Destiny cards – Two of Diamonds – Wealth – Compromise – Birthdays – January 25, February 23, March 21, April 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, August 11, September 9, October 7, November 5, December 3

The Saturn Card in the Mars Line Displaces the 6 of Clubs.

Much of fears and phobias come from the karma card 6 of Clubs. If 2 of Diamonds people use intuition, the mistakes are rare; and success is assured. Many of two of diamonds are concerned with money and tend to be careful with spending even if they have plenty of money at their disposal.

The “True Place” of Two of Diamonds is the Neptune Card in Jupiter Line – an indication of protection; and also they can be drawn toward dreams and idealism. Being a Saturn-Mars-Neptune Conjunction, there will always be an element of conflict in their lives. It could be a sickness of people who are close to the native or other complications that interfere with activities or ambitions.

It could be love for risk and at the same time phobias and fears in some areas of life, and they can be very controlling when feeling insecure. They can be very judgmental because of their tendency to see perfection in everything; so they will tell other people of their shortcomings which could offend others or even extend to make enemies.

Keen mind, sensitivity and intuition can make Two of Diamonds people be good doctors and diagnostician. They can have a high power of healing if they learn to be calm and control their anger. They can self-learn perfectly and become excellent electrical, mechanical and agricultural engineers. They are also good with money and planning.

2 of Diamonds can be very good as PR managers and succeed in the field of communications. Being smart and multitasking, they can have a continuous flow of phone calls, messages, business meetings, and they stay focused and never seem tired of multitasking.

The power is available to them whatever position they hold or activity they select to be involved. The excellent leadership comes from social events. Men and women of Two of Diamonds surround themselves with VIP people, and they know them all; in many cases, they can become popular themselves.

In most cases, Two of Pentacles is confident and self-assured. The problem comes from their fixations on their view of the world and labeling people instead of their focus on higher wisdom. They can become prisoners of their obsessions and worries, then their plans how to handle other people. Many 2 of Diamonds can become very satisfied with what they have. So they start to think that they got everything right because of them being perfect in every way. So So they tend to fix others to be like them instead to aspire to higher attainments.

The men are excellent traders and merchants. They can be beautiful performers, actors, and painters, yet they often try to follow the fashion that prevents them from achieving higher results.

Another problem that Two of Diamonds can face is laziness because everything they get, they get a comfortable way. They also can be easily bored, and they may have no interest in studying hard because they have no patience. So they always need a creative way to get them inspired.

Many of Two of Diamonds tend to create conflicts in the relations. They like to fight, and then when they get together after the flight, the love sparkles even higher. So they need to work on their anger management issues and jealousy to have strong relations. In the end, they may get so tired of drama, so they prefer to stay lonely and study metaphysics and do business and keep lovers at a distance, separating sexual life form their spiritual. Aforementioned all can be avoided, if a person selects a spiritual path, learns patience and respect for other people regardless of their social status.

It could be the opposite way around, for example, if Two of Diamonds comes from a VIP family, but decides to stay with lay friends and do not attain a university degree. This person will be just a wise advisor to the community they select to be.

Planetary Sequence for the 2 of Diamonds

Mercury Card is Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades can be trickster and lier in certain situations. It brings some interference at home, and some want to leave the house early. Parents need to make sure that children have an adequate learning experience. They need to hold being responsible. Parents will have a hard time to train the highly energetic and wild kids. They will seek a compromise to try to evade responsibility.
They love to travel and seek foreign countries.

Venus Card is 8 of Clubs

8 of Clubs is a fixed card. They may love one time in their lives and then this feeling may never revisit them. (They may lose respect because of their criticism and anger). They also may stick to bad relations on “principle.”
Good escape is to be leaders of clubs and groups. They might be drawn to the church as a profession and become very active in church interests. It is a good idea for them to organize a church.
8 of Clubs is an indication that to succeed 2 of Diamonds need a formal education to succeed. Make excellent teachers and counselors. Civic-minded and public-spirited. Unusually well informed (they know all news and gossips).

Mars Card – 6 of Diamonds

6 of Diamonds is a “settlement” card. The law of karma works very fast on these individuals. If they stick to strict honesty, they will not have any financial restrictions. If they become careless of financial obligations, the protection is lost.
They have a fear of debt, and they always avoid risky business enterprises. In many cases, they lose the opportunity because they do not take the initiative at the right moment. They may have some periods in life where finances fluctuate.

Jupiter Card – 4 of Spades

They are usually satisfied with what they do and typically well paid. They do not change business once they have established satisfactory occupation or industry. They also benefit from associations with established large companies and successful people. People like them, and they always have some luck to be around people they like themselves.

Saturn Card is 10 of Hearts

They will always be protected and surrounded by love and care. Problems are solved through prayers and calm mind.
Even if somebody is sick around, the care of given in the name of love and no burden is left. They will not have problems involving sickness of others.

Uranus Card is 10 of Diamonds

Monday made through dealing in lands, especially farms, real estates and products of the earth. They also highly successful in mining operations and placing their investments.

They are attracted to occult and mysteries of the earth. They like mental games, and they care less of witnessing magic but care form psychological angle and theory of the creation of the universe. They make excellent students and teachers of metaphysics.

Neptune Card is 8 of Spades

They have outstanding talent in management and control of distant interests. They can have business overseas or services, and they can manage it as well as if the company was next door. To succeed, they should be in a position of authority. They also have unusual abilities in dealing with law and winning. They will win in case of any labor disputes with their employers.
The main complication of success is their emotions. They suffer from any attachments related to personal relations as well as with business relations. Far too often they lose due to their relationships where emotions interfere. They are subjects to disillusions and disappointments if feelings become dominant. They love to travel. Two of Diamonds people have natural healing abilities, and hardly ever get sick. Often women should guard against having an aggressive personality.

Challenge for 2 of Diamonds is flattery. If you flatter this person, you can win them as friends.

Birthdays Ruled by the 2 of Diamonds

January 25: Aquarius Ruler: Uranus

Here is a tendency to negativity. (Watch horoscope of the native for Uranus aspects to see what triggers negativity).
If these people get excellent support from friends and family, they become confident and happy. To be successful, they should become independent of others. They can be successful dealing with real estate, sales, manufacturing and contracting. They often have physic gifts, yet it is hard to make it as a profession because they can be overly sensitive.

February 23: Pisces. Rule: Neptune

If Neptune in the chart is none aspected or well aspected, they have an excellent chance for outstanding success. Neptune reinforces the ability to overcome obstacles with the power of dreams, and those natives are also welcome to do necessary changes to succeed.
Sometimes they have such a strong desire that this can be mistaken for the talent, and stubborn adherence to its pursuit may block off other practical opportunities.
High interest in color and tone – not necessarily artistic.  Succeed best in occupations that require travel, shipment, and indirect benefits. They have a great physic gift which shall not be neglected and learned to be handled with care.

March 21: Aries, Ruler: Mars

Good performers. Work best for others than for themselves. They are not sure what directions to go and may lose interest quickly in the goal they set. They will start and let others finish. They had keen minds and may be able writers or poets. They can work professionally with tools and sharp objects. They can be talented engineers. They often love art, but may not make good artists because of lack of patience. Can have success in journalism, writing, publishing books.

April 19: Aries, Ruler: Mars

19 of a Karmic number and requires all debts to be paid. Their emotional experiences can be devastating with frequent disappointments. That makes them very restless – more that March 21 birthday. They need to be active, and not work in an office environment or at the front desk. They make good salespeople. They usually have a beautiful appearance and a good voice. They can work on radio, publishing, travel, and all moving things. They are impulsive but determined. Their main problem to find balance.

May 17: Taurus, Ruler: Venus

Usually interested in religion. Have positive and definite goals. They typically want to have unified family and care for the kids in general. They are enthusiastic about clubs and groups. Make good teachers, financial managers, organizers, bankers. They need to use intuition before they jump into deciding on their occupation. They can make considerable money, safe and they spend on extravagant things. They can become sensors of art, but hardly be interested in making art as an occupation because they prefer the more stable productive line of business.

June 15: Gemini, Ruler: Mercury

They meet opposition early in her life and learn to compromise earlier in his life. They love art, music, and beauty in all forms. They have interest and curious about things and people. They avoid responsibility all costs until they obliged to. They prefer things to move fast. They may become successful even before 36. They make friends easily. They are bright and know by heart motives of other people, so people cannot take advantage of them. They are good money-makers and do not work too hard for it. They have good judgment because of their keen mind and critical thinking. They do better as a consultant having a profession rather than managing their own business. They make excellent attorneys, writers, and speakers. They can buy and sell jewelry or other articles of adornment. They make excellent interior decorators.

July 13: Cancer, Ruler: Moon

13 is a testing number. These people need to develop a strong character, or they will crumble under 13, and if they do they might be consumed with self-pity. Life may be not easy, but if problems are not met squarely and firmly, great success to come.
They often become outstanding educators and religious leaders. May have interference of some male member of the family. They will be interested in gardening and benefit from land produce. Can succeed in business related to food and home commodities. They also can be high-grade attorneys and fashion designers. They should cultivate tolerance and unselfishness and take others shortcomings without anger. They will get money, yet they have to work hard for them at least at some point in their lives.

August 11: Leo, Ruler: The Sun

This day is slated for success in both personal and professional lives. They can become great promoters of the line they are most interested. They practically can get any dream job they want. They can become successful as performers, musicians, actors. They can be outstanding as sales agents and also can be very successful government officials. They shall not work for long in subordinate positions and shall always hold a position of authority.
They need to keep balance, or they become nervous from energy and continually fluctuating interests. They usually can succeed form two lines of activities at the same time, if they stay focused. To keep balance, they shall have a hobby as an excellent outfit to their duality of interests.

September 9: Virgo, Ruler: the Mercury

They are perfectionists in everything – for self and others. May become over meticulous and fussy. They need to focus on helping others and having humanitarian interests to broaden outlook on life. They are best in mental occupations – great attorneys, teachers, linguists. They are also excellent at merchandising. The most significant challenge is their self-centeredness and ego.

October 7: Libra, Ruler: Venus

This birthday gives a spiritual power. These people can become outstanding in the religious realm if they learn to use their skills. They need to learn ethics to see the thin line in good and evil, right and honest. They tend to be very secretive. Deliberate in thinking and actions. They can be excellent educators, writers, and poets. They also can be great on stage in a theatre. They love art, drama, poetry. They can have a gift of seeing the future if they trust their intuition.

November 5: Scorpio, Ruler: Mars

They can make outstanding actors and have a talent for drama. Sincere and deep thinkers, but often critical and sarcastic. Can become very valuable and essential in any business undertakings. Good attorneys, negotiators, politicians, or leaders in large businesses. Need an escape from emotional frustrations.

December 3: Sagittarius, Ruler: Jupiter

Friendly and popular. In most cases, other people are always open to help them. Inspire confidence. Have a lot of power in words. Can popularize and commercialize the art – as art dealers, performers or connoisseurs. Marry usually into the money and a person who can be well-traveled. Have an entertaining personality and excellent companions. Right critics and always find kind words to make things better. More popular and expressive in public than at home. Friends and social contacts are a necessity for contentment and happiness. Women need to cultivate particular interests or may become like butterflies that do not take things and life seriously. Have a great talent as public speakers, good linguists, writers, and journalists.

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