Flying Stars 2017 – # 9 Good Purple Fire Star of Future Prosperity

#9 Future Prosperity Star flies to the SE in 2017. # 9 flying star is the fire star is fueled by an element of a tree of the southeast sector, increasing the strength of the #9.

This is a good area in general this year and especially for those in who are involved in studies in 2017. If this is a family area (living, dining or a library), you should try to encourage children to study here.

A bright and wealthy future awaits to all who activate this star! The #9 teams up with the Victory Star 1 from the Center and make the “sum-of-ten” luck which strengthens its positive and future prosperity outcomes for the year.

  • 2017 GOOD Fire Star 9
  • Celebration, Future Wealth
  • Happiness, Promotion & Growth
  • Social Fun & Opportunity

The combination of the completion star 9 and the Victory star 1 is amazing. Those wise enough to tap into this luck will gain great support and success for years to come.

This is specially great for homes in the SE position, as well as for a bedroom located here and main doors.

The #9 represents the fullness and completion of the Universe. The #9 is a spiritual number, and if you display cures in multiples of 9 you will be able to multiply anything you desire. As everything begins and ends with the 9.

Lucky Multiplying Star 9 is a star for promotions and new business ventures.


  • Lush plants with vibrant colored flowers or orchids.
  • Any soil plant that bears fruits

Good for couples bedroom.
Enhanced fertility (pregnancy).

Good for office.

  • Salt lamp ok.
  • Candles ok.

Keep energy & mood positive here. 9 star serves to expand, enhance & magnify.

Purple, wine, burgundy accents.
Green color/accents ok.

Add 9 Bamboos and have the perfect set, since 9 bamboos indicate longevity and career escalation.

9 Emperor Coins are wealth and luck enhancers. Tied coins from nine emperor’s reigns together with red thread and hang them on the wall behind you at work from strong financial luck and support. Hang this charm on your home front door (inside).

Red Tara is the Goddess of Power and Fame who helps with confidence, control and authority. It helps  to influence people around you with the power of speech. She helps transform your aura, making you more likable and charming. Red Tara helps you rise above all obstacles without fear or defeat. Reflect your face on the mirror every morning or just before you need to chair a meeting, negotiate an important matter, meet an intimidating person, give a speech or ask someone for help. You can also reflect your company logo, business cards and PR materials with the Red Tara Mirror to empower them with energies that will bring fame, strength and favorable connections. Chant the Red Tara’s mantra: “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Bodhichitta Soha” 7 times and blow onto the mirror to activate its powerful energy.

The Nine Dragon Plaque is an excellent enhancer for the #9 Prosperity Star. The red and other vibrant colors of this plaque make for a very attractive piece of artwork, intended to enhance courage, power, abundance, career success and prosperity. Every Dragon brings a special kind of prosperity luck for the present and future. In Feng Shui, it is said when nine dragons come together, immense good luck and superlative good fortune will come. Those seeking magnified business or career luck, pleasant family luck and overall good fortune would do well to consider displaying this Nine Dragons Wall at home or at the workplace, not only for its beauty but for the strength and good fortune it symbolizes. Ideal to be displayed on the CEO or managers’ desk to bring opportunities and boost success luck in your decisions. When placed in the Northwest, the luck of the patriarch is strengthened.

Nine healthy plants is a good enhancement of #9 Purple star of Future Prosperity – hang on each of these plants  three Chinese coins tied together with red ribbons with an image of a mystic knot.

This composition certainly help you be full of energy throughout the year and make money with your awesome and innovative ideas.

Kwan Kung’s Nine Ring Sword

9 ring Dragon Sword helps cut through all the obstacles in your business and ensures easier success in all your projects and ventures.

Dragons are known to be the ultimate symbol of good fortune in Feng shui.

A legend tells that this formidable Sword makes a special sound during fight to confuse the enemy into thinking that the warrior has 9 swords. According to Lillian Too, the 9 Ring Sword is believed to have the power to overcome 9 types of enemy tactics or any cheating energy in trade or business. This sword symbolically protects you from those who try to overcharge you, steal your items or business ideas, swindle you in any way, refuse to pay you, lie to you or tricks you.

This Feng Shui enhancer also helps to energize the power of 9 (the Flying Star of Future Prosperity). This sword can also be used to weaken energy of the quarrelsome #3 star. When placed in the Northwest sector, the 9 Ring Dragon Sword boosts fame, recognition and reputation luck.

Continued success brings an image of nine birds. Birds always bring good luck and good news. No wonder they are called heavenly messengers. Please, place a picture or figures of nine birds in South East Sector.

Nine Amulet Plaque

This plaque is decorated with beautiful nine gold coins that feature the Eight Auspicious Objects with a The Seed syllable in the middle.

These eight objects symbolize the many lucky powers of Buddhism. They are: (1) a pair of Golden Carp (for abundance and relationship luck), (2) the Parasol (protection from suffering), (3) The Lotus (for purity and perseverance), (4) the Treasure Vase (for prosperity and spiritual abundance), (5) the Victory Banner (for enlightenment and triumph), (6) the Conch Shell (for good communication and strength),(7) the Wheel of Dharma (working against obstacles and ignorance), and (8) the Mystic Knot (to bring about endless good fortune). In the center, the Seed Syllable and mantra can help protect from hostile relationships and clear the path to success.

Display this plaque in the Southeast sector to magnify the multiplying #9 star in 2017.

Other placements:

Placing it in a sector that is afflicted by #3 Hostile Star can protect from arguments, misunderstandings, backstabbing or potential lawsuits. If your main door, bedroom or living room is afflicted by the #3 star, place or hang this powerful Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque to attract harmony instead of negativity.

To gain even more from the passion of the #9 star, place a water feature with a wheel to reinforce the wealth. The SE has always been the home of Wealth, and by placing a free flowing water feature you are representing a continuous flow of prosperity!




Couples with a bedroom in South Eastern location can look forward to good relationships this year and there may also be a chance of producing intelligent children. If you want to enhance this further, you should place a statue of Kwan Yin in the southeast part of your bedroom.

If you want to enhance fertility you can display peanuts in shells (groundnuts) or any seed products like black or red melon seeds (Gua zi).

In Mandarin, peanuts are called ‘hua-sheng’ and for the Chinese this word is onomatopoeic in that the sound of it means the birth of many children. You should display them anywhere in the bedroom and of course be careful if anyone suffers with nut allergies.

To enhance the influences of the southeast in 2017, you should place the Fo Xiang four Buddhas of prosperity and luck. As we have the Annual #9 Flying Star fall in to the southeast for 2017 which can bring double luck as we have the inherent Wood element feeding the Annual Fire element which calls for a special and very powerful Cure and enhancer named the four Fo Xiang Buddha’s of prosperity and protection. Because the #9 star falls in the southeast, which is inherently a wood area, you have double the luck with wood feeding the #9 fire star and it must be activated with these four wealth enhancing and wealth protection Buddha’s.

Although deemed as an auspicious star, the element of the annual #9 star can strengthen the malevolent effects of visiting monthly stars #2 and #5. You should hang a set of six Chinese coins tied together with ribbon here to weaken the undesirable influences of the monthly stars #2 and #5 which will visit in April and July.

Summary for 2017 year for #9 flying star:

Be aware of negative influences during the April and July.

To enhance:

  • Healthy green leafy plants or blue flowering plants such as violets are good for this area.
  • Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive qi too.
  • Place the Fo Xiang four Buddhas of prosperity and luck to enhance the annual #9 stars effects this year.
  • Symbolic objects such as a gold abacus or six Chinese coins can be placed here all year round to enhance benevolent influence and at the same time dissipate the malevolent influence by the visiting monthly #2 and #5.

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