How to Awaken Positive Values of Saturn

I must Create a System
or be enslaved by another Man’s
I will not Reason and Compare
My business is to Create!

William Blake

Saturn is known by Greeks as Chronos (Or Time) is the farthest planet form the sun easily visible by a naked eye.

The planet Saturn is bounded by a unique rings that has been a source of a wonder for its symmetric beauty.

Saturn is a part of us who is the casting director who inherits the script from the family, friends and cultures and tell us how things are, how the world works, and what we can expect.

Saturn in our birth Chart

At first, Saturn makes us believe that we are special and unique, then we no longer blindly follow community believes. We feel we know how universe works. Then things do not work our way for whatever reason, we might get upset to the point of a depression or even suicidal panic and remorse. This actually can get us close to break through. Hello, clarity.

We can be happy or unhappy after spending time with certain people. We sentence ourselves into voluntary prison when spending time feels like serving time. This means Saturn works against us.

Being cool. Being responsible.

Saturn success in all aspects of life is accepting self-responsibility for our actions.

Saturn makes a complete orbit every 29 years, changing signs every tow and a half years. So we need to reassess our commitments every two and a half years in a minor way, and every 7 sears in a big way.

Saturn helps to clarify intentions and then creates course of action. Saturn says concentrate on what, not on how. Clarify and focus.

The only way the Lord knows you are asking for help is a ritual.

Our brain sells fire not upon an action, but immediately when we form the intention.

Saturn gives us power to focus: set our boundaries, our terms, our purpose.

All our challenges are not obstacles, — our challenges teach us to catalyze our talents until we complete the task.

Saturn teaches us an art of magic. If you feel constrained, tie yourself up – and escape. If you are feeling weighted down, lift weights. You follow, and you realize how strong you are.

Regardless what we say, — the truth is what is important to us, is what we spend our time on.

The weakness of Saturn –

Saturn wants become authoritarian. Insecurity creates tyranny, and it may indicate we have been eaten by a shadow of Saturn.

When we are out of touch with our inner self, we lose sense of confidence, flexibility and humor. If somebody you know, loses humor, those people need to start working on their concentration, praying and meditation.

How to Harness Healing powers of Saturn

In a Domain of Saturn, whenever we need to be healed form a lack of balance, we need to drum, dance, lift weights, train, and breathe – slowly, deeply, rhythmically.

To awaken positive qualities of Saturn we need to concentrate on breathing.

Easer breathing and concentration and meditation is a bridge between the conscious and unconscious. We breathe without thinking and we can focus on it.

Take a breath. Inhale your authority. Exhale and feel calm.

Saturn is like a golden curved knife. When you feel that people are leaning too heavy on you, Saturn helps you cuts the cords of dependency. Saturn regulates a distance between you and others.

Saturn is associated with the deep blue-violet color. When doing yoga, you can imagine you inhale the blue-violet color to strengthen your relaxation and energies you with Saturn energy.

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