Destiny Cards – King of Spades – The highest initiative – High spiritual voltage in practical applications – Birthday January 1

The End Card if the Crown Line, no displacement card, and a fixed card.

The King of Spades is the “highest” of all cards, yet it produces many mediocre people. A few hundred years from now it was probably not the cause. We should learn how to handle better “high spiritual voltage”, what sort of obligation we are entrusted with a mission and what it means to become an initiative.

Some of those people are big enough to meet their opportunities and make the grade. Through suffering their hard road to wisdom is rulership. They have power because they have earned it, and they are wise enough not to abuse the power that is given to them. Because they do not like to talk about their talents and powers, they are called secretive.

They are preachers and teachers of the great truth of resurrection, rebirth, and eternal life, they are called fanatics or crackpots.

When Spades reach the King stage…
King knows the Law because he is an embodiment of all law. He is misunderstood because he is dealing with things of which the majority is ignorant.

In the natural order, he becomes closer to Ace of Hearts – a desire for love, but since the card is displacing 3 of Hearts, his emotionalize will be disturbed by uncertainty in relationships and unreliability in his closest associations.

These people are seldom successful in marriage because of emotional conflict, always disturbing to the retired regulations of the mental attitudes. If those people not entered marriage early in life, there is likely to be no marriage at all, but rather increase in population in monasteries, ashrams, and other types of holy secret orders. A cloistered life is often a volunteering choice coming either form personal denial or the advantages of spiritual refuge.

Many remain in the world and very much of it. They are personally ambitious, self-protective, capable of living and enjoying life to the fullest. They may not go as far as their high calling, but they manage to leave an imprint of their chosen line. They seldom sink to the lowness or meanness or deliberate evil.

When we meet a real teacher whose birthday is January 1, he will be a wise and will give us best instructions.

Planetary Sequence for King of Spades

Mercury Card – 3 of Hearts

The native can be an awesome diagnostician and a healer. They shall not be counted much on family support and will have to learn and discover their talents independently. They are thrown back upon themselves.

Venus Card – Ace of Clubs

There is a strong desire for knowledge. They prefer to study in groups and learn readily. Lasting friendship is established for like-minds and people with a thirst for knowledge and intelligence. They prefer a specialty rather than to be business owners. They are bored with ignorance and stupidity.

Mars Card – Queen of Clubs

A mental and intuitive woman will play an important role in their lives. They like to have a woman companion than a mate. They like to exchange ideas even if they are opposite. They always have fixed ideas on their own, but they can keep these ideas to themselves to avoid conflicts. They like to test their ideas and activities from both a perspective of their mind and their intuition.

Jupiter Card is 10 of Spades

Friends are important in any selected line of work. Friends are reliable and friends can rely on them as well with money and cooperation.

Any chosen career will be successful. They always are able to employ their mission in their careers.
It also can be a strong indication of a success in a career where they keep secrets. Job in secret service is highly recommended.

Saturn card is 5 of Clubs

They are skillful in treating mentally unstable individuals through the power of suggestions and they can channel people mind toward positive attitudes. They have a great potential for being mental healers, hypnotists, and psychiatrists.

It is a card of disconnect and they can be feeling dissatisfied with themselves if their spiritual drive is not strong.

Uranus card is 3 of Pentacles

They have a hard time to understand what is their calling for career and occupation. They may have insecurity about money earned. Insecurity interferes with their work even if they are financially protected.

They have a great intuition, and they somehow never sure about their feelings and intuition. Their wealth of knowledge is a handicap because it interferes with their judgment. They often understand labor disputes and hesitant which side is right.

Neptune Card is Ace of Spades

Inherently mystic – but they are not aware of it. They are primarily concerned with their souls. They can start a group whom they give instructions and then leave them to themselves. They have to give individual instructions to spread the knowledge to those ready.The challenge for Kind of Spades is self-destruct

Birthdate Ruled by the King of Spades

January 1 – Capricorn. Ruler: Saturn

Successful in business. Can control groups and workers. Always keep a leadership position. Ardent patriots, great government officials, and secret agents. Can write, paint and act.

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