Aries Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

And off they met: Like a wave and a rock, like poetry and prose, like ice and fire … and immediately began to make each other crazy – alas, not in the best sense.

Aries Man gets tired of constantly emotional, calculating and critical Virgo, and her constant complains, while Virgo woman becomes irritated because of excessive idealism of Aries.

Virgo-Aries Compatibility: How to Seduce Aries?

Aries hates falsehood, but at the same time, Aries loves all that is shiny, bright, glamorous and desirable, something that everyone around be envious.

Virgo woman can pretend wonderfully: apply bright makeup, dress up nicely, and she can flirt with everyone around (not to the access to be slutty, of course).

When Aries and Virgo suddenly notice each other, between them there will be something vague and mysterious that no one can predict for certain how an intimate relationship will develop. Head Aries may exhaust Virgo with his activities, energy and temper, and Aries is tired of Virgo emotions and advises. Virgo’s coldness and tension simultaneously attracts and repels Aries Man: Man Aries often does not understand the way his feelings going toward Virgo Woman. Yet both of them enthrall each other.

What is the perfect match: Virgo woman – man Aries?

It will be always an imperfect match: she time to time tells him about his shortcomings as well as she gets jealous, which makes Aries Man angry – he calls her names (at least in his mind) and he forgets she is his woman.

Good thing is together they can grow spiritually. If Virgo Woman can discover how to obey her fiery man, Aries Man gives her warmth and care, and she will melt from happiness. With Virgo Woman, Aries Man will learn to be patient; he will try to understand Virgo Woman and soon enough will get accustom to her coldness and prudence. Virgin lacks soulfulness and feelings, while Aries has them in access.

What are the Difficulties in the union of Aries Man and Virgo Woman?

The alliance of Aries Man and Virgo Woman is a union of two incorrigible idealists and perfectionists, with the difference that Virgo Woman is an Idealist of Mind; and Aries Man has idealistic aspirations. This is a constant root of all their disputes: Virgo Mind puts restrictions into Aries’s aspirations. Intuition goes always one step ahead of Mind, and Aries does not need a reality check. Aries Man never agree to any limitations because he needs to fly. Aries Man with all his force falls on arguments of Virgo Woman to make her stop and will sweep out everything of his way.

Cynical humor and negative mind of Virgo Woman hurt Aries Man’s feelings . Aries often without thinking, rushes with reckless words and actions that deeply wound Virgo Woman. She gets with complains that she loves and trusts Aries Man and tells the story how she sincerely wants “the best”, so nervous reaction Aries Man offends and hurts her.

For the Virgo woman relations with Aries Man are fatal: attracted by fire and feelings of Aries Man, she cannot live with him, and without Aries Man life becomes boring and sad. At worst cases, she thinks that Aries Man is fueled by her energy, and she is like a constant victim and he is a vampire that takes all her energies away. In reality, she just cannot match the temper of Aries. She will give up her studies, her career, her job – yet he may escape from her and leave her broken-hearted. Or she just leave Aries Man thinking that relations do not go where she laid rails on.

How to keep the peace between Aries Man and Virgo Woman

There is only one way, Virgo Woman needs to give up trying to remake her partner. If you can not do that – better to leave at once.

It is even worse for Virgo Woman try to adjust to Aries Man and give up her interests, habits and values ​​in favor of Aries. Aries Man does not tolerate other people’s weaknesses and will leave Virgo Woman immediately as soon as Aries man will feel her surrender.

Virgo woman needs to give up all her expectations of Aries Man and stop painting in her imagination a calculating future with him. With Aries man there will be always something new and unexpected – but only if Virgo Woman really loves her man unconditionally.

Virgo Woman needs to find a hobby, join a martial arts club to relieve tension that she will get every day from intensity of her partner. This will help Virgo Woman to stay calm, because she needs it, living near an Aries Man, a volcano of passion.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman at Work

It could be difficult because they can’t sand each other traits. It is better if they have minimal contact at work.

Virgo Woman a Boss

Virgo Woman is unlikely to recruit Aries. If a job is entry-level and she looks for obedience and mediocrity, Aries man is not a right candidate. Aries Man is proactive. If Virgo Woman hires him, she will try to help him to move up to the ladder, and get rid of him from her sight.

When Aries Man is a Boss

In any case, usually Virgo Woman hates her job, or a boss – or sometimes all at once. Virgo’s meticulous, masterly works and qualitatively – is not surprising, so time to time she will be receiving accusations of her slowness, her desire for constant change. A flash of anger from Aries Man is rare and short-lived.

Friendship Compatibility – Aries Man and Virgo Woman

Unless there is a meeting between a sadist and a masochist, friendship between them is virtually impossible – unless it is love. They have different interests, an eternal dissatisfaction with each other, constant complaints and accusations of all mortal sins … sometimes … make relations funny and bright, – though this is not a friendship in its traditional sense.

Virgo woman usually does not trust Aries Man, and Aries Man gets bored with Virgo woman and her constant accusations and complains. Virgo woman annoys Aries Man with her suspicions, too much attention to detail while not noticing a main thing.

Exception – if the two became friends on a basis of common interests and hobbies. There each of them can see advantages of each other due to different temperament and abilities; they learn from one another and”cooperate” to achieve a common goal.

If Virgo Woman does not see how Aries Man’s virtues shine, she will never get him.

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