Destiny Cards – Ace of Spaces – Planetary Influence

Solid and strong-willed, Ace of Spades people will always succeed, combining your dedication with an ability to work hard. The influence of Mercury and Neptune in the Life Spread indicates that you have a vivid imagination and an astute, receptive intellect. Thanks to your subtle mind, you can help people and give them advice, but try not to use your inherent stubbornness.

Uranus and Saturn in a Spiritual Analysis show that you value your independence and do not like to obey orders, unless request comes from people whom you sincerely trust and respect. You manifest yourself best, working independently or being as free as possible.

Although you are very good at achieving your goals, at times of frustration you become too serious and demanding. Developing natural idealism and humanity, you can always overcome despair and become a force that brings good. Exploring secrets of the universe, you respond to a conscious or unconscious need for a deeper understanding of life. The suit of Spades indicates that work will be the most important key in finding a meaning of life. By combining purpose with the power of Ace, you will develop the will and confidence in yourself to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve desired outcomes. An introduction of new projects and innovative activities can prove to be particularly attractive to you.

Ace of Spades Karma Cards are Seven of Cups and Two of Clubs

Ace of Spades shares the same planetary position as Seven of Cups in a Spiritual Spread. This means that deep down you are more sensitive than it might seem. The stronger your faith is in yourself, the more optimistic and direct you will be able to respond to any life circumstances.

In the Life Spread, Ace of Spades shares the same position as Two of Clubs. This means that best of all you manifest yourself, relying on the innate psychological skills of working with people, communicating with them in a diplomatic manner and without excessive aggressiveness. An ingenious company of friends and common jokes will entertain you and help you overcome a hidden insecurity. However, do not behave too defiantly and arrogantly. With all your independence and strong will, you perfectly understand the benefits of cooperation and collective efforts. Sometimes you may still have desire to show your arrogance and know-it-all attitude.

Usually you are closely, even karmically related to people represented by Seven of Cups or the Two of Clubs, because you share the same planetary position with them. You can be close friends with your karma cards and understand each other with a half-word, but even those people are not your close friends, you still clearly see the motives of their actions. You may criticize people of Seven of Cups of their infidelity attitude toward their relations, and you may see weaknesses of Two of Clubs in their nervousness, indecision and fears. You will see talents of Two of Clubs in their brilliant and logical minds and can learn a great deal of skills. You will see as well talents of Seven of Cups and appreciate their attitude toward work and perfectionism.

Planetary sequence of Ace of Swords

Mercury – 7 of Cups

Mercury Card represents your thinking style, as well as a period of childhood. It describes how you can better express yourself and about what you think most of the time. Among other things, this card describes your intellectual tasks and how well you manage to solve them.

7 of Cups is Love of Truth and Beauty. Mercury card in Venus Line.

From young age, you are a leader. You will be obedient at home, and a leader among your peers.

Naturally, you have a tendency to force things and break obstacles – even human will – if it will stand in the way of your plans or opinions.

You are great talkers and find propagandists. Best, if you are surrounded by followers or like-minded peers and give them interesting presentations. Your charm, magnetism and certain innocence inspires others and makes them like & trust you.

You need to learn to be humble and build up your relations on a spirit of their friendliness toward everybody, – not just follow your personal interests or preferences. And you can avoid to to be a cause for jealousy in others.

You have such a great influence for people, that you are apt to sway opinions and exert big influence over ignorant and doubting.

You even can become con artists because people easily trust you. Yet, for this to happen, you need to have “friends” who “inspire” you for doing bad deeds. More likely, your guilty conciousness will not let you do the wrong thing.

You need to overgrow your personal interests, and create spiritual. Otherwise, you will protect your friends and misjudge and misunderstand others.

You have keen analytical mind, that is why you analyze situations and see what is good ad what is bad. Disappointments come early in life, when people try to either take advantage of you or they just act badly toward other people making you a witness. You learn early about other people’s jealousy, meet compulsive liars who try to misrepresent of good and evil. Remaining idealistic, you may get disappointed when people try to take advantage of you.

At first, you will have unrealized spiritual drive. Then, you will seek to get initiation into spiritual practices. You will always feel subconsciously that you shall work toward greater good, your spiritual growth and perennial wisdom.

You will be happy when you serve others and find recognition and appreciation. You love to be the consequence in whatever you do.

You need to learn to love yourself because you need to learn to turn defeat into a victory.

If you face injustice or jealousy and a subject to a gossip, you need to stay calm. It is better to sacrifice for a greater good than sink into emotional abyss. As you can create and motivate, you can destroy if your spiritual energy goes into wrong direction. Be mindful and keep positive thinking.

You tend to attract soulmate relations, while people are likely to get jealous over your happiness and try to back stub you with gossip and pity lies and try to break your friendships apart. If you do not pay attention to gossip and learn to immediately forgive and forget, then your troubles will quickly dissolve.

It is like if you have a perfect mind, yet you always will have challenge with understanding small or simple details. So you need see through your heart, because mind does not have all the information.

You can become a scientist and succeed in any creative or technical field just in your put your mind into. Somehow you may suffer form low self esteem and need some words of encouragement. You need to learn to love yourself.

It seems that you need to keep in secret you motives of actions and the way you think, – it is nothing negative about the way you think, yet it may create misunderstanding. You shall never become suspicious because it awaken negative mind and you will suffer at the end.

You are willing to do anything and always open to change for the sake of you self improvement as well if it will help others.

This is Martyr card. If you learn to sacrifice your personal benefits for the good of a cause, a group or an individual, you will be closer to perennial wisdom.

At young age, they can be misdiagnosed.  They need to care for their lungs and stomach.

  • Your emotional sensitivity goes together with an analytical mindset
  • At an early age, you both experienced love and misunderstanding
  • You can be a shrewd business person, you are dreamer and visionary and your idealism is inherent, compelling you to aspire to inspiration and knowledge.
  • You are enthusiastically responding to creative, bright, positive projects aimed at the future.
  • People represented by Seven of Cups can support your high ideals and create a desire to communicate.

Venus Card – 7 of Pentacles

Venus Card will help you understand how you express your feelings and emotional needs. You will learn about your attractive qualities, about what you like most and what would you seek.

It will be hard to find a balance between money and friendship. You usually succeed at one or the other. In most cases, when friends get in trouble, you forget about money – you just go and help a friend. Then, later “friends” never understand your sacrifices and you need to just pretend that nothing happens.

7 of pentacles has double Venus position which makes love a vial source of life. These people usually love deeply and permanent. Often their lovers bring on their shoulders their anxieties and worries. No sacrifices are too great for them.

Venus position brings them loses via women.

Those people are often get propositions to marry into money.

  • You show extraordinary generosity in a love life; yet you can be not only too soft, but also too hard on your friends and partners.
  • In most situations, you are charming, sociable and willing to cooperate.
  • To avoid feelings of loneliness in dealing with people, you need develop an ability to move forward, and do not cling to the past.
  • Ideally, you need a partner who has the same insightful mind as you do.
  • People represented by the Seven of Cups can help you become more loving and spontaneous. They are great for love relationship, a friendship and can be good business partners. Sometimes, those people can be too attached to you and relations can become toxic because people of 7 of Pentacles can create attachment to you. Or sometimes, these people share too many things with you that you may feel you do not have enough time to do your things.

Mars – 5 of Spades 

Mars Card helps you to understand what your power is and what you are driving. Usually it reflects your actions, your concentration, your efforts and ambitions. Mars Card reveals in which area your energies are most susceptible. Mars Card also represents your aggressive side, pointing to the sphere of activity in which you feel most confident.

5 of spaces is in the Venus line. No restlessness, no dissatisfaction. Personal urge for freedom. They become independent early – even in childhood they want to depend upon themselves and need to make decisions for themselves. They can be very responsible as children to listen to elders and to follow their duties.

5 of Spades influence can give you fast reaction and fast temper. When in teen years, you tend to overreact over bad deeds of people.

If Ace of Spades person is bitten down by circumstances, he or she might nor act, but do nothing as they have lost hope.

Critical situations, Ace of Spades never loses control and act as benevolent warriors of humanity.


5 of spades influence brings a considerable amount of travel. Plenty of journeys related to business. Sometimes plans can change under circumstances and a person needs to change tactics. There is usually a preference to work with men. Dealing with men are easy and more productive.

5 of spades influence is the following to work hard, and honest, and do the right thing even it will not bring proper compensation or even thank you.

Creative aspirations, idealism and strong feelings are the main motivating force of your actions. If you understand the power of love, you are able to give others joy through your kindness. If you are not able to control the inherent strong emotions, you often experience negative feelings, such as an emotional decline.

  • You have energy, vitality and purpose. All this will help you succeed.
  • Do not waste your energy on impulsive and restless behavior, — invest your energy on new projects, travel and help people.
  • You need to develop patience. This is one of your life goals. Remember that you might need to overcome anger management issues in younger years. You need to learn to stay focus.
  • You have a very good intuition. This is why you need to take responsibility in critical situations when others get confused and lost.
  • People represented by Five of Spades can positively influence your enthusiasm, energy and business. Learn not to compete, argue or be impatient with them.

Jupiter – Jake of Cups

Jupiter Card helps you to understand how much you are ambitious, creative and self-confident; as well how you show yourself effectively.

  • If everything is wonderful with you, you have a good job, and are in a good relations, you are very happy and confident. In fact, it is hard to believe that anybody can be more happy than you. You are very generous as well.
  • If you are not meditating, you can just sleep your life in happy dreams.
  • If life unexpectedly goes out of control, you can indulge yourself in a self-pity.
  • You are ready to make sacrifices for your family, friends, even business , you are always ready and willing to do it, always with the right attitude toward what is happening,  you remain open and loving.
  • Thanks to a lively, creative side of your personality, you can develop artistic, musical, dramatic or literary talents, as well as to be an inspiration to others.
  • You will always have a good luck in foreign relations. You will have plenty of friends who live in foreign countries.
  • The people represented by Jake of Cups are able to broaden your understanding of life. You can create a spiritual bond with these people that brings good luck. Avoid extremes.

Saturn – 9 0f Clubs

Saturn Card shows your attitude to self-discipline, orderliness and responsibility. If you avoid harsh life lessons, Saturn will introduce limitations or obstacles into your life until you finally look directly at a problem. Once you correctly understand what is happening, you will be rewarded. Saturn rules wisdom and karma.

Thanks to Saturn, you will learn how to properly use the power given to you and work on yourself on your own, not allowing people or life circumstances to do your work. Saturn Card will show you goals that fall on you, and explain how to work with them.

The potential of Saturn is aimed at self-improvement and is very important to overcome doubts in oneself and to gain confidence. Working with Saturn card, you will not only reinforce your strength, but also will understand more deeply those aspects of life that in the past were causes of your problems. Life will become much easier when you realize that problems are the best way to achieve wisdom and gain inner strength, if you are willing to work hard and learn from your own experiences.

  • You like to be in the center of activities, and constantly expand your knowledge and experience.
  • Do not let disappointments and feelings of discontent undermine your self-discipline and excellent performance.
  • You strive for excellence, and therefore you need a job, where you could apply your outstanding potential
  • Being enthusiastic about any project or goal, you manifest yourself as a good teacher or leader, and willingly share your knowledge with others.
  • People represented by the Nine of Clubs can be your mentors or trainers. They will help you to assess your shortcomings. If you are willing to work on yourself, these people can teach you very valuable lessons. You also can teach those people some of your knowledge.

Uranis – 9 of Spades

Uranus Card points out areas in which you can expand your life through friendly ties, collective efforts or progressive ideas. This planet has to do with everything new, unusual, and closely related to the future. It shows the ways you can expand your horizons, gain new experience and further develop your personality.

Having a direct relationship to collective activities, Uranus manages teamwork and humanistic values.

  • If you act wrong, the most radical qualities of this planet will make you stubborn or eccentric. Uranus can be called a high-frequency planet, because it is associated with the spirit. Therefore, if it is represented by a strong card, it often gives you bright intuitive insights or interest in symbolism and metaphysics. It may mean that you are much ahead of your time.
  • Often the influence of Uranus brings into your life sudden, unexpected events.
  • If people disappoint you, you begin to show stubbornness or resistance, and you suffer greatly. Sometimes you can do something out of a character.
  • Development of humanistic views will help you to see your life in a broader perspective.
  • The more objective and centered you become, the faster you get rid of negative emotions generated by your inner struggle.
  • By interacting with people in a spirit of true modesty, you will find true happiness.
  • You will be able to acquire wisdom and peace within, persistently pursuing things that are good for you.
  • People represented by the Nine of Spades will help you to be more objective and impassive towards yourself. This is a good connection for friendship and the exchange of original ideas.

Neptune – 2 of Cups

Neptune Card represents that area of ​​life where you can go beyond your own ego and come into contact with energies of the universe. This may mean that you will find yourself in creativity, spiritual or artistic experience, as well as helping and empathizing with others.

This card governs health, dreams and gives you a high level of emotional inspiration. However, the subtle sensitivity associated with this planet can also work against you – in this case you will be bogged down in false brilliance, self-deception and illusions.

Unfounded expectations can bring disappointment and a propensity for escapism.

You have Two of Cups in Neptune position, and this means that you are a sensitive and loving person. In order not to be deceived in a realm of personal relationships, you must exercise extreme care and objectivity.
Neptune represents the ocean, but in practice it can symbolize a long journey along the water. The location of Neptune Card represents what type of energy will be inherent to you towards the end of life.

  • A subtle emotional sensitivity makes you polite and soft.
  • If you show excessive sensitivity,people can judge you as gloomy or too vulnerable. So be careful to open up and share your feelings.
  • You have a vivid imagination as well as healing abilities.
  • People represented by the Two of Cups can be associated with your dreams.



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