts a favorable course of events, but warns that it will take a lot of work to achieve the desired outcome. It is not necessary to resort to cunning – everything should be resolved favorably. Do not rush, do not look for quick results, learn to live patiently, trusting the slow processes of natural development.

We should not hurry and be nervous, and behave calmly and phlegmatically, even if everything goes slowly.

According to Crowley, this card symbolizes a process of destruction of something unsuccessful, unviable: the faster you realize the ephemerality of some life plans, the sooner you will recover from depression and disappointment.

Since the crops are usually waiting for the next year, Seven of Cups can mean a year of time. Sometimes Seven of Pentacles hints at an interesting situation – that we focus on under achievements, while we do not notice areas where we have achieved great success. It does not seem important to us, because we are fixated on our “not very good” garden patch in a beautiful garden of life. At the same time, everything around us, is in full blossom. This card calls to look around and look at your “garden of life” from a different angle.

Personality Traits

A young man stands leaning on a hoe. It is an image of a Sower planting a garden and waiting for a harvest. But now it is not time to collect it: it turns out that the fruits are not yet ripe. A harvest is still far away, but a person wants to get it now. And a gardener is embraced with his doubts: Will a seeds ascend? Will the fruits grow? A person has two opposite feelings: a hope and uncertainty. He can think about whether this garden is worth continuing to cultivate, but the seeds are buried in any case.

The self-esteem of a person described by Seven of Pentacles is usually not high. He does not consider himself particularly gifted and does not think that he deserves much. At the same time, he is able to mobilize internal reserves, work patiently for years chasing his dreams, no matter how slowly things drag on.

On a Deeper Level

Seven of Pentacles means process – which is opposite to result.

In a magical sense, Seven of Pentacles corresponds a point where a practitioner, having created spells and ritual, “forgets” about what he has done and lets magic to do her works.

Allow time to work for you and act carefully. Speed up the development of events is impossible, you must show composure and equanimity. Refrain from manifesting excessive initiative. The quieter you go, the further you’ll get. What you’ve done is working.

Seven of Pentacles describes a person who is trying to convey his thoughts to others or convince them of anything in vein. A person feels like he has lost his strength and lost hope in communicating what he thinks and what he feels. But in fact, everything is not so bad, people really think about his words, and seeds are buried, so to speak. It will come a day when they understand. A voice of a crying in the desert sometimes turns into millions of followers. However, it is not known whether a person will live to his self-righteous moment, which is so glaring.

Financial Situation

Ancient meaning of Seven of Pentacles is profitable transactions, money, wealth, prosperity, profit as a reward for work, income that turned out to be bigger and received faster than expected.

Financial success, successful deals, satisfaction with accumulated property. Finding a treasure. A confluence of circumstances where as a result a person becomes richer, and collects fruits of his labor faster.

A card can symbolize a moment, suitable for a sining a contract, a beautifully conducted financial transaction.

Personal Relations

This is a card of waiting, the time to “harvest” has not yet come.

Gradual development of relations due to constant work on their construction. This is not the case when everything is easy and simple. Typical is the situation of resistance of one of the partners – one wants affinity, or even official marriage, and another for some reason is interested in much less.

Crowley talks about disunity and deep subconscious blocks of a partner, which he is cannot  overcome. This card indicates the issues related to preservation of harmony. It is not possible to accelerate anything particularly. If a partner is not ready for something – for sex, for marriage, for the birth of a child … – it means that you should wait until the “client ripens”, exhibiting a maximum of patience, like a cat in a mouse hole. It happens that a cat burns form fire of impatience, so endurance is needed.

There is progress, although you do not see it yet. “You just need to learn to wait, you have to be calm.” Investments in each other are made, now just patiently wait for the fruits, they will inevitably grow. Be patient and wait, let a person mature, and relationship will take shape. You threw seeds, they have already begun to grow in a heart of another person, even if shoots are not yet visible. Trust natural process of growth.

In some instances, Seven of Pentacles shows that a woman got pregnant and yet she does not know about it.

The other traditional meaning of Seven of Pentacles is purity and naivety.

The Seven Monet is a philosophical card. It teaches us to use time wisely because everything in universe has duration, nothing begins and noting ends in one second. Be consistent in decisions, thoughts, actions. Be patient – and your happiness will find you.

Jupiter and Saturn as symbols of patience, slow but steady growth. Chiron, Libra, 7th house.

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