Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Cancer Woman is attracted to Aries man because of his energy and strength, but an overabundance of the same qualities may cause internal protest and rejection. Woman Cancer cannot live without Aries Man, and cannot be with him either. In this relations, much depends on the nature of Aries Man.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: How to seduce Aries Man?

Aries is tempted by himself, without the slightest effort on a part of Cancer Woman: He is curious of her apparent helplessness. Aries Man is a knight who wants to fight the dragon and rescue a helpless princess. Aries Man immediately draws his attention to Cancer Woman because she is unlike any other woman he has in a circle of his acquaintances.

Aries Man will immediately value Cancer Woman for her ability to see him as a nice person who needs understanding and love behind Aries’ happy face.

What could be A Perfect Relations between Aries Man and Cancer Woman

I would say it could be an old-fashioned traditional arranged marriage where Aries Man makes money, and Cancer Woman stays home and creates comfort.

Aries Man slowly discovers hidden virtues of Cancer Woman – most important for him to find out that she is not so soft and weak, but she has an opinion and can resist the pressure of Aries Man, if necessary. That’s good, because for Aries Man is important to periodically receive such a shake and have an equal partner next to him. Cancer will burn her fears and complexes in celestial fire of Aries and be charged with his energy of love and confidence.

How to keep the relations Aries Man and Cancer Woman

It could be much better if Aries Man and Cancer Woman have some similar interests. These people are very different and over time relations may weakened. So they need to do interesting together: relations will require some extra efforts.

Aries Man needs a company of friends and other women, and this should be treated with understanding and patience of Cancer Woman.

What are Difficulties between Aries Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman likes to care too much – and the way she treats Aries Man can scare him off. When Cancer Woman shows her excessive care, affection, Aries Man takes it wrong way thinking she wants to bind him and eventually restrict his freedom.

Another difficulty – her friends. Aries Man does not understand Cancer Woman friends, and may even be uncomfortable among their company, and vise versa. Cancer Woman will have to come to terms with the idea that she will now nothing about Aries man life and won’t understand anything.

Friendship Compatibility Aries Man and Cancer Woman

Friendship could be very complicated due to very different temperaments, characters, attitudes, and priorities.

Cancer Woman may eagerly rush into taking care of Aries Man,creating comfort for him…
Aries Man does not expect it from anybody, and does not need it from a friend. He could take her help, maybe once, in a difficult moment, but when the storm will pass, – he needs a different type of people for fun and communication.

Cancer Woman is very affectionate and wants to be with Aries Man inseparable; while in friendship, Aries Man needs freedom and distance. Woman Cancer wants to take care of friends, but in addition, it is important for her intimacy, tenderness, sentiment of friendship, and that Aries will not give it to her the way she wants it.

Aries does not fall in love with a gentle and vulnerable woman. Of course, nothing is impossible, and everything depends on the integrity of Cancer Woman.

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