Early Litha – Midsummer’s Eve Magic

Hand in hand, with Fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.
~ Titania, from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The summer solstice is one of the most important events in Old english calendar. June and July are two month of Litha season.

It is a tome when the Sun goddess comes into her full glory.

Midsummer’s eve is especially known for love divinations.

If you are seeking love, pick a spring of St. John’s wort on Midsummer’s eve and place it under your pillow or somewhere close where you sleep. Your love be returned within a coming year.

At midnight on Midsummer’s Eve, women who seek love should scatter rose petals before them and say:

Rose leaves, rose leaves,
Rose leaves I strew.
He that will love me
Come after me now.

Then the next day, Midsummer’s Day, their true love will visit them.

Litha is magical time for wishing. One tradition is to hold a rose, thinking of what you wish to bring into your life, and then realize it onto a body of water, thereby releasing your wish to the Goddess.


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