Flying Stars 2017- #3 Hostile Jade Wood Star on the West

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #3 Hostile Star flies into the West.

Contrary to its quarrelsome and aggressive nature, #3 star on one hand can help in a face of fierce competition.

Those whose places face West, as well as those who spend time in rooms located in the West might feel the star’s burning energy.

Traditional Talismans to calm down negative energy of #3 Hostile Jade Star

A”flaming sword” can very useful. “Flaming Sword” symbolically contains two elements – fire and metal that can calm #3 Flying Star. The sword of fire symbolizes intelligence (khadga) and is held in the right hand of Manjusri. This holds the key to remedying wood energy from Star #3. “Fire within metal” cure will effectively burn quarrelsome energy at home, dispute between lovers, problems with authorities and quarrelsome neighbors. This sword belongs to Manjusri. In sanskrit, a combination of manju – (subtle, extraordinary) and of – sri (head, virtue or good omen). The chinese calls the pusa (bodhisattva) Wenshu. The Manjusri symbolizes the destruction of ego, thus helps one control their emotions and impulsive attitude.

Dragon with a flaming sword is another good idea.

Red candles, bright lights are also a good antidote to the aggressive energy Three stars.

Paintings, in which the predominant red color will also be very appropriate.

Lamp “lava” in red, where float and fall off the red hot bubbles, can also be a good solution for you.

Flaming Red Crystal Ball can help to eliminate negative energy brought by the #3 star.

  • Display the Red Pyramid in your desk and on front desk of the business’s premise and place the Fur to set at bay conflicts.
  • It is also a good place for Laughing Buddha.

If your front door opens to the west – place where all possible charms and items red in order to protect themselves from unnecessary quarrels and scandals. Also I recommend that you light a bright light in the western sector in 2017.

Emphasis on RED COLORS: Wine, burgundy, purple, orange, pink – use lamps, rug, cushions, throws, candles.

  • Keep Area Quiet.
  • No kids, or animals.
  • No loud TV, radio
  • Not good for a bedroom.
  • Never speak in anger.
  • NO plants. NO wood.
  • No brown or green colors.
  • NO water or blue/black colors.
  • NO metal – NO wind chimes
  • Minimal earth or earth colors.
  • Grand Duke is here 2017 -262.5 – 277.5 degrees.


Avoid facing West. Best to sit with back against West for support. NO renovations.

Place Protection Pi Yao facing East







July, September, October.

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