Dark Nights – Finding Your Balance After Devastating Times

Here it comes, dark nights, traumatic moments of loss that may change you forever. Learning astrology, can help you to understand your spiritual path and give you comfort in most devastating times.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in an astrology chart points to an original wound possibly in childhood, that left a deep scar. It represents an unhealed wound to the psyche, body or spirit. Chiron guides you to the gift embedded in the wound, and to its potential to heal yourself and others.

Saturn is our karmic balancer that invites us to overcome our fears and shows ways to rich wisdom. Usually we cry to the skies that our lives are not fair when we face harsh influence of Saturn. So do not be discouraged. Lord of karma is not trying to smack us down, but to help us grow.

Saturn’s position in our chart points to areas of fear and defensiveness; transits to Saturn threaten our sense of security.

Still there are some events that truly seem like a cruel fate.

The planet Pluto takes us to the dark side through a tragic loss that destroys our life as we know it. It is a psychic death that requires us to surrender to a greater force. We need to have your faith.

Pluto’s house position shows the areas where we are likely to be broken down and built up; transits to Pluto bring devastating events that lead to rebirth.

Natural Disasters

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn sets the stages for earth changes. It awakens forces that we have no control.

The Dark Moon period also takes us into a dark void. The times of dying becomes sacred and gives us new possibilities to be made anew again.




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