December 14, 2016 – Day of a Rat – Breaking

December 14, 2016
VII On. Breaking. Dangerous day! Big Bear portends disputes and conflicts.
Advice: stay on the nature, fishing. Good day for punishment of criminals. Wonderful day for sports, meditation, yoga, relaxing. Beware of injuries and empty scandals.
Adversely: all core activities. Avoid conflict, it is not plan important things.
This day is not suitable for important things: weddings, starting a business, sign contracts, start repairs and travel. There might be problems, errors, delays, failures, mistakes in planning.
Today is not a day  for visiting patients in hospitals.
Constellation Orion s is a favorable star for the achievements and glory! Good for an application of feng shui, travel, construction, repair.
The Day of the Horse. The horse is in a consensus with the rat, this is the best way out of the conflict. Let this day just get by.
Auspicious day for the Horse, Tiger, Dogs, Goats.

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