Destiny Cards – Joker – Hidden Mystery – December 31

“Life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves…”

Jokers fall into a unique category in a system of cards which separates them from every other card in the deck. Whether this special place is a blessing or a curse is highly dependent upon the individual who possesses this Birth Card. Every gift or a talent Joker has can be used or abused, and the choices Jokers make are what determines the nature of their lives.

As though they were both the child and the parent, Jokers bring vitality and innocence of youth as well as the wisdom and responsibility of the adult.

Joker is a mystery card, and the mysterious people corresponding to it are born on the day of the Joker! Known as a “thing-in-itself”; or a chameleon who wears many different masks.

In ancient times, on ‘Fool’s Day’ each year Joker has impersonated the King and all members of the royal family.

Jokers day, December 31st is a time of celebration of the New Year; and in ancient times on New Year’s eve, Joker had to make fun of our serious business and of everyone else in the kingdom. In doing so, Jokers taught people how to be happy. Joker could impersonate anyone with ease.

Jokers served not simply to amuse but also to criticize their master or mistress and their guests.

A Joker might be considered a Leader of all Jacks. This makes Jokers very creative, youthful, naive, artistic and extremely independent. As a part of the royal family, Jokers could be proud and even arrogant. Jokers hate if being told what to do, — this also is a case with most Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Because of the strong creative drive, we find many Jokers are attracted to a stage or theater. This same creative energy can manifest as dishonest tricks in some of them as well.

They are a mystery unto themselves.

So, which will Jokers be: youthfully energetic, entertaining, shape-shifting; independent or hardworking, practical and opinionated? People of this card can play their hand any way that suits them and at any time.

Joker belongs to a “Crown Line”. The wise chose their birthdays. Jokers can operate as the King of Spades or Ace of Cups – in the Plan, not in the Life (Mundane) Spread.

If Joker Plays a role of Ace of Hearts

Will a Joker play the role of the Ace of Hearts♥, to be the one who is eager to express their uniqueness and individuality, or the one who is focused on self-interests with a deep emotional need for self-exploration and self-expression? These qualities certainly can ignite the dramatic energy in Joker. In this way, Joker will enjoy being the center of attention and explore life to the fullest. Influence of Ace of Cups will invite positive side of exploring life.

If Joker Plays a role of King of Spades

What if the Joker ready to rise up and play the role of the King of Spades♠, the master of all trades with the ability to achieve great things in any profession of their choosing?

They have at their disposal huge reserves of personal power, but knowing how to take advantage of this power in life is a completely different matter …

There are three main challenges for the Joker in my opinion:

They need to love themselves. If they love themselves, they can radiate love and happiness around.

The second challenge is to accept their mistakes or deeds that were created out of anger or emotions.

The third challenge, they need to learn to accept things as they are and learn to let go. What is, that is, –a saying of Buddha states: “Your suffering is caused by your resistance to what is.” Think about it for a minute. This means that suffering is possible only when we refuse to accept what is happening. If you can change something, take action. Therefore, we must change ourselves to change the circumstances

Joker needs to learn to live in the now and catch every moment and find there valuable and positive lessons.

I have a pleasure to know some Joker who got to a dark side, and it was odd, scary and he got his revenge plotting bad things out of misery and jealousy. I know another Joker who is a wonderful person, carrying and loving.

Dark Side of A Joker

The Joker also has a dark side. Joker can become intrusive, cunning, envy and selfish. They are masters of disguise and will hide their suspicious characteristics with the help of skillful ambiguity. (The translator: those who watched the film Interstate 60, saw that a clear answer Joker never has given – “I believe it?” – “Up to you”).

As a pendulum, a Joker can both deviate towards the benefactors of a great power, as well as in the direction of selfishness. Joker knows well his dark side, and this is not coming as a surprise to him or her. Joker can surpass this dark side through his willpower and goodwill.

Jokers could be loyal friends and lovers. Even if they are dating, they appreciate having a diverse group of friends. Having respect for others and their feelings, Jokers find themselves in the best of relationships. Their friends are usually dependable and loving. Yet, they do not take betrayals easy.

They need to always be positive and happy. They need to be aware that their fears can materialize.

The Joker is very passionate about sympathy and antipathy. These extreme is a source of discontent in relationships.

They need to go middle way and love themselves. Then they can be good friends as well as one of the most passionate and creative of lovers!

All Jokers are surprising, unique and mysterious people.

They have a rare opportunity to acquire perennial wisdom if they take a spiritual approach to life.

It is impossible to analyze Joker’s behavior because Jokers purposely hold a key to themselves, and they hide this key very well!

The December 31 birthday personality might have difficulty sleeping when stressed.

Jokers can represent “the Alpha and Omega”: absolutely anything can be created on the Joker’s day. On this day, we can break our habits and expand the mind. But just like any freedom or manifestation of wealth, what good in such opportunity if one does not put it to use?

Is there a method to that madness or a madness to the method? In a sense, the Joker couldn’t care less – what happens is like what happens after a roll of dice.

We need the Joker’s input just as we need both entertainment and ritual of some sort in order to make light of what could otherwise easily be perceived as dark, evil or troublesome.

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins – December 31

He is considered to be one of the greatest living actors, the best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lester in The Silence of the Lambs. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Hopkins is renowned for his preparation for roles. He has confessed that once he has committed to a project, he will go over his lines as many times as is needed (sometimes upwards of 200) until the lines sound natural to him so that he can “do it without thinking.” Hopkins stated that after he is finished with a scene, he simply discards the lines, not remembering them later on. This is unlike others who usually remember their lines, even years later. Ability to empty the mind is perfect and unique ability. Capricorn would really think that way to keep in mind something that you do not need to use every day. This is a great way to save energy.

Elizabeth Arden born on December 31 (1884-1966) one of the wealthiest women of her time; she built a billion-dollar cosmetics empire.

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) physician who wrote one of the most influential books on human anatomy, On the Fabric of the Human Body, and is considered the founder of modern anatomy.

Although Joker wanders near and far, his footsteps are hard to trace…the Joker puzzles us with his antics, wilderness, disappearing just as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived.

Joker has that kind of energy that has no karma, no limitations in its expression, and absolutely cannot be bound, tied down or squished into a box unless that is the game Joker chooses to play at its whim.

As a card of royalty, it overlooks, perhaps more accurately it leaps through the entire Life Spread and gets to pick and choose who Joker will imitate or what Joker will embody. With this knowledge, our goal-setting becomes more powerful and our potential reveals itself to be as unlimited as the Jokers.

Joker at times might find it hard to make career-related decisions. Joker may change mind a few times before settling on the one that’s meant for his or her personality and skills. Jokers can be good businessmen. They can make money off anything. This quality makes them good salespeople.

Truly, a multifaceted individual, the Jokers in life have a vast and wide personality with huge potential for a dynamic, enriching life or just a frivolous one. The choice is ultimately theirs to make.

The importance of the Joker is the role Joker plays to remind us not to take life and ourselves too seriously.

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