Astrology of Scandals – Neptune, Black Moon Lilith and Vertex by Manda Selva,C.A.,NCGR-PAA

It is true that certain planets stand out through transits and progressions during a scandal.

Neptune is a planet that loves a good gossip, especially with Mercury. Neptune transiting a planet often can cause loss of reputation. Neptune also causes people to isolate themselves from the world which occurs in reaction to a scandal. For the purpose of the soul development a scandal is meant to get in touch with a true identity regardless of what was said in the external world, to travel inwards and to isolate in order to connect with the higher self. A scandal also reflects a part of a person that is still confused and needs healing. But to get this stage, first the person has to cross the ocean of embarrassment and shame and embrace themselves. Neptune also signifies infection that makes body vulnerable. A scandal is similar in that it breaks one’s self esteem and identity.

Black Moon Lilith is a reflection of a dark side of the moon or emotions. It is like a shadow area of a person that is brought out to create a scandal.

A devoted husband and father political figure suddenly falls in love with his wife’s best friend. A scandal often throws light on the part of humanity that we most often prefer to ignore and would rather have it be hidden, but are sometimes forced to confront.

Black Moon Lilith expresses this naughty, aggressive, mischievous and restless side of being human. It is not surprising then that progressed Black Moon Lilith is often seen aspecting a natal planet or an angle during the time of a scandal.

Vertex is the third angle and shows up at times when a person faces sudden karmic situations beyond one’s control.

A person makes the choice to have an affair but what is leashed in the aftermath of it being exposed is not usually in control of the person. The force inherent in tabloids and social media can gear the scandal to a whole different dimension that is hard to predict at the onset.

Sometimes when love affair of celebrities is exposed, no one could guess the impact of the scandal. In most times, it can cause somebody career to a standstill as public get furious with the way a celebrity treated his spouse.

I think in my horoscope when Black moon, (Sun, Mercury and Saturn) were transiting Neptune/Vertex conjunction in my natal chart, I was going threw gossip that caused devastating effects and desire to escape form this world for quite some time.


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