Feng Shui for Bathrooms and Restrooms

According to the concepts of Feng Shui, along with water into the drains goes away energy. And as water symbolizes money, together with the energy, your money luck “washed off”. Moreover, toilet negatively affects on the area in which it resides. If your apartment has a toilet is located:
· In the East, it can worsen the health of all family members;
· In the south-east, then your chances of success in a field of finance reduced by half;
· In the south, your reputation and popularity may suffer;
· In the south-west, then there will be difficulties in family relationships, as well as in communion with all other people;
· In the west, there will be problems of different nature with children;
· In the northwest, a head of the family will be less fortunate;
· In the north, it can damage your career;
· In the northeast, it can be difficult to learn;
· In the center of the apartment, its negative impact will spread to all the areas of live.

Basic Rules

Do not worry about the fact that bathroom and toilet spoil energy of your apartment, because anyway you can not live without them. You can minimize the damage caused by them. You need to follow one simple rule: always keep a door to the restroom closed as well always close toilet lid. If in the bathroom you have a trough for your beloved cat, keep the door ajar just enough (lock this position with a help of a rope), as far as your beast can go through.


It is considered that the vibrations of  five-pipe wind chimes do well with “bad” energy. Therefore, next to the door to the bathroom, located in the east, south-east or south, it is necessary to hang a bamboo bell. If your toilet is located in the south-west, north-east or the center, a bell must be ceramic. In the west, northwest and north you need to place a metal bell.

To add absent yang energy in the bathroom, paint the door in white to attract positive energy (blue color in the toilet is undesirable). Presence of bright lighting also adds yang energy, — please, do not neglect this  very simple and yet effective method.If a toilet is opposite to the entrance door or in front of the dining room, this is not good. In this case, barre the toilet with a curtain. If a restroom is located opposite the kitchen, this is even worse position. Then it is better to make it completely symbolically disappear: hang a large mirror on the toilette door. And, of course, the bathroom must be super clean and a toilet should be serviceable. What is being said is done very easily, so please, do it and you feel positive changes in your life very quickly!

Choosing a Color for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where we want to feel peace and tranquility. In a bathroom we cleanse ourselves not only from dirt, but also we cleanse our energy, as it is believed that water washes away evil eye and stress. For this reason, colors in the bathroom are very important. For our good health, bathroom colors should be in a range of white, pastel or fresh, soft tones of blue and green. These colors help us to relax, unwind, and easily be purified from all the negative.

In the east and south-east, choose light green; in the south choose pale-orange color; in the south-west and north-east choose light yellow or beige color; in the west and north-west choose white or slightly golden color, in the north choose soft shades of blue.

If there’s a bathroom in East or South-East then:

  • Place glitter lamps in the bathroom and make sure to turn them on for around 2-3 hours daily.If glitter lamps aren’t your thing then you can light candles in the bathroom.Triangular rugs in shades of red are best for such a bathroom. – Source: Read more at http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/#VhERtKpILdEgqslC.99

Colors of towels for bathrooms may vary: in the east and south-east you can use shades of blue; in the south use green colors; in the south-west and north-east use shades of orange; in the west and north-west use the yellow and beige colors; in the north use white and gold colors. Get a nice, harmonious color blend. Your towels can be embroidered with animal figures, of which year you and your partner were born. The same figures (for example, a soap), and can be put on the shelf. It is better to hang a large mirror in a bathroom, but it is not required. The light in the bathroom shall be bright.


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