Five of Diamonds – Learning the True Value of Things Via Overcoming Irrevocable Differences Within Oneself- Birthdays – January 22, February 20, March 18, April 16, May 14, June 12, July 10, August 8, September 6, October 4, November 2

5 of Diamond people have a rather vivid life. The life seems to bring constant worries. They face many changes. They seldom live near the place of birth. To be happy 5 of Diamonds need to surround themselves people who admire them. A lot of contacts are necessary. The money will be a source of constant irritation, especially in relations. The main areas of their restlessness are work and relationships.

Five of Diamonds is a Neptune Card in the Saturn Line displacing 9 of diamonds. This is a Saturn-Neptune conjunction, at first sight, is to an irrevocable combination. Neptune-Saturn conjunction could also mean that individual somewhat puts restrictions to his or her dreams as well as to put restrictions on love. Neptune can act like a high Venus which makes 5 of pentacles hypersensitive and very loving.

The idealistic, spiritual yearnings of Neptune are apparently brought to a stop by the relentless materialism of Saturn. Neptune is like a dream seeing through a fog which cannot penetrate or break down a massive rock of Saturn…

The solution to be found is their Spiritual Spread (Saturn Mars Conjunction) that reinforces the energy of Mars. This way 5 of Diamonds can work out all the difficulties and keep initiatives at Neptune level (of their dreams). They need to fight for their ideas and principles and understand that this is their birthright. If they utilize their energy and do the right thing for themselves, the Saturn will bring rewards for the efforts that 5 of Diamonds do.

This doesn’t encourage the person of 5 of Diamonds to escape reality. They simply need to overcome restrains, a material pressure of Saturn, and frustrations by substituting their defined self-development and spiritual development which is a gift of Neptune.

Crosses and Burdens by Decisions of their Values

The cross of 5 of Pentacles is the burden imposed by a decision about their values.
Not always these individuals are lacking in finances and security — although some periods of life there will be limitations. The restrictions also come from physical afflictions. They may select lovers who can face trials and things must be kept in secret and cannot be shared with anyone. It will be always some inharmonious environment which 5 of pentacles only can handle through concentration and meditation, prayers and other efforts directed to self-development and self-improvement.

Sense of Obligation to the Family

The obligation to the family in most of 5 of Diamonds it very high, especially at times of troubles. They stop being selfish and become over-concern and careful. They can be in a situation where they give up their interests and suffer greatly. Money Consciousness is strong, yet they need to live in a peaceful environment to have enough power of concentration and willingness to do things they like.

Health Problems

Health problems are difficult to diagnose – and sadly hardly ever solved by traditional medical means.

Personal Freedom

5 of Diamonds people dislike any routine, as well as anything or anybody putting them in a box or limiting them in one way or the other. If they work under the boss, they feel constant pressure and limits to their independence.


5 of Diamonds know that money does not buy you happiness, but they give you freedom of choices. Money open doors to many things and opportunities.

Career choices

The trick is to find a career for 5 of diamonds that both can bring personal freedom and material security. Many find jobs in sales rewarding because it brings in the ability to apply their gift to relate to people as well as brings freedom to travel. Many become actors.

The transformation of happiness comes when they make something new when they take a lead to make decisions and take a calculating risk.  In this way, they can make a change they are craving for.

5 of Diamonds people will be happy in a field of counseling and psychology. They can teach ethics, spiritual values, sociology, and get others interested in self-help subjects. They also will be happy to become an authority or a teacher who write books and provides leadership and guidance.

When 5 of Diamonds people have money others take advantage

In most cases, 5 of Diamonds are too giving. Whenever they have money, they give them freely to less fortunate family members and friends. For them, giving is a gift and a lesson.

Psychic Realm

5 of Diamonds are spiritual and have intuitive knowledge. The challenge comes to practice their spiritual gifts and what they know.


When it comes to love a subject, these people are quite charming,  yet they are also calculating and crafty. In many cases, love becomes a mental game for them. It happens when they know that their partner does not love them enough. At first, they get upset and lose sight of their feelings. And the second thing, they begin to be wrapped up in their analysis of all concerns of love. If they choose to, they can become very sneaky. The best escape comes from reading and exploring. Somehow books or articles about love have positive impact on them.

Traveling all over the universe

Classic 5 of Diamonds will join you for any travel adventure you invite him or her to go. If they have sufficient funds, they will drop anything they are doing and just go.

5 of Diamonds at a certain point in life can be perpetual wanderers never settling long enough for anything.

Life Spread Cards for 5 of Diamonds

Five of Diamonds♦ Karma Cards:

Challenging Karma Card (-KC) Nine of Diamonds♦ First Karma card speak about financial loses over the course of their lifetime and the need to let go of their financial concerns. Money issue seems to pervade their lives and relationships.

Supporting Karma Card (+KC) Three of Clubs♣

Moon Card is 7 of Clubs

Moon Card helps with dealing with Negativity if a person sticks to high spiritual values. A person will be exposed to a spiritual knowledge which helps to discover oneself. The position will be weakened if a person surrounds himself with negative people: in that mental attitudes and beliefs will be challenged, so a person will be trapped in a lower level of thoughts. So think positive, — and be rewarded. Belief, — and be rewarded. The highest side of 7 of Clubs card is a mental and spiritual revelation and pure consciousness. How you will manifest your gifts totally depends upon your thinking: your consciousness determines your being.

So if you do not accomplish your plans, or if you hesitate, that practically kills your self-esteem. If you do not realize your plans, you may live in constant worry.

Typical Astrological Influences

I know 7 people of 5 of Diamonds who have grand crosses in their natal charts which are considered to be the most challengeable astrological configurations. They also have lots of squares in their natal charts, and squares mean a conflict within the individual himself. There are always two aspects of a problem that are fighting for control of what is going on. This makes lives of 5 of Diamonds really stressful.

The Planet Saturn which closely connected with number 5 usually have squares – especially it creates problems for 5s during the long-term astrological transits.

5 of Diamonds usually have some problems with their natural fathers and later in life with male authority figures. This creates shirting values and concerns of responsibility vs escapism. Choices between freedom vs security is also a constant concern.

Mercury Card is Queen of Spades

As we left a Saturn life of restrictions and life lessons, are go to Uranus which brings inspiration and intelligence.

Parents play a very important role in establishment values of an individual at very early life. A stern and disciplinary mother brings up bright side of a personality. The weakness, that his mother’s influence can develop some submissiveness in youth, that will explode into a desire to dominate in late years, as a compensation for all restrictions. It also can bring sickness as a protective mechanism form being pushed too hard.

Education is important, as well as they need a special way to be educated. These individuals can close up their natural talents if being pushed. In most cases, they are willing to work hard and study, and parents need to create a particular environment to make them willing and wanting to. 5 of pentacles even he or she does not know the subject can make a good presentation even out of the mess they heard. This means that their talents are more in a realm of humanitarian science, sociology, literature, languages, medicine, and art…

Queen of Spades in Mercury gives a talent for numbers and math, – but you need to carefully look individual horoscope for the aspects of Mercury.

Venus card is Jack of Clubs

Jack of Clubs is intelligent but in most cases a weird fellow. So 5 of diamonds can be attracted to all weird and unusual, and non-traditional… In theory, 5 of Diamonds want to associate them with people of status and intelligence. 5 of Diamonds are in many cases impatient and most of all they are impatient with stupidity. They want to “strike sparks” with their brains. 5 of Diamonds will avoid boring at all costs. They hate distasteful too.

The problem of choices and making friends comes from low self-esteem. They may choose a really bad crowd purposely to let them live negatively and irresponsibly – just to waste time. Friends of 5 of Diamonds can be jealous and frivolous, and hardly can stay for long-term commitments; or, if they do, they create a lot of damage later.

Relations with their family and loved one can go to extremes – from complete devotion to complete ignorance and escapism. One day they are devoted but being pushed they become careless of their obligations.

Creativity and chammy bring 5 of Diamonds a lot of success with people, especially with opposite sex. If 5 of Diamonds likes any ideas, those ideas get further success.

9 of Diamonds in Mars

If money is inherited, 5 of Diamonds person opts to have trouble with it. It will take years to collect an inheritance. Better to avoid any litigations, and go through collection when needed. Judgement in legal matters is not dependable. Judges will be corrupt. Investments much are made for a long term. Somehow litigations will always take a lot of money with no results. This card does not bring luck in gambling.

5 of Diamonds person shall not be afraid to spend money for permanent values.

Jupiter Card is 7 of Spades – Illness through Worry about Money

5 of Diamonds people shall keep business management in their own hands, but they need to listen to expert advice. Benefits could be retained because of illness and money spent on recovery. Interesting enough, 7 of Spades in Jupiter cannot help but make 5 of Diamonds person to constantly overwork and at the same time to worry about money… Every time they work harder, they get sicker.

5 of Pentacles can heal and be healed via metaphysical means.

7 of Spades brings powerful spiritual influence. Faith, gratitude, self-honesty, and discipline can help develop a positive mental attitude. With right concentration and care, a problem of getting sick because of overworking will seize to exist. One needs to have faith and avoid to rely on their loneliness, their own afflictions, and limitations.

7 of Spades is a spiritual victory  card: “Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing wisdom and understanding, mine is the victorious life.”

This card can bring success in sports. It also indicated that a profession of a priest or religious leader is advisable.

Saturn Card – 2 of Clubs

This is a fear card, and Jupiter with 7 of Spades already is given us an answer to solve problems replacing fear with faith and love.

Whenever worries come, conflicts may follow…. Keep mind at pease, and strength comes that does not let disputes to happen. Worry and anxiety in 5 of Diamonds provoke deep roots of weaknesses to grow. This is why it is so important for 5 of Diamonds person to avoid any conflicts, arguments, and quarrels. This makes 5 of Diamonds sick using their energy for wrong ends. 5 of Diamonds shall never harbor negative attitudes (even if people caused 5 of Diamonds person or others any harm.) In case this happens, 5 of Diamonds get polluted by negative influences and get sick as a result.

Health suffers from 5 of Diamonds if their values and believes a system is damaged by doubts and negativity. Somehow it is advisable for 5 of Diamonds have constant communications with their lawyers and doctors.

2 of Clubs card is a fear card. It could be fear of being alone or the fear of death(which may or may not have basis in reality).

  • A remedy for fears is patience.
  • 5 of Diamonds person needs to make things that relax him or her and make him or her happy.

Do not try to change situation out of fear or emotion because it will backfire awfully. Changing circumstances in outer world wouldn’t work for you. To change things, you need your spiritual realm and belief in oneself. Once you find inner peace, fears will be dissolved and your sickness disappears without a trace. Ace of Spades which is a displacement card for 2 of Clubs has secret knowledge that you see once you have peace within.

Illness and afflictions (Saturn influence) must not be feared or the idea of them to kick in. There should be developed a constructive attitude of mind in illness.

5 of Diamonds must always work in peace and harmony in associations. 5 of Diamonds needs to use the knowledge they gain to be used for the enlightenment of others.

King of Clubs

After 45, intuitional power awakens and goes stronger and definitely a position of strong leadership at work. A good sense of guidance develops.  They finally can attain a position of leadership and wise counseling. They finally become “Kings” in their own rights. They finally have a permanent place and no fear to be overthrown.

5 of Diamonds will be successful in dealing with groups, associations, and they finally apply their interest in public and community projects. Most success this card brings for those who are in a spiritual or mental field.

Intuition is strong that finally all worries will be gone and dreams will come true. 5 of Diamonds will receive finally some knowledge of themselves and be at peace with their values, and finally, they will see a direction where they shall go. Finally, 5 of Diamonds will see a true value within other people and they see their weaknesses and values that they can direct for better spiritual growth.

Jack of Diamonds in Neptune – Initiation into Higher Values

Working in or with foreign countries is beneficial. The more travel, the better for the individual – opens dreams, opens new horizons.

Awakening of creative abilities in later years – after forty. Like all hesitations be disappeared, and dreams become reality. It could also mean that career at later years can involve a lot of travel.

Pluto is 4 of Cups

This is a card of stability in relations. But you need to digest too much to maintain balance. 5 of Diamonds desires to have stability and security in terms of affections and friendship, as well as to have some protection in love. 5 of Diamonds wants a good influence in social and family life – or they want to be alone. Anyway, married or not, they feel the home where their heart dwells. So they would not stand a partner even with a chemistry if they do not have long-term life goals and same ideals. Foundation of love has a very spiritual foundation and high values. They may stay for some time with a sick or abusive partner,  -yet they will move on and make themselves happy with friends and romance. They are likely to look for a companionship where they have a connection and calm happiness.

5 of Diamonds has a need to communicate his or her dreams and wishes and will stay with those who share the same values and ideas of life.

Result (Cosmic Reward) High Saturn – 4 of Diamonds – Sound and unchanged spiritual values attract prosperity.

5 of Diamonds’ goal in life to develop the sense of values. Once a person is happy with himself or herself, the true sense of true values immediately will solve a problem with money. Knowing exactly what we want, will immediately attract those things. Finally, 5 of Diamonds acts like an Ace; and can get whatever he or she wants, just because they know what they want and hot to get it. Somehow a person without much desire will create a sound financial future. Resources will come into focus. Ability to handle financial matters with a clear mind is another gift they need to awaken.

Cosmic Lesson – 2 of Spades – A Friendship card -A New Age of Cooperation

Cultivating awareness of true destiny and seeing oneself as a messenger of light is very important. Intuition will be at disposal which requires an earnest desire and clear channel of pure energy. Without benevolence, an energy can be focused, but a power could become a power of a Black Magician (Mars, Neptune, and Uranus).

Inevitably 5 of Diamonds learn a true value of Friendship and partnership and become role models of friendship qualities that will dominate to another thousand of years to come.

This card also will teach them to develop a new attitude toward health and create positive healthy habits. It also points to a new line of behavior they cultivate to get a position of leadership and even fame.

They create a good karma for marriage through their hard work and being so given this lifetime.

Famous People of 5 of Diamonds

Charlie Chaplin, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Simpson, George Lucas, Peter Ustinov, Eddie Adams, Christopher Columbus, Maria Antoinette, Nikola Tesla, George Bush Sr., Pope Benedict XVI, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone

Life of Charlie Chaplin could be somewhat a typical example of some extreme life circumstances where 5 of Diamonds personality is born. I suggest you read it. And his Brother is 3 of Clubs, which could also be typical for 5 of Diamonds have some karmic associations with 3 of Clubs.

Five of Diamonds Quotes

Existence itself does not feel horrible; it feels like an ecstasy, rather, which we have only to be still to experience. – John Updike

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