Air Villains of Zodiac – Aquarius (21.01. To 19.02)- Comical Horoscope

Aquarius is the most intelligent of all villains whom you meet in life. He even agrees with you that he is a villain. If he has squalid nature from birth, which is by definition villain, but if you want to call him in any other way, he’ll recognize your point of view.

His believes that every opinion is worthy and each world system has a right to exist. Well, for completeness, we note that he is provocatively good looking (like Leo or Aries), and that’s here weakens your ability to be objective.

Standard forms of male manipulation (eg, a heartbreaking cries, or a decision to deprive him of sex) in the case of Aquarius is not apply. It is a multi-valued and complex personality than an average villain. When normal boys harvested from a constructor “Lego” a spacecraft, operated by a small astronaut, baby Aquarius was seriously engaged in shining a light on a mystery of existence. True, he derived data from of TV programs and comic books, but he sincerely he tried to unravel a hidden meaning of life. Anxiety only inspires him to share the depth and truth of life that he found in TV series and now  he will regale you his meaningful thoughts.

The years of growing up awarded Aquarius Villain with strangeness and eccentricity that turned him into a devotee of drastic views. He finds it easy to be radical. It is not necessary to be faithful to any one of belief systems. Aquarius adopts a particular ideology, based on his mood and circumstances. He is happy as long as his current value system allows him to go against conventional wisdom – for example, with your aspiration to marriage.

His opinions are formed on the basis of contradictions. If all surrounding him people become radicals, leftists, feminists, separatists, “green” or hanged themselves a ring in their nose, Aquarius will turn to a dreamer or a poet. The only thing he hates more than conservatism is to do the same as everybody else. He is proud of his difference from others.

Thus, the views of Aquarius on romantic relationships are contrary to the commonly accepted conventionalities and can not be totally understood. Mutual commitments, you know, interfere with a development of an individuality of both partners. Marriage is a relic of government religion in a contemporary world – nothing more than a piece of paper. Love (and money) should be for the benefit of everyone, and not to be trapped in bins of a miser who uses it only for himself.

Theoretically, Aquarius’s points of views are wonderful. There is nothing wrong to consider every person as a free and responsible personality; independently choosing their own path in life. Just this is not particularly warm and encouraging. And also it creates certain practical difficulties.

Aquarius truly believes in love. In a universal love. A sublime feeling of compassion for all the people in the world, uniting them for the greatness of mankind. Selfless altruistic feeling … Of course, Aquarius loves you. Are not you the same person on Earth, like all the others? How he cannot love you?!

Aquarius sees himself like Jesus in terms of love: he feels the same love for all human beings. You do not even dare to make a scene of jealousy because Aquarius extends his love for all mankind. Scandal means to show that you are a jealous person. Meanwhile, jealousy is a primitive and destructive emotion to any individual. So you must have incredibly low self-esteem, once you lowered yourself to such a feelings – Maybe you’d better discuss your problems with Aquarius, and he really wants to help you?

Therein is a catch: Aquarius behavior is caused exclusively by noble and humane motives. You seem like selfish and unfeeling species putting your own interests far above the interests of others. Shame on you! For example, when the last time you were digging a well for a village in the third world?

Bastard Aquarius it is impossible even catch in an gender discrimination – and here he will put you in a bad way. He read all the books that you have purchased to decorate your shelf. He sweep aside all your criticism, declaring this is a result of humiliated and offended feminism, which today gained momentum and threatened by a true feminist movement.

Aquarius is more feminist than you are. For years he ponders of a paradox of a male (…on a question of how to be a man, full of testosterone, and still be a decent man). Hence arises a diplomatic or non-binding behavior with you. Aquarius and actually tries to compensate for all the damage that caused by men to women. The less time he spends with you, the less likely that he will humiliate you, referring to you as a free domestic slave, – because it is men’s nature. And Aquarius is not by his fault that relates to you as an object of sexual desire, so he enters into an intimate relationship with you only from time to time. Instead, he will send his male instinct to several female creatures, in each of them seeing a woman, and thus he is weakening the damaging effects of a male creature by his nature. See how he takes care of you? Do you still do not feel any gratitude?

Where to find Aquarius
Keep an eye on enthusiastic Nobel Prize winners, inventors of the innovations that help humanity, as well as among the great humanists – and you may find your own villain Aquarius. Look for him in small rubber boats chasing Japanese whaling ships or oil tankers – and you will find at least one Aquarius, swallowing water.

How to attract the attention of Aquarius

Tell him something really interesting about what you did or do – for example, how about you regained peace in the Middle East; you invented a cure for cancer; or how you found absolutely new form of life in a neighboring galaxy and came into contact with its inhabitants – well, and the like. Advice: In general conversations by no means show that you are ignorant of ideology.

A first date

It is very likely that it will not be a date in a normal sense. Perhaps you were interested him as a person, and that is why he invited you. After several meetings, Aquarius finds that you are a woman. Then, begin to process it.

When do that

In the case of Aquarius, there is no need to comply with any conventions in whatever aspect. Neverthelesss, it is necessary to act carefully, so he won’t notice anything. Otherwise, he will think that took advantage of you.

When start talking about marriage

Never, under any circumstances, talk about marriage. Otherwise, Aquarius will suspect that you have a relationship with him much more than friendship. However, if he thinks that you are a representative of oppressed social minority, you have a great chance to lead Aquarian villain to the altar – he does not want to listen to accusations of discrimination.

If he leaves you

In fact, he will never, ever abandon you. Aquarius will always appreciate you as a person. He simply cease to engage in sex with you, otherwise, your union hardly undergo any serious changes or any changes at all.

If you left him

He will treat it philosophically, and decides that, in any case, everything is for the better. Nevertheless, Aquarius will ask you a question, if you can still be friends and will never understand why you smashed the door, threw the phone or shot at him.




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