Five of Swords – the Lord of Defeat

A feeling of imbalance and negativity prevails.

A battlefield after the conflict. There is a need for a new strategy — need to regroup and rethink the game plan, discover blind spots and weak links, and take corrective measures before getting back into the field for another round.  If we have underdeveloped communication skills or lose our objectivity in tense moments, our ability to reach our goals and dreams will decline.  Try to learn something.

Challenge the pessimism of others around you by evoking their higher nature. Prepare yourself for disappointment over how your fellow humans are setting their priorities. It seems that the lower end of human nature may be eroding good will in the current situation. Just because others may have a pessimistic sense of the world, their reality does not have to undermine yours. There is certainly no point in struggling or competing with them. Your challenge now is to learn how to sidestep confrontation and evoke a more evolved response from people. At the very least, be assertive about setting boundaries for yourself.

  • Lord of Defeat
  • The first decade of Aquarius from 20 to 31 January.
  • astrologically Mars in Scorpio, in its most “dark” form, a thirst for destruction and meanness.
  • Saturn, Uranus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius,
  • Houses Eighth and Tenth

Reversed Five of Swords

This may be repentance, remorse, desire to repair the damage … so to speak, you look around the battlefield and pick up the pieces trying to save something. But this is more a desire than a real possibility.

One interpretation suggests there is a possibility to win an expensive price and draw situation in your favor.

Reversed Five of Swords tells that the relationship is now finding balance. In other words, the two lovers have reached a point where they feel they are guided by selfless love and not selfishness. For feelings, the Five of Swords reversed imply that your love interest has finally realized that he should not be thinking too negative about you. So it is possible for him to change his outlook towards you and that is also in a positive way.

Reversed Five of Swords can suggest that an old wound has been re-opened and you are experiencing fear and tension associated with that memory. You may be particularly worried that history might repeat itself or that you could be hurt again. Aim to forgive and forget

You are now more open to change. The arguing is over and you are more willing to look at the situation with fresh eyes. You are willing to lay down your sword and begin negotiating. It may be appropriate to disregard the opinions of others, though in this situation friendship could be misunderstood or lost.

People might be nice to your face but not behind your back.

Card Combinations

With Fool: A dangerous person

With Empress: Neglect

With Emperor – following the rules, obeying the law, weakens negative influence of Five of Swords

With hierophant: Hypocrisy

With Justice – a righteous battle

With Temperance – cooperation, the card reduces the negative impact of the Five of Swords

With Devil – irresistible addiction, blackmail, life-threatening

With Five of Wands – inconsistency, opposition

With Seven of Wands – conflict, fighter mentality against all

With Seven Swords – dishonor, separation from other

With Ten of Swords: Being stabbed in the back.

With Four of Cups – hostility

With Six of Cups – innocence and kindness, nobility of thoughts (by Guggenheim)

With Page of Cups – the loss of a loved one



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