Five of Cups Reversed – Recovery

Five of Cups Reversed shows a new outlook on life and brings encouraging news, pleasant experiences, new alliances, a return of old friends, or even a reunion with someone dear to you. Five of Cups Reversed depicts a person who comes to his senses after long illness or loss, leaving the past behind and is ready to move on.

In rare cases, Five of Cups Reversed means a denial of problems.
Another rare meaning of a card is a hassle due to an arrival of relatives who were not expected to come.

Meaning of Five of Cups Reversed:

  1. The situation is better now than before;
  2. Old friends returned;
  3. Courage and moving forward;
  4. Good news;
  5. A constructive approach to misunderstandings;
  6. Deprivation;
  7. Irreversible loss;
  8. Solitude;
  9. Lessons, the experience of the past;
    Ahead of the best times.

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