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Four is the 4th dimension = time which is illusion. Wholeness; totality; completion; wisdom.

There are four cardinal points; four seasons; four winds; four directions (as in North, South, East, West); four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) in the western culture.

There are four sides to a square; four arms to a cross. There are four rivers to Paradise, that formed a cross (the Garden of Eden was said to be within the four rivers). Within Paradise were four infernal regions, seas, and sacred mountains. There are four watches of the night and day, quarters of the moon. There are four quarters to the earth.

Mayan culture four giants support the celestial roof. Four is seen as the number of support.

Pythagorean: Four is Perfection; harmonious proportion; justice; the earth. Four is the number of the Pythagorean oath. Four and ten are divinities. The Tetraktys 1+2+3+4=10.

Scandinavian: there are four rivers of milk flowing in Asgard.


Four represent Completion. It is a solid square. The 4 is a number of Saturn, and Saturn always gives rewards for hard labor almost immediately as they are earned – only when they are earned. Birth cards of 4’s are among the most fortunate. They give fourthFour is the 4th dimension = time which is illusion a wonderful start with protection and security. They get all things they


“Ten is the very nature of number. All Greeks and all barbarians alike count up to ten, and having reached ten revert again to the unity. And again, Pythagoras maintains, the power of the number 10 lies in the number 4, the tetrad. This is the reason: If one starts at the unit (1) and adds the successive number up to 4, one will make up the number 10 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10). And if one exceeds the tetrad, one will exceed 10 too…. So that the number by the unit resides in the number 10, but potentially in the number 4.” (Aetius 1.3.8)

Fours represent foundation, completion and enclosure. It also represent security and protection.

Four is also a tantric number.

With 4s, we can build a solid foundation (4), with diligence (4) and concentration (4).

The 4s number is Saturn number who gives you rewards only when they are earned.

If your birth card is 4’s you are most fortunate because it gives you a protection and security.

On the tree of life the 4th sphere is the realm of Jupiter who gives you happiness and all things you may need.

For all 4th the prime abomination is to build.

Hearts build their security on love for others and have always hopes for the presence of love in their own lives. 4th of hearts is the marriage card and protection in relations. A wonderful combination of three planetary rulers helping – Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. Like ace of spaces, four of cups has a tendency to only blame themselves if life goes unsatisfactory.

Clubs are to build on knowledge and have success to disseminate knowledge for the profit, education and growth. They also have a good Judgement. Because of displacement card which is 5 of clubs, this gives a bit of restlessness to the individuals yet it gives a positive focus on desire to change for the sake of the progress. The brilliant minds of those people – Mars-Jupiter conjunction makes them to be impatient toward stupidity and triviality. They understand that the growth and expansion (the realm of Jupiter) happens only through constant activity and experiments (Mars).

Diamonds are to build everlasting values. Venus card in a Neptune line displaces the 5 of spades. This card requires importance of work more than all other 4’s. When consistent and concentrated efforts are not made, poverty and failures are coming in varying degrees. The displacement card of 5 of spades is a cross in labor department. If a man 4 of diamonds chooses to be an entrepreneur in hopes of making kind bet fast and easy, it is likely he may become intolerant because he won’t make much without efforts making his woman work and having high demands of her. The spiritual place for 4 of pentagons is Venus in Saturn line which is more more indication of a hard work is waiting before results are coming.

4 of Spades are to work with their hands and minds it is Venus card in Jupiter line in the life spread that displaces the 10 of clubs in a spiritual spread.

Key words for all 4’s

Good organization, self- discipline, service, results

Carelessness, restrictions, destruction, incompletion

All 3’s should work hard to be successful and to be productive and happy.

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