Flying Stars – #5 Misfortune and Bad Luck in the South

In the year of the Rooster 2017, the #5 Misfortune Star flies into the South.

The South is a fire sector, which transforms into earth. The #5 is an earth star and being in the South means all the odds are in favor for making this a dreadful star.

The middle daughter and horse born will be doubly afflicted due to the chart location.

Emphasis on Heavy Metal. Moving Metal is ideal. Use strong metal cures in this sector, such as the 5 Element Pagoda, Metal Stupa and Metal Dorje.

An excellent means of protection of #5 flying star is to set a a bronze or a metal bell. Similarly “singing bowl” will work perfectly. You should ring a bell and a “signing bowl” at least once a week. Then you’ll distract aggressive #5 flying star. Let me remind you that metal is a symbolic child of an earth and thus drains it.

Traditional recommendation of Taoist masters to reduce negative influence of #5 flying star – so you need to take any bowl or vase and fill it with 80% of sea salt. Put six metal coins (Chinese or any other coins) on the top of the salt.

If your front door is facing South, it is highly recommended that you put the bowl with a sea salt in a hallway. It does not need to be visible. This vase should stand near the entrance door a whole year.

  • Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
  • 5 Element metal pagoda.
  • Musical Box/Snow Globe.
  • Pendulum clock.
  • Ceiling fan to exhaust energy.
  • Salt cure
  • Metal Bell

Metallic colors – white, grey, gold.
Dark blue/black colors are good too.

If your bedroom is on South sector, please, do not sleep here if possible. If you do, please, use white/grey bedsheets.

  • Keep doors & windows Closed.
  • Keep sector quiet, still, undisturbed, and dark.
  • No renovations, drilling, digging.
  • No TV, radio, electronics.
  • No reds, orange or earth colors.
  • No fire, candles, pyramids.
  • Do not use fireplace.

If kitchen  is in the South sector, please, place a vase with water next to a stove. Use minimal cooking.

No earth, crystals, ceramics.

Worst months for $5 Flying star are March, September, December, 2017.




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