Destiny Cards – Extrasensory Sevens – Trust or Misery – January 7, January 20, February 5, February 18, March 3, March 16, March 29, April 1, April 14, April 27, May 12, May 25, June 10, June 23, July 8, July 21, August 6, August 19, September 4, September 17, September 30, October 2, October 15, October 28, November 13, December 11, December 24,

Sevens number is a number of a soul. In silence and peace, we discover perfection. In criticism of others, suspicion and judgments face to face, we create our obstacles and invite our difficulties. There are no young souls in the sevens, and they need to go on the quest for the truth.

Seven is another musical number. If we take all cards from Ace to King, we find that seven is in the exact middle. So sevens shall go the middle way naturally if they follow a spiritual path.

There are seven visible planets, seven days of the week, seven chakras in the body.

7 is also a significant number of calculations and geometry.

7 is another odd number and represent an imbalance in a harmony of things.
Six is stability, and a person moves away from balance… Six is unambiguous instructions, and directions form a higher source, and in case you follow your life will be glorious. Seven is a step into the unknown without courses where everything is alienated and unknown.

Seven hard is a Neptune card, and the Sevens row is a Neptune row. That is why Sevens cannot live on cold facts; they need to access intuition. Neptune influence creates confusion that arises from attempts of sevens to understand mystical events. Sevens probably remember perfection from their past lives, yet they need to find it in this life. They need to try harder to live up to their expectations of themselves and others. Sometimes they refuse to give a time to experimentation and search for spiritual truth.

Seven requires learning to have balance and harmony wishing ourselves regardless of circumstances. Six gives security based on organization and unity in the external world. To be happy regardless of circumstances requires a higher state of being. Seven is a gateway to wisdom.

If your birth number is seven, you need to learn to have faith. You will be happy if you take a spiritual path of life. If they are grateful for life is given them, external circumstances will improve.

If they start to worry, their worries will multiply and never end, and they will attract adverse events around those who live in proximity.

If Seven leans on the material world, their worries of not having enough will be killing them every day. They will feel insecure and unloved so that they push away helpful people and possibility of friendship.

While their worries torture them, they may find way out to try to manipulate others and their environment, and their insecurities just get worse. They become depressed, they penetrate into misery.

Trust is vital for sevens.

Seven’s person either is happy, light and unattached or worry all the time and create an emotional tsunami attacking poverty and disasters, life will get worse with every wrong step of trickery, betrayals, and manipulations.

To live magical lives, sevens need to follow a spiritual path.
Karma of sevens come from their past lives and misuse of power. So 7 of hearts has their karma card the 8 of hearts, 7 of Clubs has karma card the 8 of diamonds and 7 of spades has the Kind of Diamonds. Seven of Hearts has the whole bunch of karma cards that show on the abuse of power in the past lives – King of Spades, 9 of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, 2 of Cups, Jack of Hearts, 8 of Clubs. They have fixed cards as their karma cards, which could show on more fixed habits and inability to be flexible at times.

Because of their past lives abuse of power, here comes a habit in sevens to force things into to get what they want; and a pattern to avid their responsibilities of their own lives. They need to use their powers only to help others. They find that the more they help others, there better their lives become.

Sevens can rich perennial wisdom and enlightenment.

7 of Hearts is the Neptune Card in the Mercury line. They need to discover the ideal of love and be able to keep the right attitude.

The challenge for 7 of Hearts is Jealousy and to be faithful themselves.

Birthdays Ruled by 7 of Heart: September 30, October 28, November 26. December 24.

7 of Clubs is the Uranus Card in the Mars line. In the process of mental studies, intuition is to be developed, and the channel opens for inspiration and creation.

The Challenge for 7 of clubs is agnosticism.

Birthrates Ruled by the 7 of Clubs: March 29, April 27, May 25, June 23, July 21, August 19, September 17, October 15, November 13, December 11.

7 of diamonds is the Saturn Card in Saturn line – a warning to use strict self-discipline in establishing true spiritual values. 7 of diamonds needs to resolve a conflict they have between spiritual and material matters.

Birthrates Ruled by 7 of Diamonds: January 20, February 18, March 16, April 14, May 12, June 10, July 8, August 6, September 4, October 2.

7 of spades is the Jupiter Card in the Neptune line. These people can work behind the scenes and even have a career in secret service. Being hens scenes often gives them, even more, power and protection.

Birthdays ruled by 7 of Spades – January 7, February 5, March 3, April 1

Positive Sevens: Spirituality, Mental Keenness, Peace and Silence, Spiritual Achievements

Negative Sevens: Melancholy, Jealousy, Skepticism, Obstacles

Woman of Destiny number 7 is social and sentimental. They are intelligent, energetic, talkative (sometimes too much) and build their career. Women of 7 are attached to their family and responsibilities within the family, which creates problems in her personal life.Having a restless nature, continually worrying about the future, they seem to have some issues with attracting the right men.

A man with Destiny number 7 advised not to marry earlier than 32 years. They tend to attract women who will use them and try to change them, and as well have children early which often is a cause for early marriage.


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