Destiny Cards – Queen of Spades – the Crown of Labor – Birthday January 2

The Mercury card in the Uranus line displaces 10 of Diamonds.

Queen of Clubs and Queen of Spades together represent cosmic motherhood, like the Mary and Martha of the Bible. The Queen of Clubs sits at the feet of the teacher and learns; the Queen of Spades runs His household and smooths His pathways that is the source of Wisdom to enrich the world. Both of the cards are closely connected with 10 of Diamond,

Queen of Spades had to come to lead and direct; they are co-rulers with the highest authority: the Kind of Spades.
When they find themselves in a subordinate position, it is galling and irksome to them because they know they do not belong there. That attracts negativity to their lives. Worst what can happen to them is a career of the caretakers, janitors or menial servants of the world. If they live “down to earth”, ignorant of their true values and worrying about their future, they become nervous, antagonistic or jealous.

There could be the other extreme – if the natives are aware of their supremacy and superpowers, yet apply dictatorship attitude in dealing with others because they are in conflict how to express their powers.

They need to have a good mental balance, and then they see the true value of things, make right judgments, and they eager to provide service. They know where they belong, and they get back to the crown.

They are excellent managers. Intuitive, impulsive and independent. They are valuable contributions to a cause and aspire toward the highest accomplishments in anything they do. They shall avoid in doing everything they dislike. They are better at creating and running their own business or consulting agency.

Planetary sequence for Queen of Spades

Mercury Card – Jack of Clubs

They have quick minds and fast learners. They have a strong influence from a father, brother or grandfather. They understand the importance of education. They love to learn using untraditional methods in learning via experimentation. They love experiments at everything including personal relations. They can be restless and inquiring.

Venus Card is 9 of Diamonds

Men and women love to spend money on home goods and home decorations. It is essential how surrounding environment looks. They also want to look awesome and beautiful.

Love affairs are usually complicated, marriage could be short-lived and disappointing, divorce can be devastating and expensive.
Somehow marriage often is faced with financial difficulties and once there is a financial complication, marriage and relations go to pieces. Many may never marry.
They should not lend money to anybody because they will have troubles collecting money back. May develop penuriousness. suffer from extreme poverty…

Mars Card – 7 of Spades

They should guard against being pessimistic. Pessimism reacts badly to their health. If these people get frustrated, various neuroses are implanted. These people should avoid a career in law and law enforcement.

They must train their minds in logic and reason and positive psychology. The power of overcoming obstacles and negativity is in their displacement karma card, They should develop the positive attitude and strive for positive, workable psychology. In that, the highest degree of intuition will be developed and they can get any dreams come true.

Jupiter Card is 2 of Clubs

2 of Clubs is a fear card and this is a warning to let go fears in the pursuit of wisdom.

Under Jupiter, the fear extends to the money and material blessings. Where the money is involved, there could be a tendency to quarrel. However, they tend to win quarrels and always gain by stressing co-operation and uniting those of high intelligence. If they operate under fear and negativity, they will fear the intelligent people.

Knowledge is earnestly desired and there winning ticket that takes them to the rightful place.

If people become too materialistic, they may block their spiritual development being stuck with the pursuit of money and goods.

Saturn Card is Kind of Clubs

The women, under Queen of Spades, has masculine minds and masculine attitudes and habits of thinking.
(Men could think like female or be bi because of Clubs influence: 2 of Clubs, Jack of Clubs)

Both sexes can make great doctors who are well grounded in knowledge and skills. They tend to work with stubborn people.
They can be overly secretive and should guard against concealment of things that should be brought to light.

Some of them because of being too secretive misrepresent facts and truth and may become outright liars.

Uranus Card is Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds offers his natives either spiritual enlightenment or restlessness and triviality
They will have the inspiration to write and the gift for writing will develop.
Men will easily work with men and women and enjoy the company. They may succeed working in large companies as well as dealing with real estate. In most cases, whatever career they will choose, they will write inspirationally.

Neptune Card is 4 of Hearts

A satisfactory marriage will be made later in life. They create more positive attitude later in life and their life will be filled with security and freedom.

They will happily travel a lot. They may live love to the water and travel on water.

As they develop spirituality, they become aware of their own gifts, their power, and place. The will find a perfect balance and be of service to others.

Challenge for Queen of Spades is Build your house upon the rock.

Birthday Ruled by the Queen of Spades

January 2. Capricorn. Ruler: Saturn

The best field is education: teaching, philosophy, religion. The other good field is medicine. Sometimes these people completely focus on material things and neglect their spiritual development.

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