Destiny Cards – Queen of Hearts – Love and justice toward the Family – Magnet for Family and Friends – Birthdays – July 29, August 27, September 25, October 23, November 21, December 19

The Neptune Card in the Neptune Line displaces 10 of Spades

This is the card of beauty, magnetism, affection, and idealism which is so much wanted and needed in the world. The women present much-loved mother, the sweetheart, the loyal sister, or respectful daughter.

The men are generally sensitive and creative, sympathetic and understanding. Unfortunately, both men and women of Queen of Hearts need to deal with much inevitable negativity around them.

The women are very attractive and are magnets for love from the opposite sex. Sometimes they can become spoiled and take attention and love for granted requesting attention, flattery, good clothes, and good times, which can make them become lazy and frivolous.

The men are too gentle to the point of spinelessness, too feminine, too unbalanced, and sexually indeterminate.
The escapists form both sexes may have drinking problems.

All Queens of Hearts are popular and hospitable, socially-minded, cooperative and appreciative; generous and faithful; honest and just. They are also very talented in some artistic line. If they cannot express themselves in poetry and art, they appreciate art. They are intense and dramatic and capable of deep devotion and friendship.

They are attracted to a professional type of work, as well as they are attracted to marriage. Sometimes it is easier for women either go toward professional life or stay-home mothers. Combining both may be complicated because of too many responsibilities and pressure. Contacts and friends are very important. It is advisable for both men and women of Queen of Hearts to never live alone and have always a partner.

They are interested in foreign lands and travel, and they love to make friends in foreign lands. They are very open and take their friends to their hearts readily and easily. They love to learn other customs, ideas, and modes of life. They always shine and radiate enthusiasm and optimism; friendly and comforting.

Their true place of Queen of Cups is the Saturn Card in Venus line, which means that they never cause the heartache or distress to other people and their flirtations are not harming in any way.

They have a privilege of a choice. They have a psychic gift, and many are can be mediums. They also have strong ties to religious and believes. People never find faults in Queens of Hearts because Queen of Hearts is loving and desirable.

The Challenge for Queens ofHearts is the Emotional Disconnect.

Planetary Sequence for Queen of Hearts

10 of Clubs – Mercury Card

They have curious minds since the early childhood and show smartness and talents. There is a need for a good education and mental discipline. Mental discipline calms their minds and it makes easier for rich success. They have great ability to express their thoughts in words, can be great writers and entertainers. They are fluent writers and talkers. Everything around them goes smoothly and pleasantly.

10 of Diamonds – Venus Card

They can make money in Venus occupations – art, beauty, fashion, adornments. Money, if made easily, are taken for granted. They immediately spend them all on surroundings, good clothes, and travel to keep things interesting. They are never snobbish. They usually have the luck to attract those with means and in good standing and without financial limitations. Even if money does not arrive directly via their efforts, they will be provided by family or acquired by marriage.

King of Spades – Mars Card

They are rather stubborn and set in principle, yet they manage to express their ideas and opinions in a nice way. They get their own way by persistently adhering it. They chose to work and be friends with mature, happy, positive and powerful people. They affect others with their opinions and attitudes toward life, as well they listen to others and it affects their mental attitudes and important decisions.
They usually win arguments and debates, without making enemies. They prefer to learn by observation and analyzing.

3 of Cups – Jupiter card

Emotions often interfere with business. They can get stuck with helping those who are in trouble. If they get involved with wrong people, they suffer as a result because they cannot see evil until it is too late. They may be undecided about their occupation because of internal circumstances. They want to be well liked and popular and this also could attract wrong people. Being very idealistic could be a gift and could be a curse.

Ace of Clubs – Saturn card

Suffer disappointments when they cannot accomplish their objects for whatever reasons. They often select a complicated career goal and follow the money not having sufficient applications or time to learn the techniques. They end up putting more efforts than anticipated in a first place and much be willing to work really really hard to build a solid foundation.

They desire to help others, and their best occupations could be in medicine, nursing, or healing. They may have interest in this career also to help their sick family members.

Queen of Clubs – Uranus Card

They are very intuitive and can be attuned to metaphysics and attain great power in this line.

The best work with intelligent people where they can use their intuition and contribute to their own development. They should choose their associates with care.

They can become leaders in movements and causes.

10 of Spades – Neptune Card

This is their displacement karma card – 10 of Spades and it gives strong emphasis on their ideas and interests. These people can invite confusions that may stop them and put limitations on their spiritual development.

Travel is usually desired and educational and brings happiness. Old age is usually well provided for. They learn to overcome their difficulties and their power and strength increases with the old age.

Birthdays Ruled by the Queen of Hearts

July 29: Leo. Ruler: Sun

Many of these people are sincere religionists and philanthropists – they are kind yet have exaggerated egos, and megalomaniacs. They want to be kings and queens, rule and have the last word of everything, they woe people who dispute their opinions or offends their ego. It is very hard for them to work this childish complexes to be the best.
They usually hold a position of an authority in religious or educational foundations. They can be successful musicians, artists, writers, merchants, and actors.

August 27: Virgo. Ruler: Mercury

Mental and critical, but willing to see their own weaknesses. They will strive for good education. They forget themselves working for causes and digging facts. They are good business managers, efficient and executive. They tend to overdo work, care, and services. They are also good writers, publishers, and philosophers.

September 25: Libra. Ruler: Venus

Often talented in art, but have more success and money as art dealers or patrons. Good judges of quality and value. Collectors. Good beauty managers. They can succeed in law and politics. They are most fortunate in family life. Writers, dancers, poets. They like to visit ceremonies – artistic and religious. They love culture and traditions.

October 23: Libra. Ruler: Venus

This is the last degree of Libra, and rarely a Scorpio.
The most positive of Queens of Hearts. Stubborn and impulsive. Demand personal freedom. Retain youthful appearance to a long age. Intuitional but inclined to materialism. Good government officials, agents, attorneys. Love art, but rarely make it as a profession. They also can make money via communications and public relations. Dynamic and impressive. Not well adapted for medicine. Like to feel wanted and needed. Can be very emotional.

November 21: Scorpio. Ruler: Mars

Mentally keen. They like to discipline others. They are suspicious and may have disturbing fears and doubts. They have low self-esteem and need encouragement to realize their own capabilities. They are better friends and not always suitable to be good marriage partners. They borrow trouble and can life in denial and self-pity. They should avoid being selfish. They are hard-working, but they need a key position. They have talents in music, arts. They are well suited for educational work, music, government posts. They can be priests and public speakers.

December 19: Sagittarius. Ruler: Jupiter

The most difficult date for all Queens of Hearts. They suffer in emotional life and may have physical afflictions to contend with – especially in early childhood. Good recuperative powers and they are often long-lived. Hardship they overcome usually after maturity via their independent efforts. They need to have working positive philosophy to get by. They are well suited for public life. They need to approach everything forms a scientific angle to get success. They are mental and attracted to mechanics, science, radio, chemistry. They should cultivate optimism to be well connected with themselves and others. At times of loss, they feel disconnected and emotional.

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