Flying Stars 2017 – #2 Black Illness Star in the North West

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #2 Illness Star flies into the Northwest. Dog and Pig born will be the most affected by this star during the year. Ignoring this star can be imprudent since it will affect the patriarchal sector and personal luck of all people.

This star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, health problems and even death. This seat can bring money irritation.

Avoid staying in this sector or room. Move to another bedroom.

If that’s not possible, use Feng Shui cure to repress the negative energy flowing from this star.

It is advisable to use metal objects in the north-western sector. For protection from “#2 Black Illness Star”, you can also use

  1. Use images of Unicorn – Chi Lin – Dragon Horse
  2. Moon yantra
  3. A statue of a blue Medicine Buddha,
  4. A symbol of longevity,
  5. A signing bowl & bells
  6. Wu Lu gourd
  7. It will be helpful to hang 6 metal coins, but they should not be blinded by red ribbons.
  8. Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
  9. Circular metal objects.
  10. Bunch of keys.
  11. Ceiling fan.
  12. Use metal color decor – white, grey, silver.

Try to keep doors/windows closed in this area.

If kitchen falls on North West, place urn/vase next to stove.

Do not sleep in North West Sector, especially if you want to conceive a child.

Do not use  fire, candles, red colors or bright lights. Avoid using triangle shapes or pyramids.

Take away all earth elements, crystals, ceramics or earth colors.

Do not to any renovations, digging, or knocking in this area. -It is important that this area will be quiet. Use soft lighting.

Caution:  February, June, August, November.

The Medicine Buddha carrying Arura and myroibalan fruit‏, is believed to cure all kinds of diseases and help people release sick and overcome disasters.

The medicine Buddha is seated in the padmasana or lotus position with both his feet tucked under his body pointing upwards. It is an asana of deep meditation.

His rigth hand is extended with his palm facing upwards in the vitarka mudra, a hand gesture of teaching, holding a flower and his left hand is resting in his lap holding an alms bowl.

The Medicine Buddha is good for health. It is strongly recommended for whom are easily sick to have such medicine Buddha statue at home.


This is a great protection bracelet, especially for those who are born on a year of a Boar or a Dog. As a“feel better stone,” Lapis Lazuli is known for reinforcing all psychic abilities and helping in spiritual growth and healing. It enhances natural gifts & skills.



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