Ace of Pentacles Reversed – Overshadowed Success

In an reversed position, Ace of Pentacles can mean misuse of property or power. Meanwhile, saving now is much more useful than spending! You got a successful project, but it is temporary. Once a project is done,you will lose this source of income.


You will get almost everything you expected. But this winnings only apply to a material side of your life, you will not experience spiritual joy from your victory. Maybe your success comes too late; or people you counted on will turn away from you,. Maybe this achievement will not be as sufficient or significant for you, deep down you wanted much more.

You will succeed in any case, but you would not feel joyful emotions.It will be quite disturbing and ambiguous. In personal relationships, you will succeed, but you will have to sacrifice something that is dear to you. You still be looking to complete a puzzle to gain a full sense of harmony and happiness.

On your current projects, Ace of Pentacles can be an indication of deferrals and delays related to payments.

Useless expenses. A result might be achieved too late. There could be a possibility that a profit does not make it possible to make ends meet.
Sometimes there are indications of a loss of money, but rather in a form of a shortfall in profits.

Ace of Pentacles remains a buffalo gold coin. Even in a reversed positions, Ace of Pentacles does not greatly overshadow its brilliance and does not diminish its weight (it just narrows its meaning to wealth, capital, luxury, treasure…)

A person pays a very high a price for his success. When he remembers a price, a person becomes sad. Sometimes – wealth without happiness, a fragile position, although with a brilliant appearance.


  • Mercantile spirit, anxiety
  • Exaggerating a role of money and an importance of a position in a society
  • A desire for comfort, which amy turn into a boredom or routine
  • Treasure, wealth, and luxury

Wealth and achievements will not bring you joy. Your success will be marred by some kind of loss.



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  1. leanne mcdowell | 4th Jun 17

    The reversed Ace of Pentacles may imply greed, being overly-possessive, over-confident and arrogant.

  2. | 17th Jun 17

    The Ace of Pentacles tarot card announces new beginnings and the promise of success in all matters relating to material existence!

  3. minionsatmcds | 6th Sep 17

    In this case, the Pentacles are equivalent to the alchemical element of Earth, and therefore symbolise the material world and things associated with matter and the body.

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