Flying Stars 2017 – #6 Good Metal Flying Star in the North

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #6 Heavenly Star flies into the North. The #6 Heavenly Star is almost home. It brings success to all hardworking people, as well as those who have clear objectives and defined ambitions. The strength of this star is incomplete, because metal supported water element  – and loses its strength. Therefore it is necessary to support this star.

It is very good to wage negotiations and ask for help in the North sector.

All zodiac signs are benefited form this blessing, especially Rat born and homes sitting or facing in North direction, as well those occupying rooms in the north.

This star carries luck of Qui Ren, who was a Chinese Noble Man and a great mentor, to those who wish to succeed in a career path. Place the image of a Polaris Star. This will bring a great support throughout the year.

The Heavenly Luck Star #6 brings unexpected fortune and windfall luck. The most important thing to do is ensure the #6 auspicious chi is greatly activated and strengthened. The best way to do it, is to get the energy moving.

Energy of #6 Heavenly Flying Star is extremely favorable. It brings people incredible and unexpected good fortune in money, projects, heavenly protection, prestige and even power.

If your front door is in a north sector, or if your bedroom is located in a northern sector, – expect wonderful news because you activate the energy of #6 flying star. Heavenly star gives you heavenly patronage and incredible luck, — every time you open and close a front door.  Of course, if you spend time in your bedroom, you will be surprised how often  your desires will come true!

In order to enjoy the wonderful possibilities that gives us this noble star, we need to strengthen its energy in 2017. We need to enhance the energy of the earth in order to strengthen the #6 flying star such as natural stones, crystal, porcelain, as well as images and photos of our mentors, aides, defenders and patrons.

Talismans that bring a good luck to enhance #6 Heavenly Flying Star

  • Perhaps the most effective talisman of protection activating #6 heavenly flying stars is a porcelain vase with an image of eight immortals of the Chinese epic. Porcelain brings the energy of the earth, and the 8 Immortals represent the favor of heaven
  • Very positive impact will bring crystal or stone balls, and it is better if there will be 8 balls. Earth gives birth to an active metal, brining the best qualities of #6 Heavenly Flying Star.
  • Traditional talisman for activating #6 Heavenly Flying Star is six beautiful Chinese coins with a benevolent calligraphy. You can purchase these coins in any store that sells feng shui souvenirs. Put these coins in a northern sector, and you will have powerful friends, all your projects and initiatives will be more successful, and complexities will flatten.
  • Polaris Star
  • Gui Ren Talisman for heaven and mentoring support
  • Qui Ren Plaque for heaven and mentoring support
  • Heavenly Star Charm (blue 5 angle star image)
  • Jade Emperor to boost Mentor Luck Sector
  • Tai Kat Tai Lay for Big Auspicious
  • Heaven Support Charm
  • Six Emperor’s Coins
  • Green Tara

Use metal color to enhance #6 Flying Star. Yellow color and gold colors are good here on the North.

If the #6 annual star is located in a bedroom it can cause problems with the liver and/or legs. If you do have a bedroom in the north in 2017, place some blue cloth like a rug or duvet cover to dissipate its energy.

  • Hang tinkling metal bells.
  • Hanging crystal spheres.

North is good for International business in 2017 – office or study is ideal here.

Homes with a front door on the North in 2017 will welcome business opportunity and career success.

  • Use travel images or world map.
  • Metal world globe.

Model ship is good on the North to bring in opportunity. Add little ingots/jewels.

Keep area active and windows open.

  • No fire, red colors, candles.
  • Keep earth objects to a minimum.
  • Plants not good here.
  • Water will weaken good metal.

Caution: October



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