Destiny Cards – Fives – Mystical Number that unites happiness and misfortune – January 9, January 22, February 7, February 20, March 5, March 18, March 31, April 3, April 16, April 29, May 1, May 14, May 27, June 12, June 25, July 10, July 23, August 8, August 21, September 6, September 19, October 4, October 17, October 30, November 2, November 15, November 28, December 13, December 26,

The Pentagrams the magical formula of man. The Human Soul rising from bondage of the animal nature. (Manly Hall). Five is one of the very important numbers. It called a number of a man. We have 5 fingers and there are 5 visible planets we can see with a naked eye at night.

Freedom is keyword for 5s. Five is a number of adventure to discover what lies above the horizon. Fives have a quest for new experiences, and that is why it is so hard to understand motives of 5s. They are true seekers.

Five is also associated with Saturn. Saturn is a planet of restriction, limitation, boundaries, authority figures and responsibility. Fives understand that there is always a price for a freedom and responsibilities that are coming with the freedom.

Saturn gives benefits to those who work really hard. Fives always have a battle between convention and the freedom to be. Sometimes they hate themselves for the choices they make.

Fives (especially 5 of Diamonds) have a gift to draw and paint. They also can be gifted poets and writers. They can be good doctors with their sensibility and attention to detail as well as ability to work odd hours.

Fives must look for occupations that requires travel and variety. Travel brings opportunities to met new people. They need to be exposed to new situations and customs.

They are usually great sales people and they seem they can relate to absolutely anybody if they want to. fives can make other people at ease and understood. They may dislike intensity being in sales, yet they love the idea they can make their own schedule.

Fives could be great priests and religious leaders if they master their concentration.

Fives can be good at sports, dancing, acting. In fact, sport will help with any of their health issues as well with concentration. Sport will keep them in tune and calms them down.

Five brings also nervousness and restlessness. They could feel like wandering Jew with no home. Five’s quest is to leave the home for the unknown. Sometimes their comfortable house where they live seems like a prison. If anything will disturb their freedom, they tend to leave. Fives are less marriageable than all the cards because of their constant need for the freedom. Even they marry, they need to keep their options open. They are likely to live with somebody for a number of years without any expectations or a contract.

Fives hate commitments similar to 3s and queens.

Five may feel that one person never satisfies them in relations or love department.

Five needs a partner who will fully accept the way they are. And often, 5s have no idea who they are themselves.

Society may criticize 5s because they may jump form one relations to the other, they may change residence and jobs far too often.

Fives manage to create the inner conflict within themselves because they want security and at the same time this conflicts with their urge for freedom.

To be happy, they just need to explore the world, travel and take it easy. They need to understand that they just need to learn and gain new experiences and the process is the life that leads to wisdom.

Life experience is of a necessity is a cross. Change is a growth.

Sometimes concentration is difficult for 5s. They need to find their center to see all events happening at the same direction. If 5s learns to concentrate, they cannot live without it. They need to be in a center to feel complete.

5s have wonderful quality which is honesty and loyalty. They expect honesty and justice from others and act in understanding with this principle. Very rarely 5s act in a negative way.

If 5s feel that their sense of justice will tie them up, they are not always faithful and dependable. Their personal freedom is most valuable. They understand that their personal growth is vital, yet it often achieved at the expense of those toward whom they have obligations.

Fives came to our world to express the ideals of personal freedom and accumulate as many diverse experiences as possible. They might perceive marriage as a prison, because it might be a restraint of freedom and opportunities to experience new experiences. – They see many people as boring and not ready for change individuals, and they cannot easily to adjust emotions of others with their own wants and needs. It goes in conflict with their spiritual free nature.

Personal freedom and personal space is their necessity for their being and existence.

When 5s enter into a relationship that sometimes could last a long time. They still try to avoid marriage. Quite often, the Fives are in conflict with themselves.

Some part of their soul seeks for the reliability and comfort as well as a long-term alliance, — but the other part is constantly struggling to free themselves from any restrictions.

Sometimes this internal conflict turns out to be very painful and leaves an imprint on the quality of personal relations with partners, turning them into flat and uninteresting for both sides. Or they also can be very controlling and bossy and unwilling to do anything for others. Relations or idea of responsibility paralyzers them if they are not spiritually developed.

Hearts have problems with unsatisfied emotions

Clubs have problem with mental restlessness and no peace

Diamonds have problems with money and fruits of labor because they feel it is never enough

Spades have the problem with ill-paid labor.

Fives must realize the difference between good and bad. Changes that imposed, can cause restlessness, while changes that come from within, from intuition bring us to final peace and wisdom. Fives need to practice mindful concentration and meditation.

Fives represent change, variety, opportunity, travel, health and energy, escape and fluctuation of life experiences.

Positive qualities of 5s:

Adaptivity, Versatility, Readiness to Change, Expressiveness, and Love to Travel

Negative qualities of 5s:

Aloofness, Triviality, Restlessness, Crosses.

Among the Pythagoreans five was a mystical number, because it was formed by the union of the first even number and the first odd, rejecting unity; and hence it symbolized the mixed conditions of order and disorder, happiness and misfortune, life and death. The same union of the odd and even, or male and female, numbers made it the symbol of marriage. Among the Greeks it was a symbol of the world, because, says Diodorus, it represented ether and the four elements. It was a sacred round number among the Hebrews. – Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Five is a chief mystical number in its concerns. Its seal is pentangular, on its angles are 5 characters representing Too or Saturn, Muh or Jupiter, Shwuv or Mercury, Kin or Venus, and Ho or Mars.


From the Nicomachean Extracts we derive our knowledge of the Pythagorean doctrine of the number five.

“Light” is referred to the number 5.

The Pentalpha or 5-pointed star, an endless complex set of angles, was the emblem of Health, Hygeia; it forms 5 copies of the capital letter A. It is also called the Pentagram, and the Seal of Solomon, and is said to have been the device on the signet-ring of this ancient Grand Master of the Mysteries.

Kenneth Mackenzie remarks that, being formed by the union of the first odd and even numbers, 5 was considered of peculiar value and used as an Amulet or Talisman powerful to preserve from evil, and when inscribed on a portal, could keep out evil spirits; it is found almost everywhere in Greece and Egypt.

Diodorus calls five “the union of the four elements with Ether.” There are 5 orders of Architecture; and 5 Senses of the human body now commonly known and described (but the whole are seven). Geometry is technically called the 5th Science.

In Masonry the grand scheme is the 5 points of Fellowship, and note also 5 Brethren can hold a Fellowcrafts lodge.

The Pentagram was the emblem of safety. The Pentacle, the Masons’ signet mark (according to Stukeley), was the device borne by Antiochus Soter on a war-banner, to which was ascribed the signal victory he obtained.

The Ancients esteemed this number as a measure for drinking; they mixed 5 parts of water with their wine, and Hippocrates added 1/5 of water to milk as a medical draught.

The five pointed star also represents the planet Mars.

The Pentagram

A five-pointed star in a circle, correctly named the “pentacle”. As you can see from the figures below, it is the same figure with a perverted form.
The true pentacle is representative of the species of humanity. If you look at the “correct” pentacle; you can see how the head, arms, and legs of a person standing “spread eagled” are represented by the points of the star.
That sect of christianity known as satanism took the symbol of humanity, and since they are based in perversion, perverted it.
Looking at the perverted pentagram, you can see how the points of the star are used to represent the horns, whiskers, and beard of the mythological goat’s head of the Christian satan.

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