Destiny cards – Twos Represent Union – December 29, May 30, June 28, July 26, August 24, September 22, October 20, November 18, December 16, January 25, February 23, March 21, April 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, August 11, September 9, October 7, November 5, December 3, January 12, February 10, March 8, April 6, May 4, June 2

Twos represent union and cooperation. Twos symbolize pairs of opposites – male and female principle; dark and light, heat and cold, wet and dry.

Twos always have some fears hidden deep down in their souls because they are afraid to be alone. Twos are always in need of support the other half in them. They need a partner to share and compliment.

All twos are sensitive to approval of others and they care too much what impression they make uponj other people. If they think there is a disapproval, they may get sick from unhappiness. They need harmony and happiness around and in their partners.

Twos need to have a unified home and love in the family is the best start for them in their life.

Two of Cups need cooperation with loved ones, and if a child feels lack of love at home, this can harm him or her.

Two of Clubs needs sympathetic and understanding teachers because they need a teacher to lead them to help them be confident about their mental process. They somewhat tend to be not sure about themselves yet to be the most talented among all the deck of cards. They need to have extra curricular activities and more mental challenge than other kids – because they can. Their karma card Ace of Spades gives them even more abilities and as well as a fear of dark side of the knowledge.

Two of Diamonds is the most challenging to get a proper education. Somehow they make decisions against having a better education in a favor of other goals like for example marry young and have kids instead of good career or education. They need to have somebody whom they trust and whom they respect to encourage them. They are very good at writing, exceptionally good at music, architecture, and management. You need to look for their mars and anger management issues. Twos of Diamonds tend to be very independent and lazy at the same time. If you push them to hard, they just escape and do nothing at all. You need to apply all patience you need to discover together their talents, wants and needs. Two of Diamonds seek union in perfect partnership, yet they can be very uneasy in their personal relations. They tend to judge their partners and split later. So at early childhood, parents need to seek solutions to communicate with their children and teach then patience and benefit of hard work as well as to make decisions.

Two of Spades seek union in friendship of like-minds, co-workers and partnership.

All twos when in relations they fire up sexual energy. Twos can create a perfect balance because they have a gift to understand how to bring all mismatched opposites into one perfect force blending together in all colors to create a perfect universe.

If Twos suffer for some reason, they make their relations suffer too. Somehow they can try to destroy existing relations – yet they hae hard tome to separate themselves from any of their relations.

Twos are afraid of being alone, while Aces are afraid of not creating something new or not being accomplished enough.

If Twos want, they can create an environment at perfect love and harmony.

Sometimes Twos can channel us and our emotions – when they pretend that they are alof and uncarying. They can pretend all they want, yet they look for completeness.

All twos are very smart. So sometimes their minds play a trick with them: they create intellectual defenses against anybody who knows their true needs and motives. It would be their family or even their partners.

Somehow they create “unhealthy emotional patterns and all sorts of undesirable behavior”.

They even can try to argue with you. Never argue with twos because their explanations are impenetrable and you never win.

They will build emotional walls and alienate themselves form others. Let them.

Like Ace of Cups and Ace of Spades, all twos go into extremes in love. They might have no one for very long periods of time. Their desire compensates what their partners are lacking.

Humans tend to “avoid pain” than to “pursue pleasure”.

Intellectually brilliant and charming beautiful, Twos have everything for happiness. They are strongly advised to mediate, because their unhappiness patterns lie between going form one extreme to another in relations. They tend to create a war in relations because of their fears of non acceptance of themselves that they mirror in partners.

They have a devastating need for friendship and affection, love and touch – yet they tend to avoid it all. They need to stop pretending and accept the part of themselves that feels incomplete.

With acceptance comes happiness and peace. They need to accept themselves and let go of acting in a certain restrictive  way.

Keywords for Twos

Positive: cooperation, friendliness, love of everybody, positivity, diplomacy, union, smartness, talents and gifts

Negative: Toading (a person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons; a sycophant), Indifference, Lying, Dependance

Twos like Aces need to be alone to recharge, – especially two of clubs because their mental process requires to cool off time to time. So they need to be alone, to come back to be with somebody to share their experiences. Union is their weapon against fears and uncertainties and at hesitations of making decisions.

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