Happy Planets in your Horoscope

A brief list of “good” planets in angular houses of a horoscope: 1, 4, 7, 10 – an analogue of cardinal signs. These houses are called angular, they are of a greatest importance. The planets in them and their stewards are most powerful.

  • 1st house is our personality;
  • 4th house – our relatives and relationships with them;
  • 7th house is a home of marriage and partnership, in which there are a partner in marriage, allies and opponents.
  • 10th house is our social realization in society.

“Good” planets in the Ist House

Sun gives person happiness and confidence; a desire and ability to be oneself! A person gains maximum strength, and he has a sense of knowing his own way. He feels always right and confident.

If a sun is weak in a horoscope, then this gives a deficit of confidence, but it’s not timidity. A person can hardly make decisions, because he does not know what he desires!

Venus gives a small seal of happiness. Venus in a 1st house is a source of inner harmony and good mood. A person becomes a universal favorite, possessing such qualities as kindness, responsiveness, and creative mind. People are charged by merriment and kindness of a person.

Jupiter gives generosity, optimism, cheerfulness, a great seal of happiness! These people always find a way out of trouble, and no matter what happens to them they are always loving and open to the world.

Good Planets in the IV House

Sun gives a happy family life + good references to a partner for a marriage who will give stability and happiness!

Venus is a pointer to a comfortable home, a feeling of goodness from the world and a pleasant family life. Means can be modest, but the presence of happiness and love is fulfilling.

Jupiter gives a happy family life with a combination of good living conditions, respect and prosperity.

Good planets in the X House

Sun gives a sunny, conscious, brilliant career, awareness of social realization, a peak of being.

Venus helps creative people to build a successful career. A person goes to a nice office, where feels warm and cozy,just like at home.

Jupiter brings good luck in your career, in social activities, in politics. A person will have always a good job and great career opportunities.


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