Ace of Clubs – Desire for Knowledge – May 31, Jun 29, Jul 27, Aug 25, Sep 23, Oct 21, Nov 19, Dec 17

Ace of Clubs represents desire for knowledge. Ace of Clubs is eager to search the knowledge, and at times it goes to extremes of prying curiosity.

Ace of Clubs also needs a union because of their Cosmic Soul Twin — 2 of cups influence which makes them emotionally desirable to be friends. They need to know they are loved and admired for their knowledge and friendliness.

It all comes to Ace of Clubs self-awareness how they behave and represent themselves in the society. They could be self-centered loners with no patience, acting as know-it-all mercenaries. They could be just selfish babies who request attention at all costs. Or they can be very open, honest and giving to others. All Aces of Clubs are very curious and constantly seeking for new ideas to improve the quality of their life. Even getting older does not stop them from being curious. They are truly the enteral students. They constantly learn new things.

They are also very much interested to learn about love. Like all the Aces, they could be seeking a lover going form love affair to the other until one day they find they believe is their perfect match.

Ace of Clubs is Venus Card in a Mercury line displaces 2 of hearts. –

In A Spiritual Spread, Ace of Clubs is a Neptune Card in the Venus line. This introduces idealistic characteristics of Ace of Clubs. Ace of Clubs like other Neptune cards is looking for the “soul mate.” They want to believe that their friendships as well as their love choices are made in heaven. However, Ace of Clubs somehow uses too much of their minds to analyze their love and relations, which  could make their lives complicated or even unbearable. Sometimes they can even create a conflict to prove their points of view.

Ace of Clubs is a better card for a man that a woman. If women direct their energies into wrong angle, they become gossipers and listen to gossip. Women can switch their love partners far too often. Ace of Clubs women can be bisexual.

Ace of Clubs could be very emotional when they cannot control their energies. Women especially can be hard to diagnose because their skins comes from inability to direct energy correctly, so they become busy bees, and waste all every away. They need to keep up exercising and eating healthy to maintain the right balance. They should not go toward extremes.

They have a better change to make or inherit money at their ears or mid age times. They really need to be very careful to save money for their older years.

With a crowd, they are very popular. They are friendly and smart and make nice stories nd jokes. People feel very comfortable around them because like all Aces they can make people around  them feel very special and good about themselves. They have witty and sharp minds and very quick and great talkers.

For all male Ace of Clubs, relations with mothers are nice and open. They have a good connection with their mothers and great love. Their mothers teach them benevolence and this is a good start for them to have easy going relations with women.

Two seventh in their Uranus and Neptune bring either a huge money burdens or great spiritual success. So they need to extend their quest for knowledge with a quest for self-realization. Best for Ace of Clubs to travel which balances their restlessness and satisfy their love to learn new things. If those people do not travel and stay too long in one place, this creates complications in their self-development.

“Ace of Clubs is in a Mercury Line and is the Venus card. This combination gives them a Venus in Gemini or Venus in Virgo nature, regardless what is in astrological chart. ” Robert Lee Camp

For all Aces desire of recognition is strong. So they need to accomplish something very important to be satisfied with themselves.

Ace of Clubs needs to remember that they can be good at making money. They are capable at attaining wonderful results. Yet they need to establish their objectives, or Mercury influence is too quick and their focus get lost, and money are not made. Ace of Clubs is Mercury Line, Venus Position and Neptune true place in a Spiritual Spread. So it means with the right focus of objectives, with help of others when it is clear what has been planned and visionary dreams of Neptune, Ace of Clubs can achieve anything.

Their material success solely depends on their spiritual growth. Instead of learning what makes universe tick, they need to look into their own souls and learn to be centered.

5 of Clubs their Mars card – It gives restlessness and disconnect. A person can sell-buy houses and constantly on the move. Interesting that a person will be moving form good to worst. These people can change their opinions often if somebody channeled them and convinced into nonsense. They can make a wrong decisions if they are making deacons based on their emotions.

10 of Spades in Venus

They are born for greatness and success. They work well in groups. They do not like small ideas or small businesses.

Women work for profitable business, they can be good business partners, they can run their own business.

Keep giving ace of Club a nudge, or they might fall into a mediocre style of living.


Ace of Spades in Saturn

Born mystics and never admit it completely. Can act if violation with rules and regulations even they know how to make it right. They always interested in medicine and sickness form a perspective of diagnostics. They are always interested in causes of desires. They try to explain intuitive knowledge with intuition and it does not work. They can be good healers.

They will never admit yet Aces of Clubs can be very jealous.

7 of cups – uranus

They need to be very careful with whom they deal. They apt to suffer from the injustice of others. They do not have a good judgement regarding investments. Like every Ace, they cannot stay too long in any subordinate position and unable to work for others.  They need to avoid working in real estate or dealing with real estate.

7 of diamonds – travel is unsatisfactory despite considerable investments. Avoid gambling. Never act impulsively. They only become peaceful and harmonious, when they recognize their true spiritual values in life.

May 31 Gemini, Mercury is a ruler

Apt students. Learn fast. If not interesting, they won’t work hard, or even they do not work at all. Good journalists. They dislike and avoid sales. They talk all the time, and make contacts. They can be statisticians. If the job is too boring, will seek escape.

August 25  Virgo, Mercury is a rules

Highly intelligent. Any science is good experiment.


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