Chiron is a Golden Key

Chiron was named after the centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself.

Enough “Chiron-ish” is an image of a centaur. On the one hand, he has the animal’s body; on the other hand, he possess superhuman wisdom.

In astrology, Chiron symbolizes a principle of balance and the ability to adopt alternative solutions.

Chiron in our natal charts points to where we have healing powers as the result of our own deep spiritual wounds. We may over-compensate in these areas of life. Chiron first must face issues of low self-worth and feelings of inadequacy and learn to rise above.

Chiron is bridging together of Scientific and intuitive, rational and inspirational, — just as the half horse, half-human image of the Centaur brings together disparate opposites, and challenges us to integrate that which seems alien.

Chiron is the key to higher planets.

Saturn and Jupiter constitute the third triad of planetary tree. Basically, as a third component in this triad should be a planet Phaeton, now defunct, which broke up into many pieces that formed the asteroid belt. In astrology, the “ecological niche” takes Chiron, whose symbol is the key.

Chiron balances upper and lower, high and low, micro and macro. At the beginning of the century there was a figure of an angel was presented as soaring between the two magnets in one of galleries in Paris. This is yet another symbol of Chiron.

Traditional astrology believes that

“Chiron tying knots and he also unleashes them.” This is a repeat of Mercury’s properties at a higher level. Chiron is not a super-Mercury like Uranus; Chiron is a meso-Mercury. Chiron strange, confused, he is not of this world.

Threw Chiron we learn to balance. Chiron function is an adaptation to the any circumstances – social, personal, or cosmic.

In social life, Chiron helps to restore balance in the community, to achieve mutual understanding, to free oneself from aggression and to find a way out of any difficult situation.

In personal relationships, Chiron helps to achieve understanding with your partner and gives the ability to assess what is happening with your opponent’s attitude.

Chiron is a planet of duality: as a matter of fact, Chiron helps to reconcile the extremes and find an alternative. Chiron may take a person beyond traditional perceptions helping to find miraculous way out of his or her problems. This is related to the fact that Chiron is able to expand consciousness. Chiron materializes a link between inner sensations of person and outside world. Planet allows a person realize his or her hidden capabilities and talents.

People with a Strong Chiron in a birth chart, see everything in a brighter light. They have ability to notice both spiritual and divine. These people have a gift for occultism and magic. They can read the cosmic signs, feel energy of the objects and even predict the future. They can find a way out of any difficult situation.

Chiron gives versatility and virtuosity of hands. Those people could be best social engineers. At a level of a body Chiron is responsible for a vestibular apparatus.

Strong Chiron, usually found in the horoscopes of people who like to work in extreme conditions, especially related to height. Very strong Chiron is usually found in the horoscopes of the astronauts.

Harmonious Chiron is able to open up the best of human abilities and qualities: brilliance, genius,  and adaptability.

Disharmonious Chiron evinces duplicity, aggression, drama and intrigues.

People with a strong Chiron are hard to remember at first glance. There might be some sort of oddity, strangeness, asymmetry in facial features (different eyes). Unlike people with strong Uranus whom people remember from first glance . The controller in a bus is likely to pass by the free-rider-with-strong-Chiron without noticing him. The child with strong Chiron least likely to be called to a board at school. The ability to remain undetected, the ability to pass through the “impassable” situation – are the rewards of human Chiron.

The typical illnesses of Chiron are low immunity and allergic reactions.


Chiron – a kind of shifter. From our childhood, we are all familiar with one Chiron-ish toy “Vankoy- Poly.”This planet is peculiar duality, splitting. In astrology, the most harmonious home of Chiron, considered the sign of Libra.

Chiron is destroying fixed and intractable situation. Lessons of Chiron are heavy, but bring an undeniable advantage.
B. E. Bieńkowsky Khaetskaja


Career Fields Associated with Chiron:

  • creators of new concepts in science and law;
  • diplomatic service and the diplomatic protocol;
  • attorneys;
  • the secret intelligence services, intelligence, and espionage;
  • brokers,
  • dating services and matchmakers;
  • astronautics, stunt, chess players, musicians, dancers, writers-directors.


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