Green – Flying Stars – #4 – Love and Academic Star On the North East

North-East sector in 2017″ is surrounded by positive stars. It helps to create great communication between supposes or friends. Place your bedroom in North-East sector or sleep in this direction.

You need to spend as much time in this sectors you can to activate energy of love. Be careful and do not use too many water elements in this sector.

If there is a discord in the family, the situation in 2017 can be improved with a help of the north-eastern lucky #4 star.

Talismans to bring luck

  • For a long time, and to this day a popular feng shui talisman for activating marriage luck considered to be an image of the phoenix and the dragon. Unlike money talismans that can not be placed in the bedroom, phoenix the dragon will be very beneficial in the bedroom. This will attract into your life a harmonious relationship.
  • Another traditional talisman for strengthening of interpersonal relationships is a hieroglyph of double luck or double happiness. If you want strong and satisfying relationship, you can use this sign wherever possible. It is considered auspicious to wear jewelry made of gold with the image of a symbol of love – rings, or pendants.
  • A perfect romantic talisman is an image of two doves, birds, fish, or swans and so on. You can place these images in the north-eastern sector, to attract love good luck into your life.
  • For those who are studying or working hard on some project, it is very useful to put in the north-eastern sector a crystal globe or a pyramid of rock crystals for enhancing attention and creative powers. This is also useful talisman for your children who are currently studying.
  • To attract love luck or admirers, it is recommend that you use an incredibly effective “peach blossom” formula.

The formula of “Peach Blossom”

  • The following list is a list of your “peach friend” and put a figure with its image in the corresponding sector, preferably in your bedroom.
  • If you were born in the Year of the Rat, Monkey, Dragon, your “peach friend ” is a Rooster in the western sector
  • If you were born in the year: Snake, Rooster, Ox, your “peach friend ” is  a horse in the southern sector
  • If you were born in the Year of the Rabbit, Pigs, Sheep, your “peach friend ” is a Rat in the northern sector.
  • If you were born in the Year of the Tiger, Horse, Dog, your “peach friend ” is a Rabbit in the eastern sector.

If you want to strengthen your current relationship with your friend, then there is another version of this formula, which is also very effective.

The formula of “peach blossom” to strengthen existing romantic relationship.
Each astrological sign has its own sector:

  • Rat – North 2
  • Bull – the north-east 1
  • Tiger – the north-east 3
  • Rabbit – East 2
  • Dragon – the south-east 1
  • Snake – the south-east 3
  • Horse – South 2
  • Sheep – the south-west 1
  • Monkey – the south-west 3
  • Rooster – West 2
  • Dog – the north-west 1
  • Pig – Northwest 3

You can find who is your “friend peach” form a formula 1.

To improve your relationship with your partner, take a figure of your “peach friend” and a figure that symbolizes your Chinese astrological sign. Then tie them together with red ribbon and place in a sector corresponding to your own astrological sign.

For example, you were born in a Year of the Dragon. Your ‘Peach friend’ is a Rooster. Take a figure of a dragon and a rooster, tie them together and put in a southeast sector 1. It is better if you place these figures in a bedroom. If you are a dog, take a figure of a dog and tie it together with your “peach friend Rabbit.”


Focus on Water Elements

  • Vase of still fresh water & flowers.
  • Lucky bamboo in water
  • Small pots of lush plants
  • Crystal globe
  • Hanging crystals
  • Aquarium
  • Paintings with Water
  • Water fountain
  • Use blue and black decor
  • Green decor/accents

A perfect room for students, creativity, and writers.

  • Mandarin ducks
  • Romantic images & photos
  • Rose quartz crystals
  • Double happiness symbol
  • Dragon Phoenix Couple

If you are a Dog born wanting to be loved or getting married, take this opportunity and display your Peach Blossom animal sign to activate and attract your amorous desires.

The Feng Shui Peach Blossom rituals really do work! Place your animal in the corresponding sector and play some friendly music or have the sector lit up with natural light. This attracts the love you have been longing for.

To get the most marriage luck you need to use marriage symbols in the northeast such as the Bejeweled Double Happiness with Peonies. You can hang or carry a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks Love Charm in your car and carry a Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for more luck in love.
To maximize education luck place a Yellow Crystal Point with Sacred Increasing Mantras. These are also great in the office to improve the focus and creativity of staff which then leads to what any business owner wants, a rise in efficiency and productivity. You can also carry with you the Scholastic Keychain.

Business people and those who can benefit from promotion to a higher position should strongly consider investing in the Seven Tier Feng Shui Pagoda keychain, Clear Crystal Globe or Golden Pagoda.

Students who study in this sector have good luck at examinations and better luck in their applications for admission into great schools. Therefore, it’s a good idea that you energize its energy by displaying the 9 Tier Pagoda to call the Wen Chang Star.

No moving water (aquarium or fountain).

It is a good place for a bedroom.

No water if bedroom. Avoid water is to avoid infidelity in happy relationship.

NO wind chimes.
No metal items.
No white or silver.
NO Fire/candles/reds.

June, August, November.

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