Flying Stars 2017 – #1 Victory & Mentors White Star in the Center

The Victory Flying Star #1 flies to the Center in 2017.

#1 White Star takes the throne in the center of your space. This star promises success in all your endeavors, promoting new projects, successes and victories in business and gives  a good health for all members in the house.

To get the most from a #1 Victory Star flying stars, we need to activate metal element because it could be weaken a central sector (land), which is in conflict with a unity of water element).

The best if you and your family members spend most of the time be in a central sector throughout the year. Activities, bright lights, music, symbols of wealth and purity will help one star emerge its full potential.

The #1 White star represents mentors and career luck. Mentors luck bring influential and wise people into your life to help you achieve your life’s aspirations. Look out for helpful people crossing your path. The #1 White star is a lucky star that is likely to assist you in gaining more success and overcoming obstacles in the work place and gain victory over your competitors.

Tt will be good for you to enhance this luck by putting a picture of a person that you admire, you also can place an image of the Great Happy Buddha.

Since #1 relates to water, we can use water features to enhance positive energy of this star.

Suitable colors will be blue, purple and black for decor. Fountain will be a great idea here to activate water star. Light metal objects are very good to support water.

Model ship is great here to bring in wealth. You also can add little jewels.

Central location is great for an office.

Do not use water if #1 Flying Star is your bedroom.
Do not use in central location any elements of fire: no candles, no red colors.
Do not place any plants in sector of #1 Flying Star because it will drain water energy.
Be very cautions in July.




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