Flying Stars 2017 – #7 Bad Red Metal Star on South-West

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #7 Violent Star flies into South-West. To neutralize negative energy in South-West sector in 2017, study metaphysics, Feng Shui or oratory science, – then the “#7. violent star” will  assist you to benefit in studying. This is an alternative way to neutralize a negative energy of “#7 violent star”.

#7 Star’s element is metal, and the south-western sector is earth element. The teaching of Feng Shui states that earth produces metal. Thus, #7 Star is very strong this year. 

Careful, the #7 is known for bringing betrayal by those in whom you trust. All of those whose homes sit or face SW will need to subdue this energy, especially if you feel you might be deceived or if a lot is at stake at your workplace.

The Chinese do not like this star because potentially it brings a lot of problems – violence, deceit, robberies, accidents, loss, gossips/scandals, troubles with health and others are misfortunes. In 2017, $7 on top of everything is surrounded by malicious stars, which further exacerbates the situation. In the south-western part is a sector of Goat (Sheep) & Monkey. Be sure to neutralize #7 with items related to a water element.

Potential for Violence, Robbery, Deceit,
Abuse, Metal Injury, Accidents,
Burglary, Loss, Gossip/Scandal.

You should try to avoid to spend long time in south-west area, otherwise, trouble is sure to pay a visit to your house. Tools of Feng Shui come here for help: it is a good idea to put in a crystal vase with 3 branches or bamboo or lay down a blue pad. If Southwest does not fall to the bedroom, you can set an aquarium there. Avoid water symbols in a bedroom because they attract infidelity.

You can use South-west sector to study metaphysics, Feng Shui or oratory arts and meditate. Then the “#7” will assist you in this effort, and thereby you benefit. This is an alternative way to “7” how to correct a negative energy of this star.

Emphasis on Water

Keep doors & windows
securely LOCKED.

If South-west is your front door, use another entrance.
Keep area quiet and security high. Avoid this area.

Place Rhino and Elephant for protection, preferably blue color. The symbolism here is as follows: an elephant and rhinoceros have a powerful weapon of awesome – fangs and horns. That is, by themselves they are protectors of the house. A blue or blue color symbolizes the element of water, which drains the negative energy Sevens.

If you can not find a suitable figure of an elephant or a rhino, you can also put well-known for their loyalty – a couple dogs Fu home. They are also a very good protective talisman.
Place Fu Dogs if this is front door.

Women are especially vulnerable in this area in every way.

Vase of fresh water with flowers, or bamboo plant grown in water in clear glass vase if this is not your bedroom.

You can set a fountain in this area.

Bad choice for a bedroom.Bad for relationships & friendships, betrayal, break-up, deceit.

Think before you speak!

Hang a Rhino Protection Amulet and Blue Liuli Elephant in your car is a good way to stop accidents. Carry Rhino Protection Amulet at all times if your bedroom faces South West direction.

Use blue or black decor/accents.

Check smoke alarms working.
Keep credit cards safe – check bank statements for fraud.
Keep computer backed up and secure.

Be careful: Dental health, metal injuries, dog bites.

NO water in a bedroom on South West.
NO metal or metal wind chimes.
NO fire, candles, red colors.
NO earth elements or colors.

February, May, September, November.



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