Compatibility – Mirrors of Who We Are

Friendship is the continual process of awakening yourselves.

Synastry is an art of comparing two birth carts. Here we look for dynamics of relations. We place one wheel on the other and see how the planets in their signs and houses are aligned and match up.

Into relations, a little rain must fall. There is a tension when there are too many squares and oppositions, and if we are too much alike, the match can lack challenge. When the drama throws into relations, it could lead people off balance and even to self-destruct.

All is needed is enough trust to work through vulnerabilities; and to bring into the light what is in the shadow.

Relationships have a way to bring to light unclaimed potential. We can see our partners as mirrors of our parts in ourselves that we cannot see clearly. It is the goal of our relations where one becomes the whole.


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