Destiny Cards – King of Hearts – Conjugal Fidelity and Parental Love – June 30, July 28, August 26, September 24, October 22, November 20, December 18

The Mercury Card in the Mars line Displaces 2 of Clubs in the Natural Spread.

The true place of King of Cups is Uranus in Venus line. The line of behavior they present to the world is kindly, friendly and magnetic. They give an impression of loving peace, protection and “safe harbor”. They bestow inspiration. When they live up to their spiritual values, they create the environment of everlasting love and peace.

They are confident from being sure of themselves and of the principles they stand. If the King of Hearts is a woman, she wants to be ahead of household and stand up to any men who cross them. They are stand up to those who they think has been wronged. They do love everybody, yet wrong associations can bring them troubles. They should be careful to bring people with lower motives and their lifestyles into their lives.

They can excel in business, and they do well in partnership with other people. They have good luck in legal matters.

There will be an inevitable loss of loved one, and they need to let go of the pain and betrayals. Many of them are mentally gifted and have a strong sense of intuition.

The problem comes because of their karma card – 9 of Spades. They get certain circumstances beyond their control, and whenever they get offended, meet injustice, – they become very argumentative, and difficult for anyone to deal w
They are peacemakers at work and home but touch them, and they will see retribution if they think they have been treated unfairly.

The problem is also they fixed minds. The King of Cups displaces 2 of Clubs the Fear card. When they face loss, betrayals, other unfavorable circumstances, it triggers denials and fears for the future and inability to change the past. They become quarrelsome and overbearing. This is a problem to a psychologist, but not so much to the evidence of negativity. They just attract more disappointments due to their depressions, and people deceive and betray them, and they cannot deal with it. They end up having fear neurosis and their willpower is damaged. They try to create conflicts to express it in their attempts to domination. They create scandal was a measure of defense. This is more of mental sickness, and it needs treatment. The women especially need to take warning.When the Kings of Hearts start to express their nervousness, becoming bossy, – this is a signal to call a psychologist. It will also be helpful to help them telling them about their values and that they are worthy of love. Somehow they do not love themselves enough. They want to bring others joy and happiness, – yet they need to learn to be calm inside and not to expect things for their hard work.

We need to forgive when they are consumed with chartered and ugliness and show them love to let them be the Kings and play this part gracefully.

Planetary Sequence for Kings of Cups

Moon Card is 2 of Cups

Mercury Card is King of Diamonds

There is always a conflict between the heart and the brain. These people do not know whether their feelings should dominate their common sense, and it leads to nervousness and indecision. They are masters of manipulation because there is always a problem with trust, and with their fixed minds and values, they get in trouble being manipulated themselves. The wrong person can easily influence them, and they just need to like this person to let common sense to sleep away.

At an early age, they tend to get close to people with means to start a business. Women especially are calculating, and they marry a man who has money, reputation, power or just form a well-educated family. They are often trying to associate themselves with politicians, lawmakers, or large groups.

Venus Card – 6 of Hearts

The most important to all Kings of Hearts is calm within. They want security and love – and they want those things fixed and to last forever. They try to keep their friends close and for a long time. They try to build their relations honestly and responsibly. The only problem and the only time they are responsible for breaks in ties is when they lose their peace of mind, and they go crazy in their insecurities, – yet they always have good intentions.

Mars Card – 4 of Clubs

They are active and carry out their duties even wholly exhausted. They are thoughtful, calm, efficient and practical in business. They enjoy working in the male environment and to exchange ideas. They always have a thirst for knowledge and learn fast. Sometimes they know more than they can apply because they take overqualified positions, and they have a hard time to change jobs because of their fixed minds.

Sometimes calm people can make them nervous or irresponsible.

Jupiter Card – 2 of Diamonds

They love to have partnerships where money is involved. They like to have friends with connections. They want to have a regular business that does not get into drastic changes. If you are rich, they are best friends to you: they are agreeable, open to suggestions and cooperation. They like training, merchandising, buying and selling. They work with larger organizations and with personnel.

Saturn Card – Jack of Spades

Problems come forth people who are irresolvable and self-indulgent. They may get drawn into the wrong company. It also shows that they can get into a false business with people who they think may be associated with money or lead them to pay fortunate. They lose their common sense, and here karma comes, when they hurt themselves with their expectations.

They can become leaders in medical fields. They enjoy working with doctors who are proficient in their profession.

They need to be very careful what they eat, how they exercise and how much they sleep. They cannot work late hours because their health will be deteriorating fast and they can get old fast if they do not take needed the care of themselves.

Uranus Card – 8 of Clubs

They gain power via knowledge.They do need to learn a lot and better go to university and study from Bachelor to Ph.D.

They also need to focus their efforts on spiritual development. They need eventually to become teachers and share their knowledge with others.

Neptune Card – 6 of Diamonds

Despite their efforts to think straight, these people are confused with their sets of values. They often can be mistaken in judgments and values. Values are fluctuating because of other diamonds influence – King of Diamonds in Mercury and 2 of Diamonds in Jupiter.

They know they must pay their debts, but their financial obligations conflict them. They may even not be aware what debts they made with other people, and what was expected from them.

When they try to analyze their problems, they get in trouble because they see issues in their lives as evidence for the karmic punishments, and they suffer from their disappointments in themselves and them completely unable to look beyond their fixed values.

They usually rich secure and monotonous life in late years, but not with much excitement and happiness.
They need to travel for reasons, or their voyages for the sake of travel will be disappointed.

Challenge for Kings of Cups is inactivity and indecision

Birthdays Ruled by the King of Cups

June 30. Cancer: Ruler: The Moon

It is Best if they marry young. They can be beautiful performers on stage, teachers, councilors, lecturers, and preachers. They have great intuition, carrying and sympathetic. They can be great conductors and less success if they play instruments themselves. They seek approval of the audience and a bit needy of attention. They are usually self-satisfied and hard-working.

July 28. Leo: Ruler: The Sun

They can be very successful in creative fields, natural performers, drawn to theatre, they can be great actors and directors. They often have musical talents. They can commercialize any skills or abilities in others. They love big projects. They can be useful reporters or publishers. They love propaganda and advertising. They much concerned with humanity, so great causes and saving humanity is always on their agenda. They also have a calling to be heroes, so they can join the army and become generals.

August 26. Virgo. Ruler: Mercury

They can have a complicated love life and complicated relations with the father or male relative in the family. They are very stable and usually have a dominant will no matter what hard circumstances they face. They are very helpful to whomever they work and to their family, hardworking and loyal. They have a secret desire for recognition – it could be both personal and professional. They love nature, outdoor activities, children, and animals.They can be bored with same activities and need always to seek new adventures. They need to get a good education because they have keen scientific and investigative minds. They can become high politicians, writers with a cause and journalists. Their message always heard and made good friends. They also can be useful diagnostician doctors. They may appear a bit cold, but they have golden hearts, and they tend to keep their emotions and problems to themselves.

September 24. Libra. Ruler: Venus

They should marry young. They seek all opportunities to marry for money or to have relations that will help them with career and seek financial stability. Women can abandon their children emotionally but may provide them financially. Women can leave the child with the father and leave. They may have health problems with weight, eating habits and liver. They can be good at law, science, and medicine. They are unhappy alone. They also may have a talent for design and architecture. They also have a knack for acting and singing, yet they apply it in manipulations to keep their relations. They prefer to get in a rut and stay there for security.

October 22. Libra. Ruler: Venus

They need watch out their eating habits, and they can become ill via depression, disharmony in relations, a chemical imbalance in their bodies (especially women). They can go to extremes, and they suffer because of their actions. They need to keep calm, sleep well and keep their diet under control.

They love home, children, and dogs. They calm down living an active public life. Sometimes they need to be alone to gain their energy back. They are sensitive and spiritual.

November 20. Scorpio. Ruler: Mars

They have strong intuition; the best profession is to be judges or defense attorneys. They are responsible and dependable with leadership skills. They have a strong sense of intuition.
They often have two families, two jobs, two occupations. They can go to extremes due to their stubbornness to get whatever they want. They are not always successful in marriage yet they keep right friendly relations with everybody they once got into contract.

December 18. Sagittarius. Ruler: Jupiter

They need to cultivate a talent because they are very artistic and they are creative. They can make easy money and spend them very fast. They can be excellent actors, writers, publishers, travel agents, and philosophers. They have a hard time to make decisions and become restless, nervous, and undecided, – especially if they cannot find a right environment of rich and famous people whom they think need to succeed in their career. They need to learn to depend on themselves and cultivate talents that they can monetize themselves. It will take time to learn to be independent. Once they become independent and capable of anything, they will attract the best partnership to leave creations of their talents to the world.

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