Cinderella Time – When Dreams Come True

Throughout life, each of us has several periods when we succeed at everything we do, and people love us unconditionally. The main indicators of such especially favorable periods in a personal life are the transit and progressions of “Cinderella”.

In total, we can mark 11 transits and “Cinderella” progressions, and in each case, it is either the transit of Chiron to one of major planets of the birth chart, or a transit of an important planet to Chiron in a birth chart.

Chiron is the key to understanding all types of “Cinderella”, and transits with progressions are no exception: one of the planets of happy transit or the progression of “Cinderella” is always Chiron.

Nine of these Cinderella transits can last a long time and give a person an excellent opportunity to meet their love or strengthen existing relationships. Chiron can awaken your love. It is during transits of “Cinderella” that you should make and accept marriage offers from a love of your life.

Cinderella’s time is the most likely period when you meet your true love.

The mere fact that you met during Cinderella transit almost certainly means that these relations have a serious future. Provided, of course, that at the same time you do not have any negative transits or progressions of Saturn. You will meet your true love and / or get married with a really dear and close person to you in Cinderella Time.

The more Cinderella transits, the better! Three simultaneous Cinderella transits are always a strong and rare sign that the owner of these transits is experiencing one of his most stellar periods of life. But this happens so rare that most of us do not experience it once in a lifetime.

If you meet someone in your Cinderella time, you form a Cinderella connection with a first love, and always will care for this relationship.

If you marry during the activity of Cinderella transit, then you are going to be very devoted to this marriage. But in order for your marriage to be happy, it could be much better if your partner also has Cinderella transits on a day of your marriage.

Cinderella’s time is a great time to succeed in every area of life, personal or business, as many Cinderella transits are also transit times for Golden Time and the Golden Touch in business and business relations.

Transit lasts a relatively short time, and progressions are measured over the years. Therefore, the progression of Cinderella is much stronger than the transit of Cinderella, because they last much longer.

In any case, it is important to know in advance the time of the arrival of the Cinderella and plan important events of your life in accordance with them.

Neptune 0 120 150 // Chiron is not only one of Cinderella’s most remarkable transits, but also one of the longest.

A true love between two people happens, so the transit gives enough time to dream and talk about the wedding. If you get married during this transit, you can be almost sure – you are bound by a real feeling and your union may have been predetermined.  This transit strengthens all healthy and happy relationships, but contributes to the termination of bad relations.

Chiron 0 120 150 // Neptune – we interpret this transit in a same way as Neptune//Chiron, but this transit is usually not as long as the transit of Neptune to Chiron. Nevertheless, both transits are of equal importance in terms of their significance.

Pluto 0 120 150 // Chiron is a very rare transit of Cinderella. And, since Pluto moves very slowly, this is the longest of all Cinderella transits. It can last several years and almost always leaves an indelible mark on your life. Whatever you do during this transit – almost everything works for you and people see you in a most favorable light. This is the best time to mark high, and decisively achieve your goals in personal relationships. The sky is not a limit!

During this transit you can get happily married or strengthen already existing relations. If you are still waiting for your true love, this transit may well help you to meet one. And again, our advice remains the same as in case of Neptune-Chiron transit. You are going to meet many new and interesting people, so you can make new friends, start successful business or meet a true love.

Chiron 0 120 150 // Pluto transit is interpreted in a same way as Pluto 0 120 150 // Chiron, only it does not last so long.

Jupiter 0 120 150 // Chiron is a very interesting transit of Cinderella. It often happens that during time of this transit, relations that are based on true feelings are strengthened, and dead-end relations cease. Those people who can bring you happiness, come into your life or become closer, and those who could harm you, they disappear from your life. That is, whatever happens to you during this transit, is good for you. Remember, this is a short transit, it usually lasts no more than 3-5 days.

Chiron 0 120 150 // Jupiter  is a longer and stronger transit, respectively, more favorable because it gives you more time to build your relationship and improve your destiny.

Venus 0 120 150 // Chiron is the shortest and weakest of all Cinderella transits. Usually it lasts only  three days. The transit can bring love, but usually in combination with other stronger Cinderella transits. This transit is very good for consolidating existing relations. For example, this transit can help you get married or marry if you have already found your true love, instead of helping you to meet this love and start a new relationship.

Chiron 0 120 150 // Venus is one of the most important Cinderella transits that can happen in your life and lasts from one to several months. If you have already met your true love, but have not yet entered into a legal marriage, this transit will help you get married. It is during this transit, the greatest number of marriages occur. If you are still in search, then the probability is high that during this time you will meet your best match.

Chiron 0, 120, 150 in Earth Signs – is an important indicator of a significant milestone in your life. You are especially attractive, irresistible and popular during his activity.

Chiron 0 120 150 //Sun and Moon is the equivalent of the Chitron transit to Earth, but it is slightly weaker.



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  1. elizabeth | 13th Mar 17

    Surprisingly, I just had a look and found my transit Chiron is in a good aspect to Venus, though Chiron is in opposition to Pluto in 7th house. What a challenge. 🙂 Still a “Cinderella time”

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