V. Hierophant – Master of Sacred Mysteries

I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven “(Matthew 16: 18-19).

Hierophant symbolizes the inspiration that a person gets from occult powers.

Hierophant says that you find a soulmate or a friend in your life as soon as your spiritual development will reach an appropriate level.

You live with a compliance of rules and prohibitions and follow the obedience to commandments.

Hierophant teaches and educate. Devil checks what we have learned, offering to play around the rules and revealing our weaknesses. Justice raises questions of justice. Hierophant reveals what is proper ethics.

Hierophant mainly points to three things: questions of ethics, the process of learning and participation in some rituals and ceremonies. This may indicate a ceremony of an official marriage.

In the old days, Hierophant was considered one of the three guardian angels in Tarot, providing a favorable outcome to a good cause and carrying knowledge of how to proceed correctly. This makes sense, because trust in general is a foundation of faith in life, in the future. Hierophant represents the world of faith and trust, based on the steadfastness of these values. If Devil in a spread reminds us that we have temptations and weaknesses, Hierophant tells us that we have a conscience and an inner sense of purity and goodness as opposed to what we consider evil.

The card predicts all plans will be realized, and we have to play by the rules, to adapt to appropriate norms of ethics.

Sometimes the appearance of Hierophant says about an adviser, someone you trust, someone with whom you can share your secrets.

The jurisdiction of the Hierophant is really mysterium fidei. It is the way we believe. The Mystery of Faith! Hierophant generally manages socially decorated mysteries. The very word “hierophant” means one who opens sacred things in an accessible form. Baptism and confession, wedding and tonsure, blessing and forgiveness are the mysteries, immersed in ordinary life. They only happen when there is faith.

The hierophant can personify a person whom we trust, listen to his or her opinion and who takes a sincere part in our destiny, helping and guiding. Hierophant could be a mentor, whom follow obediently. It also could be continuation of some tradition.

We either need a support and custody of a more experienced and knowledgeable person, or we ourselves want to share the accumulated experience with others.

In the ordinary sense, the Hierophant also indicates the existence in life of a important union (perhaps, a marriage), or a desire for such.

Personal Conditions

“A prophet in his or her own country”

Hierophants really believe in values they preach and serve them, because they coincide with their inner sense of good.

Hierophants intuitively well feel history as a connection of times, and legacy of past enlivens their present.

His faith and his concepts almost always become public, are brought to public view.

You can rely on Hierophant because he behaves conscientiously and consistently, at least within his own notions of what is good and what is bad.

A true Hierophant is very wise person with life experience, and therefore is able to give priceless advice in the most incomprehensible situations. Looking at his imperturbable eyes, it’s hard to imagine that this person went through some kind of hardships. Hierophant has such an amazing wisdom that was bought at a considerable price, which is completely known only to him.

Hierophant can play a role of a Master. At best, Hierophant is an empathetic and wise mentor, a spiritual leader, a teacher, capable of helping and guiding … We can respect him or her from a bottom of a heart. Through it, we can be touched by a powerful tradition.

Hierophant is an awakening person who reached an enlightenment. He is an original Priest of an ancient world. He is not disturbed by worldly hustle and bustle.

Hierophant describes a stage on a spiritual development where you follow the will of God in relation to your personal behavior. You can decide for yourself what road should you take … You constantly search the Truth and have a moral courage to follow your own path, if you do everything what is necessary … your choice is whether to follow needs of your soul or restructure yourself to the requirements of others.

The moral problem of the Hierophant is to listen to an inner voice and to be righteous, not only in the fulfillment of his duty, like an Emperor, but also in relation to himself. Its immediate task is not to become deaf to others’ needs, constantly measuring their actions with what is right to do.

Hierophant is not always harmless. He was undoubtedly present during the sittings of Holy Inquisition. Lynching, searching for enemies, fighting with infidels, witch hunts, tribunals is a gloomy bottom. Question from the Fifth Arkana – why, in fact, the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life are opposed? Why, after becoming like gods, knowing what is Good and what is Evil a person shall die?



Knowledge of Good and Evil

From Kindness to Wisdom)
Astrological correspondence: Sun in Sagittarius: preacher, teacher, religious figure, Aries, Jupiter (Zeus), Taurus, IX house
Occult value of the card – INSPIRATION


Remember, that before saying of a man that he is happy or unhappy, you must know to what use he puts his will. For all men create their lives in the image of their works. Meditate, and it will answer you.

Etteilla 13. Marriage

Direct Position: From the point of view os spiritual healing, this card means marriage, union, connection or tie, captivity, discomfort of difficulty.

Reversed: Society, contacts, allow, mixture. Peace, concord, agreement, harmony, good terms.

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