Destiny Cards – The Hearts – The Creative Fire and Principle of Love

The Fire is a symbol of universal love. The heart controls out hold of life. The heartbeat awakens the Spring.

The Hearts usually have the urge for mating, family, friends, and children. The Hearts are ready to sacrifice for the loved one, country, cause or a friend. Hearts Rule our dearest relations: parents and children; a man and a woman; a brother and a sister; a friend and a friend. Hearts rule pursuit for happiness and beauty in any form.

Heart People are usually dramatic and entertaining at the same time.Astrologically hearts are associated with Leo and 5th house of the horoscope.

Hearts can be overly interested in sensual pleasures, and run the risk to be infatuated with a romantic, sexual, or pleasurable side of their personality.
They need to learn to balance their obsessive behavior and learn to follow the healthy lifestyle.

It is very important for hearts to have a happy childhood when their personality is built and they achieve a certain level of self-esteem.

Heart people need to make other people happy to complete their spiritual mission. They need to give us a gift of acceptance and love, and acknowledgment of our human talents, the very same thing a parent gives to the child the first years of life.

Any hearts have power to either use or abuse their powers they have in their domain. They can make us feel vulnerable if they decide to hurt us or to heal us form any sufferings. It is up to the individual how they will manifest it in their lives.
Many hearts become great actors, musicians, poets.

Positive Hearts are friendly, hospitable, affectionate.

Negative Hearts are self-seeking, obsessive-compulsive, self-indulgent, manipulative, promiscuous and greedy. Hearts also can have some obsession with educating and raising their children.

Their ruling planets are Venus and Neptune.

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