Destiny cards – 5s and love

5s are very spiritual in questions of love. They all seek love. When 5s love themselves, they can love the whole universe unconditionally.

The depth of love creates an ocean around 5s, a deep ocean, and 5s become an island, extremely lonely. Yes, the ocean continues to throw its waves on a shore, but the more ocean waves break down on a shore, the more 5s become, the more rooted, the more centered. Love is valuable because it gives 5s solitude and concentration. It gives 5s enough space to be alone.

5s believe (especially it is true for 5 of diamonds) that relations destroy love
because any relations tend to have a structure, and love supposed to be unstructured.

5s believe that love is the process from moment to moment. Love is the state of being, not relationship. They do not believe in structure and think that love is enough.

5s do not like when they are pushed into creating relationships – and they believe their partners fool themselves. They look at relations same way they look at monopoly, ownership, exclusivity.

5s can also understand relationships as a kind of security: financial. For 5s, relationships are a substitute for love.

Become vigilant! Relations destroy love, destroy the very possibility of its birth.

5s like to provoke or even scratch a person because they want to recognize a hate disguised as love early. They also expect love turn into hate any moment. They know if they scratch a person only a little, what they call “love” can disappear fast, and hatred will arise. Enough will be even a slight scratch.

For 5s, true love has no reason: Love does not think about yesterday, and love does not think about tomorrow. True love is a spontaneous wave of joy, and a desire to share it, and pour it out for no reason, without reason, only for the joy of sharing this feeling — and fives can give it to you.

Five do not tolerate any conventions in love…
There are no conditions, no “ifs,” no “buts.” Love never says, “Fulfill these requirements, then I will love you.” For 5s, love is like their breathing: no matter who comes near 5s, a sinner or a saint, they like people. For them, love is an unconditional giving.

Fives need to cultivate a healthy love for oneself. which is the greatest spiritual gift.
If we do not love ourselves, we are unable to love others. We must love his body, love his soul, love himself completely.

A man who loves himself becomes elegant, elegant. A person who loves himself will inevitably become more taciturn, more meditative, more prayerful than a man who does not like himself.

If you do not like your house, you will not clean it; then you will not adorn it; When you love your house, you will decorate it and even make a a beautiful garden and a pond with lotuses around. If you love yourself, then you will create a garden around you. You will try to nurture your potential, you will express everything that is inside yourself. If you love, you will water and cherish yourself.

And if you love yourself, then you will be surprised: others will love you too.

When you are with 5s, you feel love, and you sense how the earth becomes a paradise again. Chemistry of 5s is outgoing bliss, the way they share their hearts with the universe.

Potentially being in love with 5s, you can dissolve into each other. Yes, there are moments of dissolution, but this is the beauty of life and all existential, that when beloved dissolve in each other, at the same time become very conscious and centered. It awakens your consciousness; it frees the greatest awareness.
The other became a mirror in which they reflected. Love helps you to realize your true face.

Yet, beware, if you love the 5, there must be two completely independent people to be together. As soon as any of you depend on each other – it’s not intimacy any more, it’s slavery, it’s bondage.

If you start to cling to each other; do not allow each other to be lonely; do not give each other enough space to grow, you slowly become enemies not beloved. You destroy each other, because you do not help each other to find your souls, you beings. With 5s, you must understand that only in perfect solitude grows closeness.

With 5s, you need to rest it all and be ready to lose. At least, being true to yourself you may still have a loyal friend 5s.

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