Flying Stars 2017 – #8 Good Earth Flying Star in the East

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #8 Wealth Star flies into the East.

The Prosperity star is the star of fortune and good luck and brings with it lots of prosperity and abundance. It is an earth element and can be activated with Feng Shui crystals and symbols of 8. 

The prosperity star promises success in business and all enterprises for those born in a year of a rabbit and eldest sons, and to all who have #8 flying star on an entrance, a bedroom or other suitable place in the house that is often used.

Talismans that activate the energy of #8 Good Flying Star

• The traditional talisman, activating positive energy of earth, is a crystal or a stone ball. The effectiveness of a talisman increases if light is directed to a crystal. Of course, a crystal ball or stone shall be perfectly clean, then a flow of money in your life will be a constant.

• Feng Shui masters recommend also to enhance a positive money energy by means of a crystal or made from natural stones decorative apples. The fact that an apple is a symbol of getting money easy way, without complications. It is good idea to have a ray of light directed at crystal apples.

• A favorite talisman of good luck and happiness – Hottej can also be a great talisman, especially if it is made of a natural stone. A golden Hottej in a red attire is also very useful.

The eastern direction will also be very successful in 2017. Especially benefit from this, those of you who belong to the eastern group. Arrange your desk, so that you can work toward the east. It will bring you huge money luck in 2017!




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